Birding Spots of Colorado


Karney Ranch Wildlife Area

From Las Animas, travel East on Highway 50 to Bent County Road 17.
Drive North on CR 17, leer left on Fort Lyon Canal Road.
DeLorme 99:D5
Roads of Colorado 133:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:A6
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Karval Reservoir Wildlife Area

From intersection of Highway 94 and Highway 109 (Lincoln County)
Go South (10 miles) to Entrance of Reservoir
DeLorme 98:B3
Roads of Colorado 116:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:H2
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Kebler Pass

From Gunnison, travel North on Highway 135 to Crested Butte.
Take County Road 12 (Kebler Pass) west out of town.

To search for Flammulated Owl 7/26:
The owl was heard on the south side of CR 12,
at east end of large, thick Aspen Tree Grove that
extends to both sides of road. This is west of
the summit and cemetery.

To search for American Three-toed Woodpeckers:
Look around and east of cemetery.

Purple Martin:
Seen around mile marker 11

DeLorme 58:B1
Roads of Colorado 92:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:F11
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Kechter Road Ponds

From Interstate 25, take Harmony Road Exit 265.
Travel West on East Harmony Road to CR 7.
Drive South on CR 7 (Strauss Cabin Road) to Kechter Road.
Then East on Kechter Road (36 Road).
DeLorme 20:D3
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:H9
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Keith Helart Park/a>

From the Boulder Turnpike (Highway36) take Hwy 287 Exit.
Travel North 2.2 miles on Hwy 287 to East South Boulder Road.
Drive West 2.3 miles on S. Boulder Road to Centennial Drive.
Travel North approx. 0.6 miles on Centennial Drive to McKinley Avenue.
Drive North less than 0.2 miles on McKinley Avenue to Monarch Street.
Travel West less than 0.2 miles on Monarch Street to Monarch Court.
Access Open Space from Monarch Court.
DeLorme 40:A2
Roads of Colorado 64:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G8
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Kelly Flats Campgrounds

From Interstate 25, take Fort Collins Exit 269A.
Travel 1.7 miles West on Hwy 14 to North Timberline Road.
Drive 1.1 miles North on N. Timberline Road to East Vine Drive.
Travel 2.5 miles West on E. Vine Drive to Highway 287 (College Drive).
Drive 1.4 miles North on Hwy 287 which connects with Hwy 14 at CR 1.
From Hwy 14 and CR 1, continue west 37 miles on Hwy 14 to Campgrounds.
DeLorme 19:C6
Roads of Colorado 48:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 48:E4
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Kendrick Lake

From Interstate 70, take 470 South 4.2 miles to Morrison Road.
Take Morrison Road Exit and travel 4.4 miles East to S. Kipling Parkway.
Drive approx. 1.6 miles North on S. Kipling Parkway to Florida Avenue.
Travel East on Florida Avenue to Lake (southeast corner).
Kendrick Lake is just East of Smith Lake.
DeLorme 40:C2
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C8
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Kenney Reservoir

Kenney Reservoir is 7 miles East of Rangley along the White River.
Colorado 64 follows south shore of reservoir for about two miles.
It is a private reservoir, but easy to scope from the road.
Kenney has good mud flats on the East end in the fall!
DeLorme 22:D3
Roads of Colorado 57:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 56:E5
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Ken Mitchall Park

From Interstate 76 north of Barr Lake State Park,
take East 152nd Avenue/E. Bromley Lane, exit 22,
Travel east on Bromley Lane approximately 4.4 miles to Mockingbird Street
(Mockingbird Street is west of Hwy 85.
Drive North 0.1 miles on Mockingbird Street to Mockingbird Lane
Then travel 0.2 miles North on Mockingbird Lane to Park
DeLorme 40:A4
Roads of Colorado 65:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G11
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Kenosha Pass & Pond

From Interstate 470 and Highway 285; southwest side of Denver.
Take Highway 285 south and west.
Pass Bailey after 31.3 miles; continue on Hwy 285.
In 19.2 miles you come to Kenosha Pass summit.

Park on East side and walk the half a block North to Pond.
(Campgrounds on West side also has birds!)

You may want to drive dirt road at Kenosha Pass, East to gate.
Park out of road and continue walking dirt road (to Twin Cone Peaks).
The next mile of road has Wilson's Warblers, Broad-tailed,
Rufous, and Calliope Hummingbirds in season, Williamson's
and Red-naped Sapsuckers (Aspens in 1.0 miles).

Flammulated Owl of 8/31/2012 was heard to west of road
after it turns from south to east (open meadow to south).

Second Flammulated Owl: was heard about 0.3 miles east of trailhead.
N 39 24.7834 W 105 45.5177 Elev: 10,020'
DeLorme 49:A5
Roads of Colorado 79:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:G1
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West of Keota

Take Highway 14, East from Briggsdale
Fourteen Miles East of Weld CR 77 (Briggsdale), turn North on CR 105
About 4 miles North, turn Northwest on CR 309
In approximately 2 miles, turn west on CR 100

Mountain Plovers are observed on the south side of CR 100
Between CR 390 and CR 89 (approximately 7 mile stretch).
DeLorme 94:B1
Roads of Colorado 51:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 51:E7
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Kepler Pass

From Gunnison, travel North on Hwy 135 to Crested Butte.
Drive West on County Road 12 (Kepler Pass Road).
Connects with Hwy 133.
DeLorme 58:A2
Roads of Colorado 92:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:F11

Interstate 70 to Glenwood Springs, south on highway 82 for 12 miles
Take highway 133 south out of Carbondale for 28 miles, past Marble to McClure Pass summit
Continue South to Gunnison County Road 12 (Kepler Pass Road).
(Great road to see fall colors. Three-toed Woodpeckers & Purple Martin along road).
DeLorme 57:A6
Roads of Colorado 92:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:E7
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Wetlands Near Kersey

From Greeley, travel East on Highway 34 and pass Kersey (at 6.2 miles)
CR 59 is at 9.8 miles. Just before CR 59, look for new access point
0.25 miles west of CR 59. Turn south and drive approximately 1.0 miles
to Wetlands across from a pond. (Landmark is Conagra Feedlot north of US34)

Coming from Kersey Road (CR 53) in direction of Lower Latham Reservoir,
Drive East on Highway 34, 3.6 miles to access road 0.25 miles west of CR 59.
DeLorme 31:B6
Roads of Colorado 50:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 64:B2
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Kersey Dairy Ponds

Quickest route from Denver
Take Interstate 76 East and North to Weld County Road 49 (exit 34)
Go North on CR 49 to Highway 34 (pass within two miles of Latham Reservoir)
Turn Right (East) on HW 34 to HW 37 (At Kersey)
Go North on Highway 37
In three miles turn Left (West) on 37/263
In less than 1.0 miles, turn North on Weld County Road 51.
Dairy Ponds are less than 1.0 miles North of Hwy 263/37.
DeLorme 31:A6
Roads of Colorado 49:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 64:A2
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Loveland Ski Basin, Loveland Pass, & Keystone Ski Area

From Denver, take Interstate 70 West to Exit 216 (Highway 6)
(West side of Denver is Mile Marker 260)
At end of ramp, turn left and go under I70 bridge.
Then turn right and follow Hwy 6 west.
Before Hwy 6 turns, continue straight into parking area.
Feeder under Lift 1 is visited by Rosy Finches & Pine Grosbeak.
There is a bench next to building on which to sit and watch!
Presently, the feeder has been taken down.
A few birds still visit platform.
N 39 41.405 W 105 52.870 Elev: 10,476'

Continue 4 miles up (South) Hwy 6 to Loveland Pass' Summit
Continued South down pass to reach Keystone Ski Area.
N 39 39.851 W 105 52.727 Elev: 12,027
DeLorme 38:C3
Roads of Colorado 79:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:C11
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King Arroyo/Arkansas River Confluence

From Highway 50 & Hwy 109 in La Junta,
travel less than 0.2 miles north on Hwy 109 to Conflunce.
DeLorme 100:A3
Roads of Colorado 132:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:C2
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Kingfisher Point Natural Area

From Interstate 25 in Fort Collins , take Exit 268, East Prospect Road
Travel approximately 2.0 miles West on E. Prospect Road to S. Timberline Road.
Drive North on Timberline Road to Parking Lot.
Open 5:00 am to 11:00 pm.

NOTE: Nix Natural Area is now part of Kingfisher Point Natural Area.
There is no parking off Hoffman Mill Road.
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G9
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King Reservoir

From the Intersection of Highway 287 and Hwy 196, north of Lamar,
Drive North approximately 8.0 miles on Hwy 196 to Prowers County Road UU.
(Hwy 196, turns west at 2.9 miles, stay going north on CR 8 to CR UU)
Travel West on CR UU for 1.0 miles to CR 7.
Drive North on CR 7 to CR WW (also Kiowa County Road AA).
Travel West on CR WW and scope reservoir to southwest when CR turns North.
DeLorme 99:C7
Roads of Colorado 134:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 105:G11
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King Solomon Creek

From Steamboat Springs, take Highway 40 west to Highway 129.
Travel approx. 24.0 miles North on Hwy 129 past Clark to Forest Road 500.
Drive northeast on FR 500 to FR 550.
(Check feeders at Columbine for Hummingbirds.
White-winged Crossbills seen at Little Red Park).
DeLorme 16:B2
Roads of Colorado 28:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:C11
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King's Mill Overlook

From the intersection of Hwy 160 & Hwy 17, east of Alamosa, CO,
Travel north approximately 36.0 miles on Hwy 17 to Saguache County Road T.
Drive East approx. 5.9 miles on CR T to Camino Baca Grande.
Travel South approx. 2.2 miles on Camino Baca Grande to Camino Real.
Drive Southwest approx. 0.3 miles on Camino Real to King Mill Overlook Road.
Travel East to Overlook.
DeLorme 81:A5
Roads of Colorado 127:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 114:B1
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Kinney Lake Wildlife Area

From Hugo, travel 12.0 miles South on Lincoln County Road 109 (CR 32) to CR 2J.
Then 1.0 miles on 2J East to Wildlife Area.
DeLorme 98:A3
Roads of Colorado 100:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:E2
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Kinnikinnik North Lodge

From Interstate 70 & C470, west side of Denver,
Travel approx. 27.7 miles west on I70 to exit 232.
Drive 0.3 miles to Hwy 40 (Empire/Granby).
Travel approx. 46.7 miles north and west on Hwy 40 to Hwy 34E.
Drive approx. 14.5 miles on Hwy 34e to West Portal Road.
Turn right onto W. Portal Road 0.3 miles to Grand Avenue.
Slight right onto Grand Avenue and 0.6 miles to 1101 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake.
Lodge is at 1103 Grand Ave, Grand Lake, CO 80447; Phone number (970) 627-9234
DeLorme 28:C4
Roads of Colorado 63:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:C12
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Kiowa-Bennett Road

From Interstates 70 & 225 east of Denver,
Travel 23.0 miles East on I70 to Kiowa-Bennett Road, Exit 304.

Cassin's Kingbirds 8/11/2014:
Drive South approximately 4.4 miles on Kiowa-Bennett Road to spot.
Roads of Colorado
CO Road & Recreation Atlas
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Kiowa Creek Sanctuary

From Interstate 25, take Monument Exit 161.
Travel East approximately 5.2 miles on Highway 105 to Highway 83.
Drive South approx. 2.2 miles on Hwy 83 to Hodgen Road (CR 50).
Travel East on Hodgen Road to Sanctuary.
(10165 Hodgen Road).
DeLorme 51:D5
Roads of Colorado 97:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:D12
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Kiowa Pond

From Kiowa, drive East on Hwy 86.
The pond is on the South side of Hwy 86,
approximately 8.0 miles East of Kiowa.
DeLorme 96:C1
Roads of Colorado 98:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 76:H4
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Kiser Reservoir

From Highway 50 and Hwy 92 in Delta,
Travel 3.8 miles east on Hwy 92 to Hwy 65.
Drive 21.0 miles North on Hwy 65 to Forest Road 123.
Travel 3.3 miles East on FR 123 to FR 124.
Hike 0.9 miles up FR 124 to Reservoir.
DeLorme 44:D2
Roads of Colorado 90:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:D12
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Kiser Slough Reservoir

From Highway 50 and Hwy 92 in Delta,
Travel 3.8 miles east on Hwy 92 to Hwy 65.
Drive 21.0 miles North on Hwy 65 to Forest Road 123.
Travel 3.6 miles East on FR 123 to Reservoir.
DeLorme 44:D2
Roads of Colorado 90:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:D12
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Kite Lake

From Highway 285 & Hwy 9 in Fairplay,
Travel North approximately 6.0 miles on Hwy 9 to Buckskin Street in Alma.
Drive Northwest approx. 5.5 miles on Buckskin Street (Park CR 8) to Kite Lake.
DeLorme 48:B1
Roads of Colorado 94:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 87:A9
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Kluver Reservoir #2

Interstate 25 North to Mountain Vista exit (271)
West on Mountain Vista to Larimer CR 11
North on CR 11 (block or two) to Country Club Road
West on Country Club Road past Long Pond
Country Club Road dead ends into Highway 1 (Terry Lake Road)
Turn left on Hwy 1 and drive 0.3 miles to Hwy 287 (Hwy 14).
Turn right on Hwy 287 (Hwy 14) and drive 1.2 miles to N. Shields Road (CR 17).
Travel North on CR 17; 1.7 miles to Reservoir (just before road turns to west).
Carefully find a place to park and scope lake.

Alternative Route (bypasses Long Pond):
Take Interstate 25 (Exit 269)
Drive West on Highway 14 (Mulberry Street) 4.0 miles to College Avenue.
Travel North (Right) on Highway 14 (Now College Avenue)
Drive North on Hwy 14 (Hwy 287) to N. Shields Road (CR 17).
Travel North 1.7 miles on CR 17 to Reservoir; park carefully.
DeLorme 20:C2
Roads of Colorado 48:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:F8
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Kodak Watchable Wildlife Area

From Interstate 25, take Windsor Exit 262.
Drive approximately 5.5 miles east on Highway 392 to Hwy 257.
Travel less than 3.0 miles South on Hwy 257 to Parking area on east side of road.
DeLorme 30:A3
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:H10
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409 South 5th Street; Kremmling

From Interstate 70, take Highway 9 (Exit 205).
Drive 40 miles North on Hwy 9 to Kremmling.
Turn West on Range Avenue & go 1 block to 5th Street.
(NOTE: these feeders are gone, but feeders along 9th & 4th streets)
N 39 53.8460 W 106 18.6924 Elev:
DeLorme 27:D6
Roads of Colorado 62:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 60:F6
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