Birding Spots of Colorado


Table Mountain Road

Take Interstate 25, Exit 74 and drive west on hwy 165 to Rye, CO.
Table Mountain Road can be reached by driving about l/2 mile west of
Rye on CSH l65. Turn right on Old San Isabel Rd. for about another
1/2 mile to Table Mountain Rd. Drive about l 1/2 miles to end of road.
A pond will be to the right where the swifts were hawking insects.
DeLorme 82:A3
Roads of Colorado 129:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:C10
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Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area

Take Interstate 76 East to exit 149
Go North toward Crook; Tamarack Ranch is 1/2 mile North of I76
N 40 50.7458 W 102 44.8503 Elev:
DeLorme 95:A6
Roads of Colorado 37:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 53:C9
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Tamarisk Open Space

From Interstate 70 & 470, west side of Denver,
Travel South on 470 for approximately 10 miles to Hwy 285.
Drive East on Hwy 285 approx. 3.4 miles to S. Kipling Parkway (Hwy 391).
Travel North on S. Kipling Parkway approx. 1.0 miles to Morrison Road.
Drive West on Morrison Road approx. 2.8 miles to S. Indiana Street.
Tamarisk Open Space is at northeast corner of Indiana Street & CR 391.
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C8
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Tamlin Road

From North Powers Road and Highway 24 (East Platte Avenue); southeast Colorado Springs;
Travel east and north approximately 3.8 miles on Hwy 24 to Constitution Avenue.
Drive 1.2 miles West on Constitution Avenue to North Marksheffel Road.
Travel approx. 2.5 miles North on N. Marksheffel Road to Tamlin Road.

Short-eared Owl 12/28/2009:
Seen where road runs north to south,
between two sharp turns in road.
DeLorme 63:A5
Roads of Colorado 113:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:F12
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Tantra Park Pond

From Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36), Exit Table Mesa Drive
Travel 0.3 miles West on Table Mesa Drive to Tantra Drive
Turn South on Tantra Drive to Pond in center of complex.

DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:G6
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Tarryall Reservoir

From Colorado Springs, travel west on highway 24, past Woodland Park
Just west of Lake George, turn north on Forest Road 200 to property.
DeLorme 49:C6
Roads of Colorado 95:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 88:B3
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Taylor Park Reservoir

From Gunnison, take highway 135 North 10 miles to Almont.
In Almont, take CR 742 for 30 miles northeast to Taylor Park Reservoir.

From Buena Vista, take CR 306 33 miles west to Taylor Park Reservoir.
DeLorme 59:B5
Roads of Colorado 109:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:G4
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Teller City Ghost Town

Route with more Paved Roads than Gravel:
Head south of Walden, Colorado on Hwy. 125 approximately
25 miles to the town of Rand then another two miles to
the Old Homestead turnoff. Turn left and follow county road 21
along the Illinois river for approximately 12 miles and
follow the signs to Teller City.

I usually go by shortcut starting at Gould.
Note: This is not recommended for regular passenger cars.
From Gould, take CR 21 South.
Continue on CR 21 to property.
DeLorme 28:A1
Roads of Colorado 46:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 61:A10
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Teller Lakes Trail & Teller Farm

From Interstate 25, take Highway 52 (Exit 235)
Drive West on Highway 52 to 95th Street (8.0 miles).
Turn Left (South) on 95th Street and continue South to Valmont (2.0 miles)
Turn Right (West) on Valmont Street, travel 0.5 miles.
The Teller Lakes #5 North trailhead parking lot is on the left;
The feedlot is just behind a hedgerow on the south side of the lot.
N 40 02 400 W 105 08 539 Elev: 5103'

To Search for Bewick's Wren 5/16/2015:
Ted Floyd; "from the parking area off Valmont Road; walk south,
then east, then south, look back toward lake at Russian Olive Trees.

To Search for Bobolink & Dickcissel 6/3/2012 & 5/16/2015:
Walk south on Teller Lakes trail until in bends to west.
Bobolink in field to west and Dickcissel around tall cottonwood.

Teller Farms is located at northwest corner of Valmont & 95th.

To Search for Dickcissels 8/3/2011 and possible Bobolink
"Park in the Valmont parking lot at the north end of the Teller Farm trail.
Walk south, past the reservoir, the farm feed area, and a row of Russian
Olives. Follow the road as it turns 90 degrees.
There has been one Dickcissel near the bend. More about 400 yards west of the bend.
Bobolink sometimes found in wet field south of East-West section of trail.
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F8
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Tempel Grove

From Highway 50 & Hwy 287 west of Lamar,
travel approximately 10.5 miles North on Highway 287 to County Road WW (CR A).
Drive approx. 2.0 miles west on Prowers CR WW (Kiowa CR A) to Bent County Road 35.
Turn South on CR 35 (look for tall trees in Grove).

Please respect private property. Park on west side of CR 35, south of canal.
Owners allow birders (no permission required) to walk along canal for as long as you want.
Birders can also walk through trees on west side of CR 35,
also along north side of canal. Please do not walk through leaf litter
under large trees or along south side of canal or east of CR 35.
DeLorme 99:D6
Roads of Colorado 133:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 105:G9
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Temple Canyon Park

Continue on highway 50 past Canon City to Parkdale
Turn South (Left) on Fremont CR 3
At fork in 1.7 miles stay left (CR 3A; toward Royal Gorge)
At next fork in 1.1 miles veer right (CR 341; Temple Canyon sign)
The State park is in about 1.2 miles

The Pinyon Jays visit the cliffs to the West, just before creek
The entrance to park is just up the hill from the creek
This road continues into park and down to Arkansas river

To Search for Summer Tanager 6/9:
Jeff Webster "Summer Tanager near the bottom of the
first hill coming from the east side entrance. The bird
was sitting in a Pinyon pine tree near the bottom, the
bird then flew to the west and I lost sight of it."
DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:D6
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Tennessee Pass

From Interstate 70 at Minturn Exit 171,
Drive South on Highway 24 approximately 22.0 miles to Tennessee Pass.
Forest Road 731 is approximately 1.5 miles North of the pass.
DeLorme 47:A1
Roads of Colorado 78:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:G7
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Terrace Reservoir

From Monte Vista, travel 12.0 miles south on highway 15 to USFS Road 250
Turn west on USFS Road 250 and drive 9.0 miles to reservoir.
DeLorme 89:B7
Roads of Colorado 158:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:C7
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Terry's Pond

This small pond is located below the dam of Lake Estes.
It is west of the Mall Road in Estes Park.
The Mall Road runs between Highway 34 & Hwy 36.
DeLorme 29:A6
Roads of Colorado 48:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:B4
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Terry Lake, Larimer County

Interstate 25 North to Mountain Vista exit (271)
West on Mountain Vista to Larimer CR 11
North on CR 11 (block or two) to Country Club Road
West on Country Club Road past Long Pond
Country Club Road dead ends into Highway 1 (Terry Lake Road)
Pull offs along Highway 1 to view Terry Lake

Alternative Route (bypasses Long Pond):
Take Interstate 25 (Exit 269)
Drive West on Highway 14 (Mulberry Street) 4.0 miles to College Avenue.
Travel North (Right) on Highway 14 (Now College Avenue)
In 2.3 miles Turn Right on Highway 1.
In 0.4 miles you come to intersection of Hwy 1 & Country Club Road.
Terry Lake is on the left.
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:F8
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Terry Lake, Boulder County

From Interstate 25, take Exit 243 (Highway 66)
Drive West on Highway 66 (past hwy 287, approx. 6 miles) to 95th street (total 7.5 miles)
Turn North on 95th Street, (pass Vermilion Street in 1 mile) to lake.
DeLorme 30:C2
Roads of Colorado 64:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:D8
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Texas Creek Area

From Interstate 25, Take Exit 101 (Highway 50).
Travel 64 miles West on Hwy 50 to Texas Creek.
Just West of Texas Creek, take 27 Road North.
Listen for bird at OHV parking area up 27 road.
DeLorme 71:A6
Roads of Colorado 111:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:E3
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Thirty-one 1/2 Pond

From I76 near Julesburg, take Highway 385, Exit 180.
Drive North on Hwy 385 to Sedgwick County Road 28.
Travel approx. 6.2 miles west ↦ South on CR 28 to CR 31.5.
Drive South on CR 31.5 until you see pond (Johnson Lake).
This pond is private, but can be viewed from county road.
Please respect private property.

Each fall many Greater White-fronted Geese are seen on this pond.
DeLorme 102:A1
Roads of Colorado 38:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 54:B3
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This Place is for the Birds, Colorado Springs

From Interstate 25, take Uintah Street, Exit 143
Drive East approximately 1.7 miles on East Uintah Street to Palmer Park Bvd.
Travel Northeast approx. 0.8 miles on Palmer Park Blvd to "Place".
2318 Palmer Park Boulevard, Colorado Springs, CO 80909-2942?
DeLorme 63:B4
Roads of Colorado 113:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:F11
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Thompson Creek Road

From the Intersection of Highway 82 & Hwy 133 in Carbondale,
Travel south on Hwy 133 to Main Street.
Drive West on Main Street, continue past Colorado Rocky Mt School.
Look for fork in road, past School and Roaring Fork River.
Take Left Fork, Thompson Creek Road (County Road 108).
In approx. 8.0 miles you will pass Pitkin County Sign.
You will see dirt road going south (left).
Drive on this road for 0.6 miles where is parallels a ditch.
Common Poorwills have been reported here.
Continue for other Pinyon-Juniper birds.
DeLorme 45:A7
Roads of Colorado 76:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:G8
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Thompson Mountain

Trail runs through ponderosa pines, Douglas firs, and meadows. Starts from Wilson Creek Trail. 7.2 mile hike round trip. From the intersection of Highway 115 and Highway 50 in Canon City,
drive West on Hwy 50 approximately 9.5 miles past the Royal Gorge turnoff to Hwy 9.
Turn right on Hwy 9 and drive North approx. 8.7 miles to Fremont County Road 11.
Turn right on CR 11 (you are on the Gold Belt Scenic Byway)
At the Deer Haven sign, just past mile marker 5, turn right onto CR 69.
(well graded narrow dirt road)
Drive about 3.3 miles to the Wilson Creek Trail (Trail 5827) sign and turn right.
Park immediately in the meadow (do not attempt to drive the 0.2 miles to traihead).
Road can be extremely wet and muddy.
DeLorme 61:D7
Roads of Colorado 112:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:C6
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Thornburg Area

From Meeker, take Highway 13 about 3.0 miles to CR 15.
The travel about 15 miles North on County Road 15.
Greater Sage-Grouse (5/15):
Were on the north side of the road just past the sheep corrals.
DeLorme 24:D3
Roads of Colorado 59:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 58:D4
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Three Sisters/Alderfer Park

From Interstate 70, take Exit 252.
Travel South approximately 8.0 miles on Highway 74 to Hwy 73.
Drive South on Hwy 73 for 0.7 miles to Buffalo Park Road.
Travel on Buffalo Park Road to Park.
DeLorme 39:C7
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:D6
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Thurston Reservoir

From Lamar, CO
North on Highway 196 (continue due North even though HW 196 turns)
Go to County Road SS (5.5 miles)
West 1.0 mile to CR 7
North 1.2 miles on CR 7 to Reservoir

There are other ways to travel, but I go this way because
0.5 miles in each direction of the intersection of CR SS and CR7
Are my most productive spots for Dickcissel sightings (in season)

From West (Pueblo)
North on Highway 287 (five miles West of Lamar) to Prowers CR SS
Right on CR SS to CR 7 (five miles)
North 1.2 miles to Thurston Reservoir

To Search for Least Bittern(s) 6/21/2010:
Approaching Thurston from the south on CR7, cross TT and before
entering the DOW parking area/boat ramp area on the south side
of the reservoir, take the dirt lane that goes east to some gas
wells along the canal. This road eventually curves to the north.
Take it north a few tenths of a mile until there is an unofficial
fishing/hunting parking area and the road follows the canal to the east.
Just south of where the road bends east is the bittern marsh on the left (west).
DeLorme 99:D7
Roads of Colorado 134:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 105:G11
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Tiara Rado Golf Course

From Interstate 70, Grand Junction; take exit 37, business I70 west.
I-70 BL W/US-50 W/US-6 BR W becomes I-70 BL W/US-50 West.
Turn LEFT onto CO-340 West.
Turn SLIGHT LEFT onto CR-E.75.
CR-E.75 becomes CR-D.75.
CR-D.75 becomes CR-20.75.
CR-20.75 becomes CR E.
Travel to Golf Course (2063 South Broadway).
DeLorme 42:D3
Roads of Colorado 89:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:D6
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Tiger Run RV Resort

From Interstate 70, take Exit 203
Drive South on Highway 9 to Breckenridge.
Tiger Run Road is 5.6 miles south of hwy 9 & Main Street.
Turn Left (East) toward Clubhouse.

Common Loons were found on Swan River. There is a natural dam and
the water slows and creates a fairly good sized pond.
Private property, you might check-in at clubhouse.
DeLorme 48:A2
Roads of Colorado 78:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:F10
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Timberline Campgrounds

From Interstate 70 & 470, west side of Denver.
Travel approximately 6.0 miles South On 470 to Highway 285.
Drive southwest approx. 46.1 miles on Hwy 285 to Park County Road 58.
Campgrounds are west up CR 58.
DeLorme 49:A5
Roads of Colorado 79:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:F1
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Timber Trail

From the Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) in Boulder.
Continue North on Hwy 36/119 to Canyon Blvd.
Drive approx. 1.1 miles West on Canyon Blvd to Broadway Street (Hwy 7).
Travel approx. 0.4 miles North on Broadway to Mapleton Avenue.
Drive West on Mapleton Ave which turns into Sunshine Canyon Drive.
Travel approx. 2.0 miles West on Sunshine Canyon Drive to Timber Trail.
DeLorme 29:D7
Roads of Colorado 62:F6
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:B4
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Timnath Reservoir

NOTE: Timnath Reservoir proper is closed to non-residents Partial views from East Side.

To search for possible northeast corner Nick Komar:
"I noticed an odd Sandpiper that to me resembled a juvenile Semipalmated
with a very short bill. I think this is a possible juvenile Red-necked Stint.
try northeast corner where Buff-breasted Sandpiper reported"

To search for Buff-breasted Sandpiper 9/4/2018:
Nick Komar: "park in the Wildwings residential neighborhood and
walk to the shoreline either through a vacant lot or walk along
the dry lakebed from the “swim beach” or from the road closure s
ign north of the last shoreline houses still under construction.
The shore is property of Timnath Park, which welcomes birders
(via arrangement with Fort Collins Audubon Society).

From Interstate 25, take exit 265
Go East 2.5 miles to Weld County Road 13
Turn North (left) on CR 13 to inlet (about 2.5 miles)
DeLorme 20:D3
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G10
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Timpas Creek Wildlife Area

From Rocky Ford, travel 4.0 miles south on highway 71
Turn east on highway 10, drive 2.0 miles across Timpas Creek bridge.
Turn south on County Road 21 and drive 1.0 miles.
Turn west on CR Z and travel 1.0 miles to property.
DeLorme 100:A3
Roads of Colorado 131:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 117:C11
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Tiny Town

From Highway 285 and Highway 470, southwest Denver,
Travel west approximately 5.5 miles on Hwy 285 to Turkey Creek Road.
Drive south approx. 0.9 miles on Turkey Creek Road to property.

Northern Saw-whet Owl 4/12/2014:
DeLorme 40:D1
Roads of Colorado 80:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:D7
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Thomas Reservoir

From Interstate 25, travel north from Denver to Highway 7 (Exit 229)
Travel west on Highway 7 to Highway 287 (less than 7 miles).
Turn North (Right) on Highway 287 and drive to Isabelle Road (Boulder County Road 52) (about 2.5 miles).
Turn East (Right) on Isabelle and drive 1.5 miles to 119th Street.
Turn South (Right) on 119th street; reservoir is south less than 0.5 miles.
DeLorme 30:D2
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F8
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Tincup and Mirror Lake

From Gunnison travel approx. 12.0 miles East on Highway 50 to Parlin.
Drive approx. 15.0 miles North on County Road 76 (Quartz Creek Road).
to Pitkin and continue to Forest Road 765.
Take FR 765 to Tincup (23.1 miles north of Pitkin).
Continue 3.0 miles on Forest Road 267 to Mirror Lake.
DeLorme 59:B6
Roads of Colorado 100:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:H5
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Toll Gate Creek

From Interstate 225, take the Alameda Parkway Exit 8.
Drive East 1.0 miles on Alameda Avenue to Chambers.
Continue East and park in Shopping Center on East Side.
Walk 0.1 miles East to Creek.
DeLorme 41:C4
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Tom Frost Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take 120th Avenue, Exit 223
Drive west on 120th avenue 2.4 miles to Lowell Blvd.
Travel North on Lowell Blvd, 1.0 miles to 128th Avenue.
Reservoir is at the northwest corner of intersection.
DeLorme 40:A2
Roads of Colorado 65:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:H9
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Tomichi Gulch

From the intersection of Highway 83 and 86, Franktown
Drive South on Hwy 83 0.9 miles to Russelville Road.
Travel East on Russelville Road 3.4 miles to Tomichi Road.
Drive North on Tomichi Road 0.4 miles to small parking lot on right.
(There is a sign: Russelville A Covenant Community).
DeLorme 51:B5
Roads of Colorado 81:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:G12
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From Highway 50 in Las Animas, take Highway 101 South.
Travel approximately 22.3 miles to Toonerville.

To search for Vermilion Flycatcher 5/24/2010:
Drive South on Hwy 101 until pavement ends,
turn west and look in trees near homestead)
(Please respect private property, view from road)
DeLorme 101:A5
Roads of Colorado 149:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:E5
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Tunnel Campground

Located on Laramie River Road (103 Road), 7 miles North of Highway 14.
103 Road is 20.4 miles West of Rustic, CO & 51.3 miles West of Hwy 14 & Hwy 287.
DeLorme 18:D4
Roads of Colorado 47:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:E11
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Tunnel Drive & Canon City Treatment Ponds

West on Highway 50 out of Canon City past Prison.
After Hwy 50 turns North, take left on to Tunnel Drive
Treatment Ponds just south of intersection.

Special Directions for Rufous-crowned Sparrow Sightings
Continue West on Tunnel Drive.
Trailhead and Parking area in about 1 mile
Park at gate and walk West along river
There is a brick building on the right
Birds were observed up trail on boulders and rocky hillside to the North.
One bird was observed near cement building.
N 38 26.2186 W 105 15.3380 Elev: 5410'
DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:D6
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Totten Reservoir & Simon Draw Wildlife Area

From Cortez; travel 3.5 miles east on highway 160 to County Road 29
Turn north on CR 29 and drive 1.0 miles to property.

Simon Draw Wildlife Area:
1/4 mile east of the Boat Launch parking at Toten,
on the south-east side of Road 29
DeLorme 85:B4
Roads of Colorado 137:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 121:C7
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Trail Gulch Road

From Interstate 70 at Gypsum, Take Exit 140,
Travel North on Trail Gulch Road.
Pinyon Jays (1/10/2015) were approx. 2.8 miles up road.
DeLorme 36:C2
Roads of Colorado 76:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:D12
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Trail Winds Park

From Interstate 25, take 136th Avenue, Exit 225,
Drive East approx. 3.5 miles on East 136th Avenue to Holly Street.
Travel South less than 0.3 miles on Holly Street to entrance to Park.
DeLorme 40:A3
Roads of Colorado 65:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G10
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Trappers Lake

From Meeker, take highway 13 East
In approximately 2.0 miles, turn on to County Road 8.
Driving East, you will pass Buford in approx. 20.0 miles.
Continue east on CR 8 to Trappers Lake Road (FR 205) approx. 20.0 miles.
Drive south on FR 205 approx. 9.0 miles to Trappers Lake.

To search for Hermit Warbler (Ernie Bradley, 7/12/2013):
Drive almost all the way to Trappers Lake:
40.0000532 -107.232570
DeLorme 35:A7
Roads of Colorado 60:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:G9
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Trinidad State Park

From Interstate 25, take Colorado 12 (exit 14) west
Reservoir is 3.3 miles (Fee Area)
DeLorme 93:C5
Roads of Colorado 162:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 128:F2
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Trout Creek at Forest Road 339

From the intersection of Highway 24 & Hwy 67 in Woodland Park,
Drive approximately 5.2 miles north to Forest Road 339.
Travel west to Trout Creek.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak 7/4/2011:
Approx. 100 yards upstream of parking area.
DeLorme 50:D2
Roads of Colorado 96:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:D8
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Trujillo Meadows Wildlife Area, Reservoir & Campgrounds

From Antonito, drive 36 miles West on Highway 17 to Forest Road 118.
Then travel 4 miles North to Property.
DeLorme 89:D6
Roads of Colorado 157:F3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 124:G5
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Trupp Park, Bennett

From Interstate 70, take Bennett Exit 304.
Travel North approximately 1.2 miles on South 1st Street to West Colfax Avenue.
Drive West approx. 0.5 miles on W. Colfax Avenue to Palmer Avenue.
Travel North and East approx. 0.6 miles on Palmer Avenue to 1st Street.
Trupp Park at Northwest corner.

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 10/10/2012:
First observed east across from Trupp Park.
Sapsucker moved east along Washington Avenue.
DeLorme 41:B7
Roads of Colorado 82:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 76:B3
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Tunnel Campground

From the northwest side of Fort Collins,
At Highway 14 and Highway 287,
Travel 51 miles on Hwy 14 to Laramie River Road (Hwy 103).
Drive North on Laramine River Road approx. 6.0 miles to Campgrounds.
Latitude: 40.6735914 Longitude: -105.858343 Elev: 8612'
DeLorme 18:D4
Roads of Colorado 47:F12
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:F11
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Turkey Creek Park

From Highway 285 & 470, west side of Denver,
Travel west on Hwy 285 to Jefferson County Road 64,
Drive less than 0.1 miles on CR 64 (Turkey Creek Road) to Park.
DeLorme 40:D1
Roads of Colorado 80:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:D7
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Turkey Creek Ranch

NOTE: Now closed to any visitors (will update if changes) 8/21/2014
The entrance is on the east side of the highway directly
across from the entrance to Aiken Canyon.
Take Interstate 25 South to the South Academy exit #135. Go west on S. Academy Blvd approximately one mile.
Turn left, south, on CO-115. The entrance is 10 miles south of the Main Gate to Fort Carson.
Turn left (east) and drive ranch parking area.

Closed to Events on Monday & Tuesday; birding still allowed.
Contact Manager before birding!
Stephanie Kowaluk
Facility Manager
Turkey Creek Ranch
DFMWR, Rec and Leisure Dept
DeLorme 62:D3
Roads of Colorado 113:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 101:B10
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Turk's Pond

From Springfield, go 2.0 miles North on Highway 287 to CR HH.
Travel East on CR HH, 14.0 miles to CR 39.
Drive North on CR 39, 3.5 miles to property.

From Lamar, go South on Highway 287, 36.0 miles to Highway 116.
Drive East on hwy 116, 14.0 miles to CR 39.
Travel South on CR 39, 5.0 miles to property.
DeLorme 103:C7
Roads of Colorado 150:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 132:B2

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Turquoise Lake

From Leadville, take highway 24 to Turquois Lake Road
Follow road to reservoir.
DeLorme 47:B6
Roads of Colorado 94:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:A6
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Tuttle Draw

From East 5th Avenue & Main Street (Hwy 97) in Nucla,
Travel approximately 0.5 miles East on E. 5th Avenue to Ash Street.
Drive less than 0.2 miles North on Ash Street to County Road 25 (Nucla-Delta Road)
Travel East less than 0.4 miles on CR 25 to Tuttle Draw Trail.
DeLorme 65:B4
Roads of Colorado 121:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 94:F6
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Bar CCC Park and 20 Mile Pond

Take Highway 83 South out of Parker
From Main Street intersection in Parker, go south for 1.2 miles.
Turn right on Indian Pipe Lane to parking lot on right.
Watch for Park on West (Right) side of road
There is a Day care Center at the South end of parking area

Nearby Pond on 20-mile Road:
From Main Street & Highway 83 intersection in Parker, go west.
From Main Street, turn South at 3rd stoplight onto 20-mile Road.
Pond is 2/10 miles along 20-mile Road; west side of Road.
This pond is in Salisbury Equestrian Park

Adjacent Sod Farm is observed by:
From Main Street, drive 1.5 miles West on Main Street
At Motsenbocker, turn left and drive 1.5 miles South to field.
N 39 30.0975 W 105 19.8246 Elev: 6849'
DeLorme 41:D4
Roads of Colorado 81:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:F12
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Twenty Mile Wildlife Area

From Highway 40, East of Hayden,
Travel approx. 6.0 miles South on County Road 27 to property.
DeLorme 26:A1
Roads of Colorado 44:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:A9
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Twenty-three E Pond

From Interstate 25, take Highway 66, Exit 243.
Travel approximately 6.5 miles West on Hwy 66 to Hwy 287.
Drive North approx. 6.5 miles on Hwy 287 to West County Road 4.
Travel West approx. 1.5 miles on CR 4 to CR 23 E.
Drive South approx. 0.7 miles on CR 23 E to Pond on East side of road.
DeLorme 30:C1
Roads of Colorado 64:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:C8
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Twenty-three 1/4 Pond

From I-70, whether westbound or eastbound, take exit 28, which is labeled as “24 Road”
and “Redlands Parkway.” Please don’t be confused that exit 28 is really for 24 Road!
At the round-abouts atop the off-ramps, reset your trip odometer to zero, and note
the following landmarks as you head south on 24 Road (small signs at round-abouts
will point you onto 24 Road):

0.6 miles = go straight thru first traffic light (G Road)

1.4 miles = go straight thru second traffic light (F Road), then over the overpass
thru third traffic light (East Business 70), road veers right and becomes Redlands Parkway

Travel south on Redlands Parkway to River Road.
Drive West on River Road to 23.25 Road.
Then South on 23.25 Road to Pond.
DeLorme 42:D3
Roads of Colorado 89:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:D6
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Twin Crater Lakes

From the northwest side of Fort Collins,
At Highway 14 and Highway 287,
Travel 51 miles on Hwy 14 to Laramie River Road (Larimer County Road 103).
Drive North and West approximately 1.6 miles on Laramie River Road to Lost Lake turnoff.
Trailhead for Twin Lakes North of Lost and Laramie Lakes.

American Three-toed Woodpeckers 8/2/2010:
Three+ at junction of West Branch and Camp Lake Trails
(approximately 2.7 miles trailhead)
DeLorme 18:D4
Roads of Colorado 47:F12
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:F11
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Twin Lakes Open Space

From the Diagonal Highway (hwy 119) between Boulder & Longmont,
Turn South on North 63rd Street.
Travel South 0.8 miles on North 63rd Street to Nautilus Drive.
Drive East on Nautilus Drive to first stop sign.
Turn left and drive 0.3 miles to end of road.

Worm-eating Warbler 5/7/2009:
Walk south on trail between lakes.
At bridge continue to left along trail,
until you come to large cottonwood tree fallen over canal.
Worm-eating Warbler was 22 paces upstream from this tree.
Wandered upstream to large fallen tree parellel to path.

Northern Waterthrush 5/7/2009:
Continue east (downstream) from tree over canal.
Look under roots of two large cottonwoods before paved road.
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F7
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Twin Lakes

From Leadville, take highway 24 approximately 14 miles to highway 82.
Turn west to lake which is at this intersection.
DeLorme 47:D7
Roads of Colorado 94:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 87:D7
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Twin Mounds Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take exit 252, Weld County Road 48.
Drive west approximately 1.0 miles on CR 48 to County Road 7.
Travel north approx. 0.9 miles on CR 7 to CR 14.
Drive west approx. 1.0 miles on CR 14 to CR 7.
Travel south approx. 0.2 miles on CR 7 to Reservoir.
(Also called Ide and Starbird Reservoir Number 2)
DeLorme 30:B3
Roads of Colorado 49:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:B9
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Two Buttes Reservoir

From Lamar, travel South on Highway 287 (approximately 30 miles)
Turn East on Prowers County road C
Turn South (right) on CR 30 (just West of the Two Buttes)
Travel South to Two Buttes Dam; veer left just before reaching dam
Check woods below dam; also check reservoir surface

From Springfield, travel North on Highway 287
In approximately 11 miles, turn East (Right) on Highway 116
Turn North (Left) on Baca County road 27 in 2.0 miles
In 3.0 miles turn East (Right) on CR UU
In 3.0 miles turn North (Left) on CR 30 and follow it to reservoir
Once across Two Buttes Reservoir bridge, turn right (East) to below dam
N 37 39.923 W 102 37.204 Elev: 4401 ft
DeLorme 101:B7
Roads of Colorado 150:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 119:G12
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Two Buttes Reservoir

From the Boulder Turnpike, Hwy 36, take Sheridan Blvd Exit.
Travel 1.0 miles South on Sheridan Blvd to West 80th Avenue.
Drive approx. 1.5 miles West on W. 80th Avenue to Property.
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A8
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Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge

Perhaps one of the smallest National Wildlife Refuges
63.2 acres of uplands and 9 acres of wetlands.

To get to Two Ponds NWR from downtown Denver,
take I-25 north to Highway 36 west.
Exit at Federal Boulevard and head north to West 80th Avenue.
Located on 80th Avenue between Wadsworth Avenue and Kipling Avenue.

West Side: Open year-round, dawn to dusk
(entrance available from Medical Center parking)
East Side: Open Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00am-4:00pm

DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A8
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Two Rivers Park

From Interstate 70, take Glenwood Springs Exit 116.
Travel approx. 0.5 miles North and West on West 6th Street.
At Devereux Road, drive South to Park.
DeLorme 35:D6
Roads of Colorado 76:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:E7
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