Birding Spots of Colorado


Udall Natural Area

From Interstate 25, at Fort Collins, Take Highway 14, exit 269.
Travel West approximately 2.7 miles on Hwy 14 to South Lemay Avenue.
Drive North approx. 0.6 miles on S. Lemay Avenue to East Lincoln Avenue.
Travel West approx. 0.5 miles on E. Lincoln Avenue to parking at First Street.
The area is located at the intersection of Lincoln and Willow in Fort Collins.
It is open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.. There is no parking at the site,
but parking is available at Buckingham Park, 101 First Street.
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:F8
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Unaweep Divide & Old Driggs Mansion Historical Site

From the South end of Grand Junction at Highway 50 & Highway 141;
Drive South 2.6 miles on Highway 50 to Whitewater, CO.
Take Highway 141 West (pass Divide Road in 16.9 miles).
Continue West (pass Unaweep Divide in approximately 5.2 miles).
Continued West to Old Driggs Mansion Historical Site.

Black Rosy Finches feeding on shoulder of road near DMH site.
Check near Mile Marker 127
DeLorme 54:B3
Roads of Colorado 105:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:G5
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Uncompahgre Plateau
(Telephone Trail, Castro Reservoir, & Big Creek Reservoir)

Travel south from Grand Junction on Highway 50 to Whitewater (9.0 miles)
Go Right (Southwest) on CO 141
In 17.6 miles turn Left (East) on Forest Road 26.1 (Divide Road)
Follow FR 26.1 to fork in road at 10.6 miles (At Carson Hole).
Follow left fork FR 402 for 2.5 miles to Telephone Trail!
DeLorme 55:B4

Back at fork of Divide Road 26.1 and Forest Road 403,
take right fork at Carson Hole to reach reservoirs!
Castro Reservoir is passed on right in approximately 3 miles.
Big Creek Reservoir is approximately 6 miles southwest of fork.
Entrance Divide Road: N 38 50.2262 W 108 34.5662

To Search of Purple Martin 6/8/2014:
Drive approximately 16.4 miles south from Highway 141.
DeLorme 54:C3
Roads of Colorado 105:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:H5
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Uncompahgre Plateau
(Columbine Pass Loop)

From the Northeast corner of Nucla, take 25 Mesa Road to Northeast.
When you enter the Uncompahgre Plateau, 25 Mesa Road becomes Forest Road 503.
Continue on FR 503 to Columbine Pass (21.5 miles from Nucla).
Just before the pass FR 503 intersects with FR 402 (Divide Road).
Travel 15.5 miles Southeast on the Divide Road to Old Highway 90 (FR 540).
Drive 26.7 miles South & West on Old Highway 90 back to Highway 141 & Naturita.

To Search for Three-toed Woodpeckers 8/8/2004:
Male and juvenile TTWO were near Radio Towers.
Radio Towers are approximately 2.5 miles East of Divide Road & Hwy 90.
To Search for Purple Martins 8/8/2004:
Four PUMA were observed a couple of miles East of Columbine Pass.
DeLorme 65:C4
Roads of Colorado 105:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 95:E8
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unnamed Upland Sandpiper Field

Field is located 3.75 miles East of Weld County Road 59 along Highway 392
(Highway 392 runs between Briggsdale and Greeley)
Look to the field to the North, just west of fence that hits hwy 392 at 3.75 miles.
UPSA were just west of prairie dog village on north side.
At this point, there is one of the few houses along this road, just south of hwy 392.
DeLorme 31:A6
Roads of Colorado 50:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 50:H4
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Unnamed Boulder Pond

Take Highway 36 North out of Boulder.
Turn East (Right) on Hygiene Road (CR 10).
(Hygiene Road is approximately 10 miles north of Jay Road & hwy 36.)
Drive 1.0 miles east on Hygiene Road to first left.
Turn North on that Left and go 1/4 mile.
Just before road turns right, look for pond on West side of road.
North side: N 40 11.573 W 105 02.818 Elev: 4959'
South side: N 40 10.281 W 105 02.776 Elev: 4959'
DeLorme 30:C1
Roads of Colorado 64:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:D7
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Union Reservoir and Jim Hamm Park

Interstate 25 to Highway 119 (exit 240)
West on HW 119 4.0 miles to Weld CR 1 (County Line Road)
North on CR 1 to Reservoir; by way of
East on Weld CR 26 (0.7 miles North of HW 119) and/or CR 28 2.3 miles North)

Jim Hamm Park is located West of CR 1 on East 17th (2.0 miles North of HW 119)
(Union Reservoir called Calkins Lake on some maps.)
North Road: N 40 11.573 W 105 02.818 Elev: 4959 ft
South Road: N 40 10.281 W 105 02.776 Elev: 4976 ft
DeLorme 30:C2
Roads of Colorado 64:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:D9
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Old University Hospital Area

From Interstate 70, take Colorado Blvd, Exit 276.
Drive South on Colorado Blvd to Colfax Blvd.
Travel East on Colfax Blvd to Glencoe Street.

Carolina Wren has been seen around 700 block of Glencoe Street.
(Between East 6th Avenue and East Severn Place.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C10
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Upland Bird Management Area

From Springfield, travel south on highway 385 to County Road M
Turn west (right) on CR M and drive to CR 17
At CR 18, turn south (left) and go to entrance (about 11.0 miles).
(Note: County Road 18 may be marked CR 17; follow Brown sign to Picture Canyon)
To reach the Management Area, continue South on CR 18
which turns into Baca County Road D as it turns east.
Take CR D to CR 24 and property.
(UBMA is 6.3 miles south and east of Picture Canyon Entrance.
DeLorme 101:D7
Roads of Colorado 166:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 131:G11
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Traditional Upland Sandpiper Fields

From Briggsdale, Drive South on Highway 392 for 8.0 miles.
Birds are usually in tall grasses on West side of road.
(Usually found from 7.0-8.0 miles South of Briggsdale).
(North of the Andrews Ranch).

From Kersey, take Highway 37 for 2.5 miles to Intersection of Hwy 37 & 263.
Continue East & North 4.4 miles on Highway 37 to Intersections with Highway 392.
Travel East on Hwy 392 toward Briggsdale.
Upland Sandpiper found North of Andrews Ranch
(approximately 10.5 miles East & North of Hwys 392 & 37.
North field: N 40 32.952 W 104 22.695 Elev: 4831'
South field: N 40 32.254 W 104 23.637 Elev: 4873'
DeLorme 21:D7
Roads of Colorado 50:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 50:G4
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Upper Cattle Creek Road, El Jebel

From El Jebel (along hwy 82, east of Carbondale)
Take El Jebel Road and follow as it turns into Upper Cattle Creek Road.
Travel approximately 4.0 miles north of highway 82 to Reservoir.

Rosy Finches were observed 2/8:
visiting feeders at house ca300 hundred yards south of junction with
Cattle Creek Road (house is opposite NW end of Spring Park reservoir).
DeLorme 46:A1
Roads of Colorado 76:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:F10
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Upper Church Lake

From the Boulder Turnpike, take Wadsworth Blvd Exit.
Drive approximately 0.8 miles South on Wadsworth Blvd to West 116th Court.
Drive West for 0.2 miles and Scope Lake from west end of Court.
DeLorme 40:A2
Roads of Colorado 64:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:H8
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Upper Deluge Lake Trail

Access from Vail: From westbound I-70, exit #180 and turn left at the bottom of the off ramp.
Continue east down Bighorn Road 2.3 miles to the parking area on your left, before you reach
the Gore Creek Campground. Parking is limited. Park at the trailhead, not at the campground.

Trail Highlights:
There are 2 trailheads starting at this location. After 0.1 miles, the Deluge Lake Trail turns
left and the Gore Creek Trail continues straight. Take this left onto the narrow trail which heads
north before curving and heading northeast the rest of the way. The trail will pass through several
boulder fields, and then cling to a very steep slope as it climbs through aspen woods. Donít step off
the trailís downhill side to let other hikers pass. The trail climbs steeply for the first 3 miles,
gaining about 2,500 feet. At mile 3.2, the trail drops to Deluge Creek where you need to find the
tricky spot to cross the creek. The trail is gentler now, and if it becomes confusing, you can follow
the creek to the lake where view to the Sawatch Range and Mount of the Holy Cross emerge.
DeLorme 27:D7
Roads of Colorado 78:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:D7
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Upper Hoffman Lake

From Interstate 25, take Highway 34, Exit 257.
Travel West approximately 3.2 miles on Hwy 34 to North Boise Avenue.
Drive North approx. 0.8 miles on N. Boise Avenue to Park Drive.
Travel East on Park Drive approx. 0.5 miles to Lower Hoffman Lake (south of Seven Lakes Park).
Upper Hoffman Lake is north, off of Mt. Evans Court (approx. 0.4 miles from Boise Avenue).
DeLorme 30:A2
Roads of Colorado 48:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:A9
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Upper Maxwell Falls Trail

From Interstate 70, take Exit 252.
Travel South 8.0 miles on Highway 74 to Highway 73
Continue South 1.0 miles on Hwy 73 to Brook Forest Road
Drive Southwest on Brook Forest Road 5.0 miles to Black Mountain Road.
Travel 1.25 miles South on Black Mountain Road to Trailhead.
DeLorme 39:D7
Roads of Colorado 80:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:E5
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Upper Mesa Reservoir

From Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs, take Highway 24, Exit 141.
Travel West 1.5 miles on Hwy 24 (Cimarron Street) to 21st Street.
Drive South approx. 2.8 miles on 21st Street (turns into Cresta Road).
Travel East on La Veta Way to parking area at end of road.
(Look for nesting Ovenbirds 3/4 way from Lower to Upper Mesa Res.)
DeLorme 62:B3
Roads of Colorado 113:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:G11
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Upper & Lower Queens Reservoir

Take Highway 287 North from Highway 50 (5 miles West of Lamar)
Turn East on Kiowa County Road C (after 9 miles)
Upper Queens 3.5 miles East
N 38 17.775 W 102 39.621 Elev: 3912 ft
(UQR called Neeskah Reservoir on some maps).

To get to Lower Queens Reservoir, take gravel road on West side of UQR
Drive south and then east to Lower Queens Reservoir.
DeLorme 99:C7
Roads of Colorado 134:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 105:F11
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Upper Stillwater Reservoir (Yampa Reservoir)

From Interstate 70, take Wolcott, Exit 157.
(West side of Denver is I70, mile marker 260)
Travel 42.0 miles North on Highway 131 to Moffat Avenue in Yampa.
Drive West on Moffat Avenue which turns into Forest Road 900 (also called Road 7).
You pass Yamicola Reservoir in 11.3 miles
You pass Upper Stillwater Reservoir (Yampa Reservoir) in 2.0 miles further
Then arrive at Stillwater Reservoir in 3.1 miles.

From Steamboat Springs, take Hwy 131 26.5 miles to Moffat Avenue, Yampa.

The Devil's Causeway is a hike up Trail 1119 (from Stillwater Reservoir).
DeLorme 26:D1
Roads of Colorado 60:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:F10
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Located 81 miles South of Grand Junction on HW 141
Black Phoebe have been showing up for several years
From the Bridge at Uravan to the confluence of
the Dolores and San Miguel Rivers (to the North).

Other sightings along HW 141 at bridge 1 mile south of Uravan bridge.
DeLorme 64:B3
Roads of Colorado 104:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:E4
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Urban Wildlife Sanctuary

From Interstate 25, take Highway 34, Exit 257.
Drive East on Hwy 34, stay on right fork Hwy 34 (not Business 34, left fork).
Again at Intersection with 20th Street, stay on Hwy 34 (right fork).
At 23 Avenue, turn South (Note streets run east-west; avenues, north-south).
At 16th Street, turn East and drive to 17th avenue.
Travel South on 17th avenue to Lakeside Drive and Glenmere Park.
Urban W.S. runs along 17th street between Lakeside Drive & 19th street.
DeLorme 31:A5
Roads of Colorado 49:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 64:B1
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USDA Central Plains Experimental Range

From Interstate 25, take Wellington Exit 278.
Travel North less than 0.5 miles on the Eastern Service Road to Weld County Road 100.
Drive East approximately 11.0 miles on CR 100 (CO 64) to Highway 85.
Travel North approx. 7.2 miles on Hwy 85 to Weld County Road 114.
Drive East approx. 4.0 miles on CR 114 to CR 37.
Travel North approx. 3.0 miles on CR 37 to Office.

Snow Bunting 1/16/2013 (also past years):
Drive north on CR 37 for about one mile from USDA Office to gravel road going west.
Walk West along gravel road to Owl Creek.
Snow Buntings have been found after first fence to dry creek bed.

Short-eared Owls have been found along Owl Creek
from point of contact above to south to USDA office.
DeLorme 21:B5
Roads of Colorado 49:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:B11
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Utah Park

This small Aurora City Park attracts some interesting birds now and then.

Traveling along Interstate 225, take Iliff Avenue (exit 5) westward.
Drive west along Iliff for about a mile to Peoria Avenue.
Turn North on Peoria to Mexico Avenue and Utah Park with its small ponds.

An alternate but slower route due to traffic:
From Interstate 225, take Mississippi Avenue (exit 7) westward.
Drive west along Mississippi Avenue to Peoria Avenue
Turn South (Left) on Peoria to Mexico Avenue and Utah Park.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Ute Valley Park

From Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs, take Exit 147.
Drive West on South Rockrimmon Blvd 1.5 miles to Vindicator Drive.
Continue West on Vindicator Drive 1.1 miles to just East of Centennial Blvd.
DeLorme 62:A3
Roads of Colorado 97:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:F11
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