Birding Spots of Colorado


Yamicolla Reservoir

From Interstate 70, take Wolcott, Exit 157.
(West side of Denver is I70, mile marker 260) Travel 42.0 miles North on Highway 131 to Moffat Avenue in Yampa.
Drive West on Moffat Avenue which turns into Forest Road 900 (also called Road 7).
You pass Yamicola Reservoir in 11.3 miles
You pass Upper Stillwater Reservoir (Yampa Reservoir) in 2.0 miles further
Then arrive at Stillwater Reservoir in 3.1 miles.

From Steamboat Springs, take Hwy 131 26.5 miles to Moffat Avenue, Yampa.

The Devil's Causeway is a hike up Trail 1119 (from Stillwater Reservoir).
DeLorme 26:D1
Roads of Colorado 60:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:F10
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Yampa River Crossing County Road 22

From 3rd and Hwy 40 in Steamboat Springs, Travel approximately 3.9 miles South on Highway 40 to Hwy 131.
Drive approx. 2.6 miles East & South on Hwy 131 to Routt County Road 22.
Travel West approx. 0.3 miles on CR 22 to Yampa River.
DeLorme 26:A3
Roads of Colorado 45:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 60:A1
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Yampa River Preserve

From Hayden, travel 5.0 miles East on Hwy 40.
DeLorme 26:A1
Roads of Colorado 44:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:H9
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Yampa River Botanic Park

From 3rd Street and S. Lincoln Avenue (Hwy 40) in Steamboat Springs,
Travel South approximately 0.6 miles on Hwy 40 to Traflgar Drive.
Drive West approx. 0.1 miles on Traflgar Drive to Pamela Lane.
Travel South approx. 0.2 miles on Pamela Lane to Park.
DeLorme 26:E3
Roads of Colorado 46:H1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:D3
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Yampa River Wildlife Area

From Craig, travel 7.0 miles east along highway 40 to property.

From Hayden, travel 6.0 miles west along highway 40 to property.
DeLorme 25:A7
Roads of Colorado 43:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 44:H5
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Yellow Jacket Canyon

To Search for Lucy's Warblers (5/16/2004):
Courtesy of Tom McConnell:
"Our route was slightly different than what has been posted on the
internet.From The intersection of US160 and County road G (at the
weigh station just south of Cortez) follow CR G west to a gated
BLM road on the right.

Set your odometer to Zero here.  The gate appears to be locked but
is not.  At.9 miles you will pass thru an electric fence and a gate,
the fence is live.  At 1.4 miles cross a cattle guard.  At 2.2 miles
first cross a cattle guard, then cross Moccasin Creek, the take the
left fork off of the main road.

GPS N37'21.511 W108'55.715

The road is rough and four-wheel drive is needed.  At 3.4 miles you
will reach another fork in the road overlooking Yellowjacket Canyon.
Park here for the walk down.

GPS N37'21.723 W108'56.986

Walk down the right hand fork.  You will pass thru a closed gate and
then thru an open gate.  Continue straight ahead from the gate about
50 yards.  The path is well worn and obvious and leads almost
directly to the nest tree.  The birds are feeding young and become
agitated when anyone is around the tree, so remember the rules."

To Search for Lucy's Warblers (5/31/2005) & (4/29/2006):
From Cortez, drive south on Highway 160 to CR G (McElmo Canyon Road).
At Stoplight, turn west on CR G into the Canyon.

The exact location of this area is in Canyon of the Ancients National
Monument, on Yellow Jacket Creek between Moccasin
Canyon and Risley Canyon. To reach the area turn north on the BLM
road off McElmo Canyon Road about 5 miles east of the Ismay Trading
Post (the only major dirt road to the north in this area). The
bottom is gated, but not locked, though it appears to be. The first
mile of this road crosses private land as it climbs to Cannonball
Mesa. After passing through a second gate, continue for
approximately another mile, through the rock formations, to where a
dirt track turns off to the right. The canyon to the north is
Moccasin Canyon. It is possible to hike down the dirt track to
above Yellow Jacket Canyon and then descend the slope, or hike down
Moccasin Canyon to Yellow Jacket Creek. It may also be possible to
drive the road you came in on to Yellow Jacket Creek between
Moccasin and Risley Canyons, but not without a high-clearance vehicle.

The bottom of Yellow Jacket Canyon is a mixture of BLM land and
private inholdings. There is a section of BLM land between Moccasin
and Risley Canyons, but the boundaries are not well marked. Please
avoid trespassing. We found one LUWA along the creek near the
junction with Moccasin Canyon, and heard another farther upstream.
I also saw a likely third bird (not singing) near the junction with
Risley Canyon.

The Delorme Atlas does not show details of this area. We recommend
the Bowdish Canyon Quadrangle topographic map or the Cortez area BLM
map. The hike to Yellow Jacket Creek is about 2 miles each way over
relatively rugged terrain. It is also hot so make sure to take plenty of water.
DeLorme 84:B2
Roads of Colorado 136:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 120:D2
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Yellowstone Gulch

From 1st street and highway 149 in Lake City,
drive west on 1st street (CR 20) approx. 16.0 miles to Engineer Pass.
Nellie Creek is approximately 5.1 miles west of Lake City.
Passenger cars cannot go north from here.
Hike up trailhead for Mt. Uncompahgre for Ptarmigan and Rosy Finches.

Continue 4.0 miles West to Capitol City.
Yellowstone Gulch is up Forest Road 870, 0.5 miles North of Capitol City.
DeLorme 77:A5
Roads of Colorado 123:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:B6
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YMCA of the Rockies

From Highways 34, 36 & 66 in Estes Park,
take Highways 36 & 66 west toward Rocky Mountain National Park.
When 36 & 66 fork, take left fork (Highway 66) toward southwest.
Continue on Hwy 66 to YMCA of the Rockies.

Banding Station:
Enter the YMCA property and take the first right.
You will pass the tennis court and mini golf course.
Take a right onto Mineral Drive and park at the top
of the first driveway and look down hill and you
will see the banding site. Feel free to sit on
the benches and watch the feeders.
DeLorme 29:B6
Roads of Colorado 47:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:B3
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Young Gulch Trail #999

Travel 11 miles northwest of Fort Collins on U.S. Highway 287 to Colorado Highway 14.
Turn left on Co. 14, and travel 13 miles up the Poudre Canyon. At mile marker 109
just after passing the Ansel Watrous Campground, look for a Young Gulch sign on
the left and a short dirt road leading to the parking lot and trailhead.
DeLorme 20:C1
Roads of Colorado 48:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 48:E5
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Near Yucca House National Monument

To Search for Swamp Sparrow 1/24:
From Cortez at Highways 160 & 666,
drive approximately 8.5 miles South on Highway 160 to County Road B.
Travel approx. 1.0 miles West on CR B to CR 20.5.
Drive approx. 1.0 miles North on CR 20.5 to the second "90 degree" turn to the left.

Yucca House National Monument:
From the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park,
take Hwy. 160 West through Cortez, to Hwy. 491 South.
Continue driving south approximately 8 miles from the
intersection of Hwy. 160 and Hwy. 491 and take a right
on MC County Road B, which is a dirt road one mile south
of MC Road C. Drive 0.8 miles, crossing a paved road and
take the next dirt road on the right before the farmhouse
on the left. Follow this road north and west for 1.4 miles,
head towards the white ranch house with the red roof on
the west horizon. Please be courteous toward the private
landowners and close all gates behind you as you enter to
prevent livestock from escaping. Once at the ranch house,
Yucca House National Monument is on the left side of the driveway.
DeLorme 84:B3
Roads of Colorado 152:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 120:E5
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Yuma Town Cemetery

From Highways 34 and 59 in Yuma,
Travel approximately 1.0 miles East on Hwy 34 to County Road G.
Drive approx. 1.0 miles North on CR G to CR 39.
Cemetery is at northwest corner of intersection.
DeLorme 95:D7
Roads of Colorado 69:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 67:E10
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Yuma County Road 45

From Wray, drive North on Highway 385 for 10.0 miles to CR 45.

Drive east from US 385 on Rd 45 about 1.5 miles until you see the
windmill on the south side of the road appear over the horizon.
Keep driving east for a total of 1.7 miles. You should be on the
crest of a hill just before the top. Get out and setup up your
scopes pointing west and find the windmill. From the windmill
scan south (left) until the ridge behind the windmill descends
to a point where ridge further west becomes the horizon line.

Note that there is now a closer lower ridge that is greener and
barer than the other two and into which the first ridge recedes behind.
This is the lek and if you are there between first light and the
next two hours during the lekking season (See Lane bar graphs) you
may have a good chance of viewing the birds. Note that the tops
of the yucca plants have be flattened and disarrayed from the males
jumping up and sitting on them. At the time we were there a red
irrigator pipe was visible between the west most ridge and the
east most ridge and the lek was below this pipe on the east
most ridge mentioned.
N 40 13.881 W 102 14.725 Elev: 3731 ft
DeLorme 102:D2
Roads of Colorado 70:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 55:D10
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Zapata Falls

From Fort Garland (Highways 160 & 159)
Drive West 10.5 miles to Highway 150.
Travel 26.5 miles North on Hwy 150 to Sand Dunes.

Zapata Falls is located 4 miles east of Colorado Highway 150,
just south of the entrance to Great Sand Dunes National Park.
The gravel road going in is excellent for a BLM site.

From the parking area it is about a 1/2 mile walk uphill to the falls.
As you are well above the San Luis Valley floor and looking over the
sand dunes, the views are excellent.

The entrance to Zapata Falls on the western side of the Sangre de
Cristo Mountains. The falls pass through a narrow cleft, and the only
way to reach the falls is to wade through ice-cold water in the stream.
DeLorme 81:C6
Roads of Colorado 76:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 114:F4
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Ziegler Pond

From Interstate 25, take East Harmony Road Exit 265.
Travel approximately 1.4 miles West on Harmony Road to Larimer County Road 9.
Drive 2.0 miles North on CR 9 to E. Drake Road and LaFarge Plant and Pond.
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G9
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Zimmerman Lake Loop Trail

White winged Crossbills; 3/22/2008:
From Fort Collins take Highway 287 north to the junction with Colorado Highway 14.
Drive west on Hwy 14 for approximately 58 miles. The parking area is on the east
side of the road and approximately 2.25 miles from the summit of Cameron Pass.

The trail is a gentle accent except for two steep sections. One steep section
is at the start of the trail, the other at the 0.25 mile mark. From the trailhead
use the old road at the south end of the parking lot. The trail heads southeast
and climbs through spruce/fir forest, zigzagging toward the northeast. Around the
halfway mark the trail heads south for several hundred yards then turns northeast
again to the northern edge of Zimmerman Lake. At the Lake you can take a 1.75 mile
Loop Trail around the lake. This trail is relatively flat.
DeLorme 18:D3
Roads of Colorado 47:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:G11
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Zink's Pond

From the Intersection of Highways 550 & 160 South of Durango;
take Highway 550 approximately 8.0 miles west to CR 214.
Drive west on CR 214, then south on CR 215, 2.5 miles to Zink's Pond.

To search for Swamp Sparrow 12/23:
From Hwy 550, turn west on CR 214,
Turn South on CR 215,
look for gate to west with sign for Sunnyside Farms.
Sparrow was first seen directly across road from gate.
Moved to north on east side of road.
DeLorme 86:D3
Roads of Colorado 154:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:F2
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