Birding Spots of Colorado


Valco Ponds

Valco Ponds, Pueblo: also see Pueblo Reservoir
Valco Ponds, Canon City: also see Arkansas Riverwalk
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Canon City Valco Ponds & Arkansas Riverwalk

Heading toward Canon City from Pueblo along highway 50
take MacKenzie Avenue (eastern end of Canon City) south for about 1.6 miles to property.
Private property (just south of railroad tracks) can be viewed from public road.

Eastern end of Arkansas Riverwalk is approximate 2.3 miles south of hwy 50.
Turn west at sign and follow it to parking area.

Western end of Arkansas Riverwalk is reached by continuing on highway 50
toward Canon City turn south (left) at Raynolds and follow it around to parking area.
3825.570'N 10510.712'W Elev: 5227'
DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 101:D7
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Valco Ponds

Take Interstate 25 to Pueblo and exit 101
Drive West on highway 50 to highway 45 (2.6 miles)
Turn South (Left) on highway 45 to highway 96 (4.1 miles)
(Past Pueblo City Park on east side of road; left)
Turn West (Right) on highway 96 to Valco Ponds parking (2.5 miles)
(Parking area on north side just before steep climb to Pueblo Reservoir)
DeLorme 73:B5
Roads of Colorado 129:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 101:G12
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Vallecito Reservoir

From Durango; travel east on highway 160 to FR 501
Turn north on FR 501 (Vallecito Road) to property.
DeLorme 87:A5
Roads of Colorado 139:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:C5
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Vallie Bridge

From Canon City, take highway 50 West out of town.
After approx. 8.5 miles, turn North on Fremont CR 45.
Valle Bridge is just North of Highway 50!.
DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:D6

Valley Lane

Take Highway 36 (Boulder Turnpike) to North side of Boulder
Once past Yarmouth look for the next left turn; Lee Hill Drive
Left on Lee Hill Drive to North (Right) on Old Stage Road
Turn Left (West) on Valley Lane
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:E6
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Valmont City Park

In Boulder, take Foothills Parkway to Valmont Road
Drive East on Valmont Road to Airport Road, entrance to park.

To search for Hooded Warbler 9/2; Nick Moore;
"I would recommend parking at said park, crossing valmont
to walk north on airport take a left along the bike path.
It was along the ditch before the intersection of two bike paths.
DeLorme 30:E1
Roads of Colorado 63:F7
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 64:B3
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Valmont Reservoir & Presbyterian Church Pond

Traveling to Boulder on Turnpike Highway 36, continue North on Foothills Parkway
Travel North 2.0 miles to Arapahoe Road
Turn East (Right) on Arapahoe Road, go toward 75th street (3.2 miles)
0.4 miles before (West) 75th there is turnoff to Left (North) for Legion Overlook

Power Plant Entrance is reached by driving 1.8 miles to 63rd Street.
Turn North and travel 0.25 miles to Power Plant Entrance.

Best Vantage Point to Look for Winter Gulls:
"To get up on this hill (named Table Butte, I think?), get to 75th street east of Boulder.
This is the street that goes by Walden Ponds to the north. If you are coming from the north,
look for the entrance about 6/10 of a mile after you cross Valmont. If coming from the south,
you will turn about 6/10 of a mile after you cross Arapahoe. It is the only turn to the east
between Arapahoe and Valmont. Technically, the street is called Red Deer Drive, but just look
for the City of Boulder County Open Space and Mountain Parks sign and a gate. Park outside
the gate if you are visiting outside business hours, making sure not to block access.
If the gate is closed there is an unlocked pedestrian gate to enter and exit through.
Walk down the road, continuing straight across the field (a prairie dog town, but you
wouldn't know it today) towards the flat top of the hill directly to the west.
While open space property, there is no official trailhead or trail here and the place
isn't well publicized. Please be a respectful, responsible visitor here to keep birding
access open. The north side of this butte is the vantage point of choice."
N 40 01.401 W 105 10.986 Elev: 5271'

To Reach Presbyterian Church Pond:
Continue North on 63rd Street to Valmont Road.
Turn Right (East) on Valmont and then make
quick left (North) turn onto 61st Street.
Church and Pond are at this intersection.
N 40 0259 W 105 2089 Elev: 5230'
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F7
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Van Bibber Trail

From Interstate 70, take Ward Road, Exit 266.
Drive less than 1.5 miles North on Ward Road to 0.25 miles south of 58th Avenue.
(Trail, just north of the Mega-Church)

To Search for Scissor-tailed Flycatcher 8/25/2012:
Doug Faulkner: "The flycatcher was perched on a ranch fence about 1/2 mile west of the parking lot
just before a short, but steep, downhill on the bike path. However, my recommendation would be to
walk the dirt horse path that runs from the northeast corner of the parking lot and follow it west
instead of the concrete bike path. The horse path follows the fenceline the flycatcher was perched
on for much of that 1/2 mile. Also in the area is a Say's Phoebe."
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B8
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Van Springs Reservoir

From Interstate 70 at Gypsum, take Exit 140.
Drive South on Gypsum Creek Road (Valley Road)
Travel approximately 8.5 miles to Cotton Pass Road.
Turn Right (West) and follow Cotton Pass Road to South.
Van Springs Reservoir is approx. 6.0 miles from Valley Road.
DeLorme 36:D1
Roads of Colorado 76:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:E10
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Varsity Pond

Take the Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) into Boulder.
Turn West on Baseline Road.
Drive 0.3 miles on Baseline to Broadway Blvd.
Travel North 1.0 miles on Broadway to University Avenue.
Pond on Southeast corner of Intersection.
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:F6
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Vaughn Lake

From Vail go west on I-70 19 miles to Colorado 131, Exit 157.
Turn north, and go 43 miles to Yampa.
From Yampa take County Road 17 west about 5 miles to
Forest Road 16 and turn left, west. Forest Road 16 is
also the Flat Tops Scenic Byway, and becomes County Road 8
when it crosses from the Routt to the White River
National Forest at Ripple Creek Pass (39.0 miles).
Vaughn Lake is 4.0 miles East of Ripple Creek Pass.

From Grand Junction take I-70 east 53 miles to Rifle Exit 90.
From Rifle take Colorado 13 north 39 miles to Meeker.
From Meeker, take County Road 8 east. County Road 8
becomes a well-maintained gravel road after about 30 miles,
better known as the Flat Tops Scenic Byway.
Ripple Creek Pass is approximately 43.0 miles from Meeker.
Vaughn Lake is 4.0 miles East of Ripple Creek Pass.
DeLorme 25:C7
Roads of Colorado 60:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:E8
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Vega State Park & Plateau Creek Wildlife Area

From Grand Junction, go East on Interstate 70 to exit 49
Then 8 miles East on Highway 65 to Highway 330
Turn left (North) on Sunny side Road
Plateau Creek Wildlife Area is 1/8 mile North

Vega Reservoir is reached by continuing East on Highway 330
Turn Right (South) on Mesa County Road 60/64 at Collbran
Continue South 12 miles to Vega SRA
DeLorme 44:C3
Roads of Colorado 91:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 84:B3
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Veltus Park

From Interstate 70, take Exit 116.
Follow signs to Southbound Highway 82.
After crossing Colorado River, turn right at West 8th Street.
Continue on W. 8th Street and then turn Right on Colorado Avenue.
Next turn left on West 7th Street.
Drive over Roaring Fork River and turn into parking area for park.
DeLorme 35:D7
Roads of Colorado 76:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:E8
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Verhoeff Reservoir #1

From Hasty, continue 3 miles East on Highway 50.
(Approximately 9.0 miles West of Hwy 50 & Hwy 287)
Private Reservoir; must scope from Hwy 50.
DeLorme 99:D6
Roads of Colorado 133:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 119:A8
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Veteran's Park, Canon City

Located at Highway 50 and North 3rd Street, Canon City. DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 101:D7
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Veteran's Park, Brighton

From Interstate 76, take 152nd Avenue (Bromley Lane), Exit 22.
Drive West approximately 4.0 miles on 152nd Avenue to Hwy 85.
Travel approx. 1.0 miles North on Hwy 85 to Highway 7.
Exit, drive around circle and go West less than 0.4 miles on Hwy 7.
Park is on North side of Hwy 7, just before the S. Platte River.
DeLorme 41:A4
Roads of Colorado 65:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G11
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Victor & Goldfield

From Woodland Park, travel approx. 7.0 miles along Hwy 24 to Hwy 67.
Drive South approx. 13.5 miles on Hwy 67 to CR 81
Travel 5.5 miles on CR 81 to Goldfield.
Continue 1.5 miles on CR 81 to Victor.
DeLorme 62:C2
Roads of Colorado 112:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:H7
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Viestenz-Smith Mountain Park

From Interstate 25, take Highway 34, Exit 257.
Drive West on Highway 34 (Big Thompson Canyon Road) to Park.
(Park is approximately 12 miles west of Hwy 287).
1211 Big Thompson Rd; Loveland, CO 80537; 970-667-5181
DeLorme 30:A1
Roads of Colorado 48:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:A6
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Village at Skyline

Please respect private property when visiting!
From Interstate 25, take Exit 141 (W. Cimarron Street)
Drive 1.6 miles northwest on West Cimarron Street to South 21st Street.
Travel 0.8 miles South on S. 21st Street to Lower Gold Camp Road.
Drive 0.7 miles West on Lower Gold Camp Road to entrance Village at Skyline.

After passing through the front gate (which will be open during daylight hours),
go almost straight, but slightly to the left. You will come to a stop sign.
Go through the stop sign and you will be on Veteran's Heights. When you come
to the next stop sign, take a left onto Patriot Heights and park in the small
parking area at the top of the hill. To find the bird, walk back down the hill
about half way, and there will be a walk on the left that passes between the houses.
he bird has most often been seen below the feeders at the first blue house on
the north side. Toni tells me that she also has seen the bird along the walk
on the east side of Patriot Heights.
DeLorme 62:B3
Roads of Colorado 113:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:G11
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Vista Ridge Golf Course

From Interstate 25, take Highway 7 Exit 229 (Baseline Road).
Travel West approximately 1.0 miles on Hwy 7 to Weld County Road 7.
Drive approx. 1.0 miles North on CR 7 to Vista Parkway.
Travel West on Vista Parkway to Golf Course.
DeLorme 30:D2
Roads of Colorado 65:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G8
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Voss Veterinary School Pond

From Interstate 25, take East Prospect Road, Exit 268.
Travel Approximately 4.0 miles West on E. Prospect Road to South College Avenue.
Drive 1.0 miles South on S. College Avenue to West Drake Street.
Travel 0.2 miles West on W. Drake Street to School (300 W. Drake).
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G8
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Viele Lake & South Boulder Creek Trail

From Boulder Turnpike (highway 36)
Take Table Mesa exit and travel west to Broadway (1.0 mile)
Turn South (Left) and drive 0.7 miles to Grinell Drive
Turn West (Right) and go to Gillaspie Drive (0.3 miles)
Turn South (Left) to parking area for Harrow Park (0.2 miles)
Viele Lake is located in Harrow Park

To reach trailhead, travel South on Broadway (highway 93) past Grinell Drive,
Turn east on Marshall (bottom of hill); South Boulder Creek trailhead is to the southeast.
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:G6
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Near Villa Grove, CO

From Highway 160 & Hwy 285 in Monte Vista,
Drive north through Saguache (35.2 miles) and
through Villa Grove (17.7 additional miles) and
another 3.3 miles to Forest Road NN.56.

Travel West on FR NN.56, past overhead power lines.
Check ridge on north side of FR NN.56.
When approximately 100 yards from forest look for fire ring.
Flocks of Pinyon Jays have been here early mornings and evenings.
DeLorme 70:B2
Roads of Colorado 126:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:F10
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Virginia Dale

From Interstate 25, take Mulberry Road (Highway 14) Exit 269.
Drive 4.0 miles West on Hwy 14 to College Avenue (Hwy 287/Hwy 14).
Travel 35.0 miles North on Hwy 287 to Virginia Dale.

Snow Buntings 2/13 were observed along Hwy 287, 5 miles South.
DeLorme 20:B1
Roads of Colorado 48:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 48:B5
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Vogel Canyon & County Road E

From La Junta, take highway 109 south.
After 13.0 miles, turn southwest on CR 802.
Travel 2.2 miles on CR 802 to CR 30,
Drive South on FR 500A to Canyon
(Follow Signs to Vogel Canyon.)

To search for Black-throated Sparrows:
Continue South on Highway 109 for 10.0 miles to CR E.
Turn West on CR E and check gullies along road.
DeLorme 100:A3
Roads of Colorado 148:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:E2
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