Birding Spots of Colorado


Oak Creek Grade Road

From Canon City, go to west side of town on Highway 50.
At Highway 115 (South 9th Street), drive south approximately 1.2 miles to Elm Avenue.
Drive west less than 0.3 miles on Elm Avenue to County Road 143 (Oak Creek Grade Road)
Travel south approx. 2.0 miles on Oak Creek Grade Road to CR 80.

Western Screech-Owl 12/14/2013:
Was along CR 80 at approximately 164 yards northeast of CR 143
Northern Saw-whet Owl 12/14/2013:
Was along CR 143 at approx. 0.56 miles south of CR 80
Roads of Colorado
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Oak Ridge Wildlife Area

Belaire Unit:
From Meeker, travel 21.0 miles east on County Road 8
At CR 17, go south 1.5 miles to property.
DeLorme 35:A5
Roads of Colorado 59:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 58:G3
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Oakridge Village Trail

Take Interstate 25 Exit 265 (East Harmony Road)
Drive West approximately 3.0 miles on E. Harmony Road to Mcmurry Avenue.
Travel South on Mcmurray Avenue.
Oakridge Village trail crosses Mcmurray south of River Oak Road in 0.5 miles

Pine Warbler 2/6: approx. 300 feet east of Mcmurray Avenue.
DeLorme 30:A2
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G9
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Offield Reservoir

One of the most remote areas of Colorado.
Access is through Utah and is quite isolated.

From Highway 64 in Dinosaur, Colorado take Highway 40 34.6 miles =West to Vernal, Utah.
In Vernal, turn North on Highway 191 and travel 0.5 miles to Brush Creek Road.
Drive East on Brush Creek Road 3.0 miles to Diamond Mountain Road (sometimes marked Brush Creek Road).
Travel North 18.9 miles on Diamond Mountain Road to Jones Hole Road.
Drive East on Jones Hole Road 3.3 miles to Browns Park Road.
Follow Browns Park Road North 5.6 miles to Pot Creek Road (Walker Ranch Road).
Drive East on Pot Creek Road (Turns into Offield Road) for 7.3 miles to Colorado border .
At the Colorado Border the Road is called Moffat CR 162.
Continue 2.3 miles on CR 162 to Offield Reservoir.
N 40 66.056 W 108 99.944
DeLorme 12:C1
Roads of Colorado 40:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 56:B1
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O'Haver Lake & Marshall Pass

From Highways 285 & 50 west of Salida,
Travel 5.0 miles South on Hwy 285 to Forest Road 200 at Mears Junction.
N 38 26.89 W 106 06.40
Drive West on FR 200 (Marshall Pass Road); continue west on FR 202 to Pass.
(Marshall Pass is approximately 11.0 miles west of Hwy 285).
(O'Haver Lake is approx. 3.5 miles west of Hwy 285).
O'Haver Lake: N 38 42.778 W 106 14.306
Marshall Pass: N 38 23.50 W 106 14.85 Elev: 10,842'
DeLorme 70:A1
Roads of Colorado 110:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:D8
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Ohio Pass

From Crested Butte (Bridge over Coal Creek on Whiterock Avenue, CR 12)
Travel 6.5 miles on CR 12 to Ohio Pass Road.
Drive South on Ohio Pass Road to Summit.
DeLorme 58:B1
Roads of Colorado 92:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:G10
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Old Woman Creek Loop

From Del Norte at Hwy 160 & Hwy 112, travel North on Hwy 112 to CR 22.
Take CR 22 north approximately 0.6 miles to CR 15
and take CR 15 west approx. 3.0 miles to CR 66.
Travel North on Rio Grande County Road 66 which turns into Saguache CR 660.
Follow CR 660 north and east to CR 38A.
Drive South on CR 38A back to Del Norte.
(Bendire's Thrashers sometimes reported along here in Spring.
DeLorme 79:C6
Roads of Colorado 142:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 112:F6
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The location of the vireo is three miles south of Olathe
along the Uncompahgre River. A farm road crosses the river
three miles south of town and just before the river bridge,
the road crosses the old railroad tracks.

Walk the tracks(north) towards Olathe. At about 800 meters (1/2mile)
the river comes very close to the tracks. The vireo sings here.
DeLorme 56:D2
Roads of Colorado 106:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 96:B1
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Old Bent's Fort

From La Junta, take highway 109 North for 1 mile.
Turn East (Right) on highway 194.
You will come to entrance and parking area in 6.5 miles.
Marsh is just east of parking for picnic area along hwy 109.
DeLorme 99:D4
Roads of Colorado 132:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:B3
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Old Farm Area

From Interstate 25, Exit North Academy Blvd Exit 150.
Drive 5.6 miles East & South on Academy Blvd to Austin Bluffs.
Travel East & North on Austin Bluffs 1.5 miles to Old Farm Drive.
Turn East on Old Farm Drive to Old Farm Circle.

Drive around this area to search for White-winged Doves.
DeLorme 63:A5
Roads of Colorado 97:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:E11
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Old Highway 6 & 50

From Interstate 70 at Mack, take exit 11,
Travel north 0.6 miles to Mack, Old Hwy 6 & 50
then drive east approx. 8.4 miles On Hwy 6/50 to Mesa CR 2 8/10

Burrowing Owls along 2 8/10 at 0.3 miles north of hwy 6/50
DeLorme 42:C2
Roads of Colorado 88:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:A3
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Old Kebler Pass Road

Interstate 70 to Glenwood Springs, south on highway 82 for 12 miles
Take highway 133 south out of Carbondale for 28 miles, past Marble to McClure Pass summit
Old Kepler Pass Road is the gravel road heading east, just before the summit to McClure Pass.
DeLorme 45:C7
Roads of Colorado 92:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:C8
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Old Lime Creek Road

From Highway 550 & Hwy 110 in Silverton,
Travel South on Hwy 550 approximately 10.5 miles to Old Lime Creek Road.

To Search for Black Swifts 6/26/2014:
Drive South approx. 1.4 miles on Old Lime Creek Road.
DeLorme 76:C4
Roads of Colorado 139:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:F3
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Old St. Vrain Road

From Interstate 25, take Lyons Exit 243 (Hwy 66).
Travel 16.0 miles West on Hwy 66 to Hwy 66 & Hwy 7 in Lyons.
Drive South on Hwy 7 approximately 0.6 miles Old St. Vrain Road
DeLorme 30:C1
Roads of Colorado 64:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:D6
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Olney Springs Wildlife Area

From DeLorme 79:B6
Roads of Colorado
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:C8
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Olney Springs Wildlife Area

From Olney Springs, travel 1.0 miles northwest on County Road 7 to property.
DeLorme 98:D2
Roads of Colorado 131:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 103:H9
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Open Space South of Lefthand Valley Reservoir

To search for Cassin's Sparrows 7/1/2009; Bill Kaempfer:
Take US 36—North Foothills Highway—north out of Boulder.
Slightly more than one mile north of Longhorn Road
(the road into Boulder Valley Ranch) there is an
agricultural track heading east from US 36.
This track has a barbed-wire gate across it,
but it is easily removed to allow walking along the track.
It is open space and foot access is allowed,
but remember to put the gate back in place.

Go east on this track for about .75 miles,
then bear off to the SE for a few hundred yards.
The birds, which were both larking, singing regularly
and then perching at the top of thistles were on
either side of the first drainage south of the
track coming in from 36. If you go too far on
that first track, it ends up at the south end
of Left Hand Valley Reservoir. From there follow
the “official” trail to the south until you come
to the first drainage coming in from the west
and head back up that drainage. If you are like me,
you will hear the wonderful Cassin’s song (along with
meadowlarks, Vesper Sparrows, Lark Sparrows and
Horned Larks) before you see the birds. They can be
heard (depending on your ears!) from over 100 yards away, easily."

On 7/4/2009: Cassin's Sparrows were north of draw, west of above location
N 40.09035 W 105.26639 Alt: 5315'
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:F6
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Ophir Creek Road

From I25 and Highway 165 (Exit 74), travel west on Hwy 165.
(Pass Rye in approximately 8.4 miles)
Pass San Isabel and Continue to Ophir Creek Road
(approx. 24.9 miles west of Interstate 25)
(Forest Road 400, also called 360 Road)
Campgrounds near Hwy 165 & Ophir Creek Road).
(Good place to listen for owls.
DeLorme 72:D2
Roads of Colorado 128:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:B8
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Ophir Pass

From 3rd Street & Hwy 550 in Ouray,
Travel 17.0 miles south on Hwy 550 to CR 679.
Drive approximately 4.0 miles West on CR 679 to summit.

Continue approximately 5.6 miles to Hwy 145 at Ophir.
(Road on West side of pass suggests a 4-wheel drive to travel)

From Silverton, drive approximately 5.0 miles north to Ophir Pass Road.
DeLorme 76:B3
Roads of Colorado 123:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:D3

Orchard Mesa Area

To search for hummingbirds 12/4:
Steve Bouricius:
The hummer hosts (Victor and Sue Ellen) have graciously given permission
for birders to access the yard to see the bird. Directions: From I-70
take the Clifton exit 37 (I-70B) to the second stoplight, turn left and
go up and over the RR overpass. This is Hwy. 141, also called 32 Road.
Go south on 141, cross the Colorado River and continue to the light at
B 1/2 Road. Go west on B 1/2 Road 4.5 miles to 28 1/2 Road. Turn right
or north on 28 1/2 Road to Oxford Avenue. Turn left or west on Oxford
Avenue to 2842 Oxford, a cream colored house with brown trim and a
basketball hoop in the driveway. The single feeder is on the west side
of the house behind the B-ball hoop and beyond the small chain link
gate. Please remain outside the closed gate. It is a narrow viewing
area and the bird can be too easily disturbed if you go beyond the
gate. Kindly be respectful of the hosts and their good neighbors by
not blocking driveways, etc.
DeLorme 43:D5
Roads of Colorado 89:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:C7
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Orchard Mesa Wildlife Area

From I-70, take the Clifton exit #37 and Drive South and West on Business 70/
Highway 141. At 1.5 miles follow Highway 141 South (also called 32 Road).
Travel on Hwy 141 for 3.0 miles to B1/2 Road.
Drive 2.0 miles West on B1/2 Road to 30 Road.
Turn North on 30 Road and follow until 30 Road makes 90 degree turn.
Follow until you reach a huge lone cottonwood tree, which is next to
the entrance to Orchard Mesa Wildlife Area.

Park in one of the two parking spaces and follow the two track down
the ravine crossing two fences. At the bottom of the draw, cross
the stream to your left and immediately start looking in the brush
at the bottom of the bluff. The Golden-crowned Sparrow was seen
in the thick brush 10-15 yards from the creek.
DeLorme 43:D5
Roads of Colorado 89:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:D7
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Ordway Reservoir

From Ordway (Highway 96 and Highway 71)
Go North 2.0 miles on Hwy 71 to reservoir
DeLorme 98:D2
Roads of Colorado 131:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 103:G11
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Orient Mine and Bat Caves

From Highways 470 & 285
(approx. 144 miles; about 2 hours to COUNTY ROAD GG)
Take the exit onto US-285 S toward Fairplay
Continue onto US-285 S 110 mi
Turn left onto US-285 S/US-50 E Continue to follow US-285 S 26.7 mi
Turn left onto CO-17 144 ft
Slight left onto County Rd GG 7.3 mi
(10.2 miles about 42 minutes to Trail)
County Road GG, 10.2 mi - about 42 mins
Head southwest on County Rd GG toward Co Rd 65 4.0 mi
Turn right onto Co Rd 61 1.5 mi
Turn right onto Co Rd Hh61 2.2 mi
Turn right 0.4 mi
Slight right onto Co Gg Rd 2.0 mi

The Orient Mine is located approximately 2 miles north of the the Welcome Center
and Valley View Hot Springs. Free guided tours hike there from the Welcome Center
an hour or so before dawn. Alternatively, visitors with high-clearance vehicles
may drive around County Road HH 61 to the Black Canyon Trailhead and hike 1.5 miles.
Both hikes to the Glory Hole viewing area are fairly level until the final 3/4 mile up a steep incline.

From Highway 285 and Saguache County Road GG,
Drive east approximately 3.2 miles to CR 61.
Travel north on CR 61 to CR HH 61.
Drive north and east On HH 61 to trailhead.
(still 1.5 mile hike to bat cave)

Orient Mine and Bat Caves at the Orient Land Trust via OLT Welcome Center
64393 County Road GG
Moffat, CO 81143-9723

NOTE: Valley View Hot Springs, clothes are optional!

DeLorme 70:C4
Roads of Colorado 127:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:G12
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Orlando Reservoir #2

Travel south on Interstate 25 south of Pueblo to exit 60
Go east and north to Huerfano County Road 104
Turn Right (East) on CR 104 to reservoir.
DeLorme 83:B4
Roads of Colorado 145:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:E11
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Otero County Road Z

From Rocky Ford, travel south approximately 5.0 mils on Hwy 71 to CR 10 (Hawley). Drive East approx. 4.5 miles on CR 10 to CR 24. Travel South approx. 1.0 miles on CR 24 to CR Z. DeLorme 98:E4
Roads of Colorado 131:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 117:C12
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Otter Pond

From the Center of Montrose; Highways 50 & 550.
Drive 1.5 miles South on Hwy 550 (Townsend Avenue) to Woodgate Road.
Turn left on Woodgate Road and continue south.
At 1.0 mile south see pond at Otter Drive on left.
DeLorme 66:A2
Roads of Colorado 106:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 96:D2
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Overland Golf Course & Overland Pond Park

From Interstate 25, take the Mississippi Avenue Exit 206B
Travel West on Mississippi Avenue to South Santa Fe Drive.
Drive South on Santa Fe Drive to West Florida Avenue.
West on W. Florida Avenue to property.
DeLorme 40:D2
Roads of Colorado 81:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C9
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Overland High School

From Interstate 225, take Iliff Avenue Exit
Travel West on Iliff Avenue to Peoria Avenue.
Drive North on Peoria Avenue to Jewell Avenue.
High School is at southeast corner.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Overland Park, Sterling

From Interstate 76, take Exit 125 and drive north on Highway 6.
Drive north toward Sterling, property on east side of road.
(Before South Platte River; across from motels and Sterling history museum)
DeLorme 95:B5
Roads of Colorado 52:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 52:F5
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Overland Reservoir

From Paonia, drive east and north on highway 133.
After 28 miles you come to fork of Highway 133 & Forest Road 265
Take FR 265 (left fork) for approximately 14.2 miles to FR 701.
Turn west on FR 701 and follow it to FR 705 and continue to reservoir.
(Reservoir is approx. 7.0 miles from FR 265).

Three-toed Woodpeckers were in the Spruce-fir right
beside the road, just a couple turns down from sight of
the dam, as you drive in there from the east.
DeLorme 45:D5
Roads of Colorado 91:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 84:D4
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Ovid Woods & Ovid Sewage Ponds

Take Interstate 76 to Exit 172
Turn North on County Road 29
Turn East (Right) on highway 138 to Ovid, Colorado
Woods run along Lodgepole Creek; highway 138 and 2nd street
N 40 57.7539 W 102 23.1189 Elev: 3566'
DeLorme 102:A1

Ovid Sewage Ponds can be reached from highway 138 and CR 29.
CR 29 is just east of Lodgepole Creek and Ovid Woods.
(Permission is required to bird sewage pond area).
DeLorme 102:A1
Roads of Colorado 38:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 54:B2
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Owl Creek Pass

From Ridgway, take highway 550 North 5.6 miles to Owl Creek Pass Road (CR 8)
Travel East up Owl Creek Pass Road 16.0 miles to West Fork Road.
Take West Fork Road 2.0 miles to trailhead for Courthouse Mountain.
Hike up summit of Courthouse Mountain in search of Rosy Finches.
(This is not an easy search!) What fun you will have!!
DeLorme 67:C5
Roads of Colorado 123:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 96:G3
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Owl Loop North of Denver International Airport

DIA Owl Loop runs North of Denver International Airport.
Along this loop in the summer, I usually pass four or five Burrowing Owl Colonies.
In winter, I have found both Short-eared and Long-eared Owls.
In 1998, a Snowy Owl was found by others south of Trussville Road and 114th ave.

Owl Loop Revised 3/26/2004 (As Buckley Road is permanently closed to vehicular traffic).
I revised this loop again on 8/8/2004 as one colony is no longer around.

To take the loop, start at Pena Blvd and get off at Tower Road exit.
Drive North on Tower Road to 96th avenue. Then turn East on 96th ave.
Continue on 96th avenue as it turns North and then East (now it is 114th ave).
1st Burrowing Owl Colony 3.4 miles East of 96th Avenue
N 39 53.388 W 104 43.925 Elev: 5260'
When 114th runs into a dead end, turn North on Trussville Road (paved road).
(This is a good area for Lark Bunting especially around fenced in Gas Storage Tanks.
Continue North until it runs into a dead end and turn West (120th avenue).
Take 120th avenue to Powhaton Road; turn North and drive to 128th Avenue.
Second BUOW colony is on all corners of this intersection.
Continue West on 128th Avenue to Picadilly Road.
At Picadilly Road, turn South and drive to 112th Avenue.
Third BUOW colony is 0.5 miles South of 128th & Picadilly Road.
(This colony does not seem to be active in 2004).
Fourth BUOW colony is at southwest corner of 112th & Picadilly.
(This colony has only two birds in 2004).
Fifth colony which is doing well is 0.6 miles East of Picadilly & 120th avenue.
Returning to Picadilly Road, head North to Barr Lake State Park.
Or continue West on 112th to Tower Road. South leads to DIA.

A side trip is to get off Pena Blvd at 56th Avenue and drive 0.1 miles
west to Buckley Road (parking area here). This road goes along the East
side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Requires a hike of several miles to see the Owls.

There are several Burrowing Owl Colonies observed west of this road (in season).
This road is now closed to Vehicles. You have to hike in. It is a pleasant
walk with many sparrows, hawks, possible Lark Buntings and Burrowing Owls.
BUOW colonies are 1.5 & 2.0 miles North of 56th Avenue.
DeLorme 41:B4
Roads of Colorado 65:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:H12
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Owl Mountain Wildlife Area

From Walden, take Highway 14 South and East.
Drive 13.0 miles Southeast on Hwy 14 to CR 25.
Travel 6.0 miles Southwest on CR 25 to WLA.
DeLorme 18:D1
Roads of Colorado 46:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:G8
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Oxbow Wildlife Area

Take Highway 318; West out of Sunbeam (West of Maybelle)
Drive West over the Little Snake River.
Then travel up the hill to the top and start downhill (about a mile).
Parking Area for property is on the South side of Highway 318.
If you get to Sand Wash, you have traveled too far!
N 40 36.659 W 108 21.082 Elev: 5813 ft
DeLorme 13:D6
Roads of Colorado 42:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 43:F8
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Oxbow Wildlife Area, Otero

From La Junta, travel East approximately 9.0 miles
on Highway 50 to Otero County Road 36.
Drive 0.5 miles North on CR 36 to Wildlife Area.
DeLorme 99:D4
Roads of Colorado 132:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:B3
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Oxford Road, between 115th & 119th Avenues

From Interstate 25, take Highway 52 Exit (Exit 235)
Drive West Approximately 4.0 miles on Hwy 52 to County Line Road, CR 1
Travel 2.0 miles North on CR 1 to Oxford Road.
Drive West on Oxford Road.
Longspurs; 4/16/2013, between 115th & 119th.
DeLorme 30:D2
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:E8

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