Birding Spots of Colorado


Eagle; Juniper Hills Condos

From Interstate 70, take Eagle Exit 147.
Travel South on Eby Creek Road.
Continue South on Church Street to E. 3rd Street.
Then East on E. 3rd Street.

To Search for Common Redpoll 12/11/2012:
534 E 3rd St in Eagle (Juniper Hills Condos- across from Elem School)
on back porch of Unit E102 on feeder. Porch is next to juniper tree in
yard between two rows of condos. Come around condos that face street
and go between two buildings.
DeLorme 36:C3
Roads of Colorado 77:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 72:D2
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East Bijou Creek at Elbert County Road 162

From Interstate 70 & I225 in Aurora,
Travel approximately 16 miles On I70 to Agate, exit 166 (CR 147).
Drive west approx. 0.4 miles on CR 147 to CR 153.
Travel south and west approx. 1.7 miles on CR 153 to CR 162.
Drive approx. 1.2 miles west on CR 162 to East Bijou Creek.
DeLorme 96:C2
Roads of Colorado 83:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 77:F8
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Eagle County Fairgrounds

From I70 at Eagle, take Exit 147 (Eby Creek Road)
Travel South on Eby Creek Road to first right, south of I70 (Fairgrounds Road).
Drive West approx. 0.7 miles on Fairgrounds Road to property.
Eastern Bluebirds 12/14/2013: 39.65349N 106.83578W
DeLorme 36:C3
Roads of Colorado 77:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 72:D1
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Eagle River Wildlife Area

From Denver, travel to Eagle (exit 147)
Drive east on highway 6, 1.0 miles to property.
(Property continues 5.0 miles upstream)
DeLorme 36:C3
Roads of Colorado 77:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 72:D1
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Eagle Hill Ranch Lake

From Ridgway, take highway 62 to Amelia Road (County Road 5).
Drive North on Amelia Road to small lake a few miles north of Ridgway.
Lake is located along dirt road on private (but accessible) property.
DeLorme 66:C3
Roads of Colorado 123:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 96:H3
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East Yale Avenue

From I225 and East Iliff Avenue,
Travel approx. 8.7 miles East on Iliff Avenue (name changed to E. Jewell Avenue) to Smith Road.
Drive approx. 1.3 miles southeast on Smith Road to reach E. Yale Avenue.

Jewell-Yale Loop:
Continue East on E. Yale Avenue to Arapahoe County Road 97.
Drive North of CR 97 to E. Jewell Avenue (CR 18).
Travel West on E. Jewell Avenue back to Aurora Parkway.
DeLorme 41:C5
Roads of Colorado 81:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 76:C1
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East Windsor Gravel Pit Ponds

From Interstate 25, take Highway 392, Exit.
Drive East to 17th Street (West of Windsor).
Turn South and travel to end of road.
DeLorme 30:A3
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:H10
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Eaton Cemetery

From Interstate 25 near Fort Collins, take Hwy 14, Exit 269A.
Travel East approximately 14.0 miles on Hwy 14 to Hwy 85.
Drive South approx. 4.2 miles on Hwy 85 to Hwy 74.
Travel East approx. 0.8 miles on Hwy 74 to Weld CR 39.
Drive South approx. 0.9 miles on CR 39 to Cemetery.

To search for Lucy's Warbler 5/10/2015:
David Leatherman: "The bird seemed to stay in the trees that fall between
the middle two entrances, from the west edge of the cemetery to about the
cemetery center. If you take the third entrance from the north into the
cemetery, near the center of the cemetery is a big trash barrel tied to
a reddish post. Just northeast of the trash can intersection is a big
Northern Hackberry sparsely leafed out. That seems to be the tree the
bird comes back to from time to time. When not in that tree, it works
all the way west to the edge, always seemingly staying pretty high in
deciduous trees just beginning to leaf out (mostly hackberries, but also
linden and honeylocust, maybe some Siberian elms). There are good
hackberries all around the above-mentioned "main" haunt. I would not
ignore those, including hackberries to the east and southeast.
DeLorme 21:D5
Roads of Colorado 49:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G12
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Echo Canyon Reservoir

From Pagosa Springs; travel 4.0 miles south on highway 84 to property.
DeLorme 88:C2
Roads of Colorado 156:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 123:E11
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East Boulder Recreation Center

From the Boulder Turnpike, take South Boulder Road.
Drive East on South Boulder Road 0.5 miles to 55th street.
Turn North and drive 0.8 miles to Recreation Center (5660 Sioux Drive).

BOULDER BIRD CLUB took the unpaved Bobolink Trail north to the trailhead along Baseline Road.
Swamp Sparrow 10/20/2010: about 50 yds. east of the junction of the paved and unpaved paths
Right by a large "Area under Restoration" sign at the intersection of the trails,
and about 0.4 mi. from the Recreation Center.
A "Solitary Vireo" was seen along the way.
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:G6
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East Gravel Lakes, Dahlia Ponds, and South Platte Birding Area at 88th Avenue

Traveling along Interstate 76, take exit 10 (88th avenue)
Drive west on 88th avenue, past Dahlia Street to Colorado Blvd.
(Turning south on Dahlia, provides views of Northern East Gravel Lake & Tani Reservoir).
(At this time 12/2005, Tani Reservoir is empty of water).
At Colorado Blvd & 88th Avenue you come to parking area for access to the Platte River.
(Turn South into parking area, at Colorado Blvd).
N 39 51.365 W 104 47.452 Elev: 5234'

Walking south (upstream) you come to a white and green water tank in 1 mile.
Continuing south another mile, you reach 74th avenue.
Engineer Lake is at the southeast corner of 74th ave & the S. Platte River.

Suggested hike is south along eastern fence line of West Gravel Lakes
Down to 74th avenue, cross South Platte River
Return along western fence line to East Gravel Lakes

From Interstate 25, take 84th avenue (exit 119)
Travel east on 84th avenue to Washington Street
Turn north (left) on Washington to 88th avenue.
Turn east (right) on 88th avenue to parking area at Colorado Blvd.

From 88th Avenue & Colorado Blvd,
Drive east on 88th avenue, east past Dahlia Avenue to Dahlia Ponds.
N 39 51.3653 W 104 47.4520 Elev: 5234'
DeLorme 40:B3
Roads of Colorado 65:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A10
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Eastlake Reservoir #3

From Interstate 25, take 120th Avenue Exit 223.
Travel 2.6 miles East on 120th Ave. to Colorado Blvd.
Drive North 1.0 miles on Colorado Blvd to 128th Avenue.
Then travel West on 128th Ave. to Lake on south side of road.
DeLorme 40:B3
Roads of Colorado 65:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:H10
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East Muddy Creek

Interstate 70 to Glenwood Springs, south on highway 82 for 12 miles
Take highway 133 south out of Carbondale for approximately 34.4 miles Gunnison CR 265
Drive Northwest on CR 265 approx. 2.9 miles to Purple Martin Site (39.1018246,-107.4033737).
DeLorme 45:C5
Roads of Colorado 91:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 85:C7
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East Reservoir & Main Reservoir

From C470 & Highway 285 (West side of Denver),
Travel East on Hwy 285 4.0 miles to South Kipling Parkway.
Drive North 2.8 miles on S. Kipling Parkway to West Florida Avenue.
Travel East 0.1 miles on W. Florida Avenue to Arkansas Drive.
Take Arkansas Drive 0.2 miles North to East Reservoir.

Main Reservoir is reached by continuing North on S. Kipling Parkway.
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:D8
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Ebin G. Fine Park

From Highway 36 (Denver) take Baseline Road.
Travel West on Baseline Road to Broadway,
Make a Right on Broadway and drive north to Arapahoe Road.
Make a Left on Arapahoe Road and travel to the park.
There is a parking lot to the right. If lot is full,
you can park along Arapahoe or park in one of the free garages downtown.
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:F6
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Echo Lake

Take Interstate 70 West out of Denver
Turn south on Highway 103 (exit 240)
Follow Mount Evans Highway (103) approx. 16 miles to Echo Lake

Campground is located on eastern end of lake; east of restaurant.

Rest House Trailhead: Directions: At the junction of Hwy 103 and Hwy 5,
the trailhead starts in the Echo Lake Campground near the restrooms.
White-winged Crossbill 12/27/2013 was about 4 miles up the trail.
The first mile climbs gradually through the trees then it seems to level out for about three miles.
Once you cross Vance Creek, it begins to climb slowly once again. The forest opens up to a meadow
where 700 acres of forest burned in the 1962 Lincoln Lake Fire. Elk graze in this newly developed meadow.
The last mile drops steeply and may be a little rocky.

DeLorme 39:C6
Roads of Colorado 79:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:D3
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Edora Park

Take Exit 268 of Interstate 25 (Prospect Avenue)
Go West on Prospect Avenue for approx. 2.8 miles
Turn Left (South) on Welch Street (parking here or continue)
Then Left (East) on Stuart Street to Parking area of Edora
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G9
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Eighteen Islands Reservoir

From Highway 14 & Hwy 125 south of Walden,
drive approx. 9.0 miles South on Highway 125 to County Road 34.
Travel West on CR 34 to property.
DeLorme 17:D7
Roads of Colorado 46:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 46:F6
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Wet Meadows along Eagle River

From Interstate 70, take Exit 163
Travel south to Highway 6
Turn west and drive hwy 6, 1 mile to Wetland Meadow.
DeLorme 37:C5
Roads of Colorado 77:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 72:D4
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80 Route Leks (Eighty Route Leks)

From Hayden & highway 40, take California Park Road (Walnut Street) North
Travel to end of road (less than 0.6 miles) at "T" with CR 76
Turn Right (East) and travel 2.8 miles to intersection with Route 80.
Turn Left (North) onto Route 80 and mark odometer.

There are three cattle guards in the next 2.7 miles.
At the second Cattle Guard (road cuts through hill)
N 40 32.446 W 107 13.339 Elev: 6871'
A male and female Dusky Grouse have been observed (2009).
NOTE: Dusky Grouse come out first and last daylight
to road or small clearing on east side of road.

UPDATED LEKS 2009 (best to least in number):
1. Continue past red gate (below) to rise and sign for Jimmy Dunn Trust Land
(park just before rise to top and look in Sage on east side of road.
2. Return South to dirt road going east (to Wolf Mountain Ranch)
(look in sage just east-south-east 50 feet, just beyond ranch sign)
3. Sage either side of hill just below 2nd cattle guard

1. (best) continue to red wooden gate on east side of road.
park just north of gate and look to west about 100 yards.
2. directions below

2.5 miles from intersection of CR 76 & Route 80
there is a Sharp-tailed Grouse Lek on the hill to the northwest (2001 & 2002).
N 40 33.6703 W 107 12.9402 Elev: 6935'

Sharp-tailed Grouse 2005 were between 2nd & 3rd cattle guard.

Just past the third cattle guard the road passes a red gate (to right)
At the second red gate Greater Sage-Grouse have been booming to the west (2002-2005).

The Sage Grouse (2005) were off Route 80 (Between the third cattle guard and
the Jim Dunn Gulch sign; on the left hand side of the road; about 100 yards out)

Continuing Up 80 Road will get you to California Park.

NOTE: Gary 4/13/2010:
"I think these are new ones, as we were about a mile and a half short of the reported leks
along route 80. Basically follow the directions towards the old leks on route 80 north
of Hayden (cross the Yampa, turn right at the T-junction, then turn left and stay on
route 80 going north. After the second cattle guard on top of the hill (I think this
is where the dusky grouse lek is supposed to be), stop the car there and park.
This is as far as the road has been plowed, and beyond here the road is almost solid
snow and ice, which I managed to get the car stuck in. Walk down the hill most of
the way and scan the horizon on the left for the sharp tailed grouse lek. They were
about 70 yards off the road and right on the crest of the hill. They made a pretty
good racket so you should hear them. We saw about 10-12 birds there. Then walk down
the road about a quarter mile further until you start to climb the next hill.
Look on the hillside to the left along the fenceline about 100 yards off the road
for the sage grouse lek. We saw 4 birds there."
DeLorme 15:D5
Roads of Colorado 44:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:G9
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Elbert County Ponderosa Grove

From Franktown, travel east on Highway 86.
Ponderosa Pines along road are good for nesting Cassin's Kingbirds.
A Northern Cardinal is reported every year in the area
(side roads off Hwy 86).
DeLorme 96:C1
Roads of Colorado 81:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:G12
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Elbert County Road

From the Intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 86; Franktown
Travel East on Hw 86; 15.5 miles
Turn South (Right) on Elbert Road
Dickcissels were found in field 0.5 miles North of Red Barn at 4.6 miles
(Dickcissels are on east side of Elbert CR, approximately 4.1 miles from Highway 86)

From Colorado Springs; Powers Road & Highway 24.
Drive East on Highway 24 for 12.0 miles to Elbert Road.
Travel North on Elbert Road for approximately 21.6 miles.
(Red Barn [east side]/White & Yellow House [west side] are 0.5 miles South of fields)

Latest: Dickcissel in alfalfa field/directly east of electric building.
Bobolink, lighter grass/northeast of electric building/10 yds/west/thin alfalfa strip
N 39 17.5380 W 104 30.2740 Elev: 6426'
DeLorme 51:B6
Roads of Colorado 98:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 76:G3
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Eldorado Mountain Open Space

From Denver, take Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) toward Boulder
Take Superior Exit and go West (Left)
Follow Highway 170 (Marshall Road) North to Highway 93
Continue across Highway 93 along highway 170 to Eldorado Springs
Doudy Draw Trailhead is approximately 1.8 miles from hwy 170/hwy 93
Eldorado Canyon State Park is 1.4 miles further down the road.
Eldorado Mountain Open Space Gate down the lane to Yoga Ashram, south off hwy 170
just before it drops down into Eldorado Springs.
N 39 55.9090 W 105 16.2210 Elev: 5867'

From Boulder, Broadway (hwy 93) to Highway 170 (El Dorado Springs Drive)
Turn West on Highway 170, 3.2 miles to Eldorado Canyon State Park.

To Search for Grace's Warbler 6/2/2014:
From Eldorado Springs Drive, turn south (left) onto CR 67. Park at the Open Space gate.
Hike up the road, turning south (left) at the fork.
As you walk along the base of the hogback ridge, look and listen for the nesting LEWIS'S WOODPECKERS up on the ridge.
Continue on south past the ripple rocks. The road soon enters pine forest. You will soon see a dilapidated old coral
on the left and an ugly concrete flume that shunts water from a Denver Water Board canal over the Spring Brook gully.
Grace's Warbler in this area. Stay on trail and respect private lands and nesting birds.

To Search for Three-toed Woodpecker 5/11/2009:
Christian Nunes: "turn left onto CR 67 just before dropping into Eldorado Springs
off of Eldorado Springs Drive. Go to the end of the street and park near the green gate.
Notice the new information kiosk at the gate with pertinent access information.
Walk up the dirt road (Fowler Trail), go up the first big switch back and turn left (south)
at the fork. You'll be walking south along the base of the hogback (along the
ripple rocks) with the burned area up to your right. Just keep an eye and
ear out for the woodpeckers near the top of the ridge.

To Search for Lewis's Woodpeckers & Williamson's Sapsuckers 6/9/2013:
Follow trail for up to three switchbacks and take fork heading South.
Trail will lead below hogback; look for Woodpeckers in dead trees.

To Search for Rose-breasted Grosbeak 5/18/2013:
(similar to Hooded Warbler spot: 100 yards above the
irrigation canal, not far south from rock pillars.)
To Search for Hooded Warbler 6/22/2009 & 5/22/2008:
Hike Main Trail to Fowler Trail or
Take Fowler Trail (near Eldorado Springs Post Office).
N 39 55.9690 W 105 16.4670 Elev: 5741'
(Trail heads south from just west of rock pillars)
Follow trail until reaching dirt road.
Check around drainage.
N 39 55.5950 W 105 16.5800 Elev: 6115'
Beware: this is Bear & Mountain Lion Country.
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:H6
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Eldorado Canyon State Park

From Denver, take Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) toward Boulder
Take Superior Exit and go West (Left)
Follow Highway 170 (Marshall Road) North to Highway 93
Continue across Highway 93 along highway 170 to Eldorado Springs
Doudy Draw Trailhead is approximately 1.8 miles from hwy 170/hwy 93
Eldorado Canyon State Park is 1.4 miles further down the road.

From Boulder, Broadway (hwy 93) to Highway 170 (El Dorado Springs Drive)
Turn West on Highway 170, 3.2 miles to Eldorado Canyon State Park.
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:H6
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Electra Lake

From Highway 550 and Highway 160 in Durango,
Drive North on Hwy 550 to Electra Lake Road.
Travel East on Electra Lake Road to property.
DeLorme 76:D3
Roads of Colorado 138:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:A3
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Eleven Mile Reservoir

From Colorado Springs (Hwy 24 & I25, Exit 141); drive 38 miles west of
Colorado Springs on U.S. 24 to one mile west of the town of Lake George,
then turn left (south) on County Road 90 and drive for six miles to CR 92.
Continue south on CR 92 for five miles to the park (State Park Fee Area).
N 38 58.926 W 105 34.4575 Elev: 8674'
DeLorme 61:A6
Roads of Colorado 95:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 88:E3

Elevenmile Canyon

Take Hwy 24 from Colorado Springs or South Park to the town of Lake George.
Turn south on Cty Rd 96, which is well marked. There is a an entrance
station near the eastern end of the canyon (where you pay the Forest Service Fee).

From Elevenmile Reservoir - there are forest roads that snake around and
will bring you into the canyon. The roads are rough - 4WD is highly recommended.
DeLorme 61:A6
Roads of Colorado 96:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 88:E4
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Elkhead Reservoir

From Highway 40; East side of Craig, CO
Drive East on Hwy 40, 4.8 miles to CR 27/29.
Travel Northeast 4.0 miles on CR 29 to CR 28
Turn East on CR 28 and drive southeast to property.
DeLorme 15:D6
Roads of Colorado 44:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:G7
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Elkhorn Road

From Highway 285 and Hwy 470, west side of Denver,
Travel approximately 58.2 miles to Elkhorn Road (just north of Como).
Mountain Plover observed 6/11/2014: about 0.6 miles east of Hwy 285.
DeLorme 48:B3
Roads of Colorado 95:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:H11
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Elk River On Seedhouse Road Near Clark

From the North end of Steamboat Springs at Hwy 40 & Elk River Road (Hwy 129);
Drive North on Colorado Highway 129 (Elk River Road) to Clark.
Continue North to Seedhouse Road, the first road North of Clark.
Take Seedhouse Road West 6.0 miles to Elk River.
The Carolina Wren is roaming the north shore of the Elk river on Seedhouse road.
DeLorme 16:C2
Roads of Colorado 45:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 45:E12
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Ellicott Highway

From East side of Colorado Springs, Powers Blvd & Highway 24;
Take Highway 24/94 East and stay on Highway 94 when they split at 1.7 miles.
Ellicott Highway is approximately 22.3 miles after the split.
DeLorme 51:E8
Roads of Colorado 98:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 90:D4
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Elliott Wildlife Area

From Interstate 76, Brush Exit 90, drive North on 71 5.6 miles to Synder.
At Synder, travel 6.0 miles northeast on CR 7 (W.7) to wildlife area.
DeLorme 94:C3
Roads of Colorado 52:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 66:B2
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Elmwood Cemetery, Brighton

From Interstate 76, take Highway 85, Exit 12 North.
Travel North 6.0 miles on Hwy 85 to 144th Avenue.
Drive West 0.4 miles on 144th Avenue to Brighton Road.
Take Brighton Road North 0.7 miles to Cemetery (around 148th Avenue).
DeLorme 41:A4
Roads of Colorado 65:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G11
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Emerald Strand Park & LakeCrest

From Interstate 70, take Chambers Road Exit.
Travel North on Chambers Road to 40th Avenue.
Drive East on 40th Avenue to Kittredge Street.
Travel North on Kittredge Street to Park.

Reach West side of LakeCrest by taking Andrews Drive west of Kittredge
North from 40th Avenue. Park in mailbox area (not on roads).
Please respect private property.
N 39 46.5776 W 104 47.8728 Elev: 5394'
DeLorme 41:B4
Roads of Colorado 81:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B11
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Empire Feeders

From Interstate 70, take Highway 40 Exit 232.
Travel approximately 2.0 miles to Empire on Hwy 40.
Turn left after the School and drive one city block.
Sparrows visit feeder on southwest corner of Intersection.
(Ski blue trimmed house; feeders on east side of house).
Feeders near fence & under tree, visible from road.
DeLorme 39:B5
Roads of Colorado 79:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:B2
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Engineer Pass

From 1st street and highway 149 in Lake City,
drive west on 1st street (CR 20) approx. 16.0 miles to Engineer Pass.
Nellie Creek is approximately 5.0 miles west of Lake City.
Passenger cars cannot go north from here.
Hike up trailhead for Mt. Uncompahgre for Ptarmigan and Rosy Finches.
DeLorme 77:A5
Roads of Colorado 123:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:B6
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Equalizer Lake

From Interstate 25, take Highway 34, Exit 257b.
Drive 1.5 miles West on Hwy 34 to Boyd Lake Avenue (CR 9).
Travel 1.0 miles North on CR 9 to CR 24.
Drive 0.5 miles East on CR 24 to Property.
DeLorme 30:A2
Roads of Colorado 49:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:A9
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Equestrian Pond, Parker

Take Highway 83 to Main Street in Parker.
Drive West approximately 1.2 miles on Main Street to North Motsenbacker Road.
Travel South on Motsenbacker and drive to Parker Water Treatment Plant.
At Water Treatment Plant (on left), turn right (west).
Drive on dirt road towards Cherry Creek until you reach pond.
Do not block road when you park.
DeLorme 41:D4
Roads of Colorado 81:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:E11
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Erie Reservoir

From Interstate 25, travel north from Denver to Highway 7 (Exit 229)
Travel west on Highway 7 to Highway 287 (less than 7 miles).
Turn North (Right) on Highway 287 and drive to Arapahoe Road (Boulder County Road 54) (about 1 mile).
Erie Reservoir is just North of Arapahoe & East of Hwy 287.
There is a dirt pullover on the west side of the lake.
(Best viewing conditions are in the afternoon.)
N 40 01.156 W 105 06.147 Elev: 5245'
DeLorme 30:D3
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F8
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Escalante Wildlife Area

East Walker Tract:
From Delta, travel 12.0 miles north on highway 50 to Escalante Canyon turnoff.
Drive west (on 650 Road) for 4.0 miles southwest into Escalante Canyon.
Ranches in canyon attract Chukar, especially early morning and late evening.

To Search for Chukar 7/11/2015:
Forty three were seen 7.2 miles west of the Hwy 50/CR 650 turnoff.

To Search for Black Phoebes 3/26/2014 & 4/4/2015
Drive into canyon until you see Pinnacle Rock on north side of road.
Listen along creek either side of 100 yards as bird moved much.
Not far from 2007 sightings.
N 38 43.395 W 108 16.122 Elev: 5019 feet

To Search for Nesting Black Phoebes 5/12/2007:
Zerbi: "I found these birds 7.1 miles from the intersection of
Hwy 50 and the Escalante Canyon Road. It is in a part of the
canyon where the road the road narrows and goes uphill above
the river. There is a pullout on the left and I placed a small
cairn in the pullout to mark the spot. The hillside down to
the river is steep but can be climbed at this location.
The two birds were consistently visiting a site on the near
side of the river under an overhang just a few yards further
upstream from the pullout.

To Search for Barn Owl 4/2/2008:
Along G50 between Hwy 50 and Gunnison River.
There is gravel pullout on west side of the road.
Andrea Robinsong:
"While I was scanning [hoping for terns] I saw Barn Owl holes in a 'dobe
bank facing me [I was standing on the road]. There are three or more
cavities with very ample whitewash and several others that look like
roosting holes. I found a tall narrow cavity with a BAOW standing in it
facing me!! The hole fit the owl like a package!
I think that this is a PERFECT place for anyone to view Barn Owls in
Delta County. They are on private property, quite far from the road,
can't be disturbed by viewers yet offer good views through scopes. "

Hamilton Tract:
From Delta, go 2.2 miles west on 5th Street (G Road) to G50 Road.
Drive 2.0 miles northwest on G50 Road.
Johnson's Pond is at northeast corern of G50 & 1250 Road.

Lower Roubideau Tract:
From Delta, go 4.5 miles west on 5th Street (G Road).

Pickett Corral Trail:
From Delta, go 12 miles northwest on Highway 50 to Escalante Canyon turnoff,
travel 21 miles southwest into Escalante Canyon.

Peach Orchard Point Tract:
From Delta, to 6.5 miles west on 5th Street (G Road) to Sawmill Mesa Road.
Travel 11.5 miles north.

Cap Smith Tract:
From Delta, go 12 miles northwest on Hwy 50 to Escalante Canyon turnoff;
travel 6.0 miles in Escalante Canyon.

Upper Roubideau Tract:
From Delta, go 6.5 miles west on 5th Street (G Road) to Sawmill Mesa Road,
travel 11.5 miles north to property.

West Walker Tract:
From Delta, go 12 miles northwest on hwy 50 to Escalante Canyon turnoff;
travel 17 miles southwest into Escalante Canyon to Palmer Gulch Road,
drive 5.0 miles west, then 1.2 miles north toward Tatum Ridge to
Tatum Ridge/Snowbelly Ridge Roads, then 6 miles northeast.

Waterwheel Tract:
From Delta, go 12 miles northwest on hwy 50 to Escalante Canyon turnoff;
travel 3.0 miles southwest into Escalante Canyon.
drive 0.75 miles upstream south of Gunnison River (primitive road).

Gunnison River Tract:
From Delta, go 12 miles northwest on hwy 50 to Escalante Canyon Road;
travel 3.0 miles southwest into Escalante Canyon.
drive 0.75 miles upstream south of the Gunnison River (primitive road).

DeLorme 55:C6
Roads of Colorado 106:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:G9
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Estes Park Hummingbird

From the Intersection of Highways 36 & 34 in Estes Park,
Travel approximately 1.9 miles West on Hwy 36 to Marys Lake Road.
Drive approx. 0.1 miles South on Marys Lake Road to Lower Broadway Road.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Report 8/29/2013:
30 feet west of Lower Broadway & Mary's Lake Roads.
Hummingbird was on Bush near the Big Thompson River.
Roads of Colorado
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Big Thompson River, Estes Park, near Subway Restaurant

184 East Elkhorn Avenue, Estes Park.
From Highway 34 & Hwy 36 in Estes Park,
Travel West on Hwy 36 (Elkhorn Avenue)
Turn South on CR 67E (Riverside Drive) and look for place to park.
DeLorme 29:B6
Roads of Colorado 47:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:B4
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Estes Park Owls

One Northern Pygmy-Owl was observed on route to McGraw Ranch in Rocky Mountain
National Park. In Estes Park, take Highway 36 west to Mac Gregor Avenue.
Bird was observed just past Mac Gregor Ranch. The Owl was in an Aspen tree,
just past the entrance to the Twin Owls Steak House.

A second owl was found by continuing to McGraw Ranch in RMNP.
The bird was along the creek perched in the willows.
DeLorme 29:B6
Roads of Colorado 48:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:A3
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Evelyn Lane, Gunnison

From Highway 50 and Main Street in Gunnison,
Drive North on Main Street (Hwy 135).
Reach Evelyn Lane is a little over 7.0 miles.
(If you reach Almont, you drove too far).

To search for Rosy Finches, check feeders along Evelyn Lane.
(Also called Forest Road 860).
Also search Debbie Way, Cranor Hill Road, & Antelope Hills Road.
N 38 37.928 W 106 52.390 Elev: 7988 ft
DeLorme 58:C3
Roads of Colorado 108:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 97:C12
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Evergreen Cemetery

From I25, take West Cimarron Street, Exit 141.
Drive 0.9 miles East to South Wahsatch Street.
Travel 0.4 miles South on Wahsatch Street to Fountain Blvd.
Drive 0.8 miles East on Fountain Blvd to Hancock Expressway.
Cemetery is at the southeast corner.
DeLorme 63:B4
Roads of Colorado 113:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:G11
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Evergreen Lake

From Interstate 70, take Exit 252.
Travel South 8.0 miles on Highway 74 to Lake.
Parking at north side of lake off Bear Creek Road.
DeLorme 39:C7
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:D6
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Evilsizer Lake

From I70 & I225 (Exit 282) in Denver;
Travel 77.0 miles East on I70 to Limon.
Take Exit 359 and travel 1.5 miles southeast on Hwy 40 to Hwy 71.
Drive 28.5 miles South on Hwy 71 to Hwy 94.
Travel 12.0 miles East on Hwy 94 to Lincoln County Road 32.
Drive 6.0 miles South on CR 32 to CR U.
Travel 4.2 miles East on CR U to Evilsizer Lake.
(Birding best between CR 33 & CR 39).
DeLorme 99:B4
Roads of Colorado 116:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:H3
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Experimental Forest & Michigan Creek

From Woodland Park, take Highway 67 North to Forest Entrance.
(Great location for Three toed Woodpeckers & Flammulated Owls).
DeLorme 50:D2
Roads of Colorado 96:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:C8
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Expo Park

From I225 in Aurora, take Alameda Avenue, Exit 8.
Travel West approximately 2.0 miles on Alameda to S. Havana Street.
Drive South approx. 0.5 miles on S. Havana Street to E. Exposition Avenue.
Travel East approx. 0.4 miles on E. Exposition to Park.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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