Birding Spots of Colorado


Daigre Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take Walsenburg Exit 52.
Drive 14.0 miles West on Highway 160 to Highway 12.
Travel South approximately 4.5 miles on Hwy 12 to Huerfano County Road 358.
Drive approx. 1.4 miles East on CR 358 to Huajatolla Blvd.
Travel North less than 0.3 miles on Huajatolla Blvd to Lake.
DeLorme 82:D2
Roads of Colorado 145:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 127:A9

Dallabella Park

From the intersection of Highways 550 & 160 in Durango,
Drive 0.8 miles North on Highway 160 to River Road.
Travel west on River Road over the Las Animas River to Park.
DeLorme 86:C3
Roads of Colorado 154:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:E2
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Daniels Park

From I25 take Exit 164.
Travel West approx. 3.0 miles on Hwy 85 to Daniels Park Road.
Drive North approx. 3.0 miles on Daniels Park Road to Park.
DeLorme 50:A3
Roads of Colorado 81:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:F10
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Darren Patterson Christian Academy; Buena Vista

From Highways 285 & 24 in Buena Vista,
Drive approximately 2.4 miles North on Hwy 24 to Main Street.
Travel less than 0.2 miles West on Main Street to San Juan Avenue.
Then less than 0.2 miles South on San Juan Ave. to School.
N 38 59.1337 W 106 08.0003 Elev: 8006'
DeLorme 60:B2
Roads of Colorado 110:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 87:F9
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Davenport Campgrounds

From I25 and Highway 165 (Exit 74), travel west on Hwy 165.
(Pass Rye in approximately 8.4 miles)
Pass San Isabel and Continue to Campgrounds
(approx. 23.4 miles west of Interstate 25)
(Good place to listen for owls.
DeLorme 72:D2
Roads of Colorado 128:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:B8
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Davis Lane Park From Interstate 70, Take Wadsworth Blvd, Exit 269.
Travel North approximately 3.0 miles on Wadsworth Blvd to West 72nd Avenue.
Drive West approx. 2.5 miles on W. 72nd Avenue to Simms Street.
Travel South less than 0.4 miles on Simms Street to Davis Lane Park.
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A8
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Dawson Butte Ranch Open Space

From Interstate 25, take Plum Creek Parkway Exit 181.
Drive West and head South five miles on the Frontage Road.
Turn West (right) at Tomah Road.
Travel 1.5 miles on Tomah Road to Ranch Entrance.
Open to Public: an hour before sunrise to an hour after sunset.
DeLorme 50:B3
Roads of Colorado 97:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:H10
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Dawn Ponds Wildlife Area

From Las Animas, take Highway 50 North to Intersection with Hwy 194.
Travel approximately 5.3 miles west on Hwy 194 to Bent County Road 5.5.
Drive North on CR 5.5 to property.
DeLorme 99:D4
Roads of Colorado 132:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 118:A4
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Deadman Lake

From Interstate 25 near Fort Collins,
Take Prospect Road (Larimer County Road 44), Exit 268.
Drive approximately 2.0 miles east to Lake.
DeLorme 20:D3
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G9
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Red Feather Lakes and Deadman Road

From Interstate 25, take Highway 14, Exit 269B.
Drive approximately 14.0 miles West and North on Hwy 14 to Hwy 287.
Travel approx. 11.0 miles North on Hwy 287 to County Road 74E.
Drive approx. 24.0 miles West on CR 74E to CR 162.
Travel West approx. 7.1 miles on CR 162 to Deadman Road.

American Three-toed Woodpeckers found 7/2/2010:
Approximately 6 miles up Deadman Road from Red Feathers Lakes.

Summers of 94, 95, 96, 00, 02, 07, 08;
Three-toed Woodpeckers were sighted on West and North sides of Dowdy Lake
DeLorme 19:B6
Roads of Colorado 47:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 48:D3
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Deadman Wildlife Area

From Highway 50 and Highway 385 in Granada,
Drive North approximately 2.5 miles on Hwy 385 to Prowers County Road JJ.
Travel East on CR JJ for 2.5 miles to CR 27.
Drive 0.5 miles South on CR 27 to property.
DeLorme 103:D6
Roads of Colorado 135:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 107:A9
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De Beque Wildlife Area

From Interstate 70, take De Beque Exit 62.
Drive North on 45.00 road for less than 0.5 miles to V.50 Road.
Travel East and South on V.50 road (under I70)
Continue East for approximately 3.0 miles to property.
DeLorme 43:B7
Roads of Colorado 74:A4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 69:H10
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Deep Creek Recreation Area

From I70 take Doterso Exit 133.
Travel North approx. 2.0 miles on Colorado River Road (Hwy 304) to Deep Creek Road.
Drive up Deep Creek Road (Coffee Pot Road) to Property.
DeLorme 36:C1
Roads of Colorado 76:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:C10
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Deer Creek Canyon Park

From Interstate 470 and Wadsworth, travel South on S. Wadsworth Blvd (Hwy 121)
In less than a mile, turn West (Right) on Deer Creek Canyon Road (first stop light)
Turn Left (South) on Grizzly Road in 4.0 miles
Follow it to trailhead for Deer Creek Park trail map.
DeLorme 40:D2
Roads of Colorado 80:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:E8

To Search for American Three-toed Woodpecker 3/18/2014:
From W. Deer Creek Canyon Road and Wadsworth Blvd,
travel approximately 6.2 miles to S. Deer Creek Road.
Drive approx. 2.2 miles South on S. Deer Creek Road to Highgrade Road.
Travel approx. 2.4 miles South & West on Highgrade Road to Pleasant Park Road.
Drive approx. 3.1 miles West on Pleasant Park Road to S. Ridge Road.
American Three-toed Woodpecker along S. Ridge Road near turn.

Band-tailed Pigeons found in season near Kuehster Road & Pleasant Park Road.
DeLorme 40:D1
Roads of Colorado 80:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:E7
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To Search for Ovenbirds 6/10/2013:
Look at Northeast side of Plymouth Mountain Trail between
big open meadow on south side and intersection of Plymouth Mt Trail
with the Scenic View Trail and Homesteader Trail.
DeLorme 40:D1
Roads of Colorado 80:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:E7
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314 De France Court

314 DeFrance Court can be reached by traveling I70 west to 6th avenue west
From west on 6th avenue, turn south on Heritage Road
Turn west on Kimball Avenue (3rd right) and right on Crawford Street (3rd street on right)
Then left on Crawford Drive and left again on DeFrance Drive
The next left is DeFrance Court; 314 is 3rd house on left.

Visitors welcomed; All feeders are in front!
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C7
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De France Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take exit 250
Travel 2.0 miles West on Highway 56 to Weld County Road 5
Turn North (Right) on CR5 and drive 2.0 miles to Reservoir at CR 48
DeLorme 30:B2
Roads of Colorado 65:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:B9
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Dekoevand Park

From Interstate 25, south end of Denver, take Arapahoe Road, Exit 197.
Travel West approximately 6.5 miles on Arapahoe Road to S. University Blvd.
Drive North on S. University Blvd to Park.
DeLorme 40:D3
Roads of Colorado 81:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:D10
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Delaney Butte Lakes

From Walden, travel 0.5 miles west on highway 14 to County Road 12
Drive 5.3 miles west on CR 12 to CR 18
Go west 4.5 miles west on CR 18 to CR 5
Travel 0.5 miles north on CR 5 to property.
N 40 41.191 W 106 27.599 Elev: 8078 ft

Delaney Butte Greater Sage-Grouse lek (2012) Matthew Bribitzer-Stull:
Take County Road 12W west out of Walden for about 5 miles.
Then, take Cty Road 18 for 4.6 miles until a T with Cty Road 5.
Take Cty Road 5 north, being careful to thread between South and
East Delaney Lakes. After about 1.6 miles a two-rut track leads west.
This track is north of South Delaney Lake and south of North Delaney Lake.
As you come to the top of a rise, continue forward to the "Wildlife Viewing" sign.

Delaney Butte Greater Sage-Grouse lek (2009/14) Sue Riffe:

1. Take SR 14 south/west out of Walden.
2. Turn right on CR 12W (labeled with large green sign to Delany Buttes)
3. in about 5 miles, stay left on what becomes CR 18 (green sign left
  for Delany Buttes and right for Lake John)
4. in about 2 miles you will see a seasonal road on your left, keep going right.
5. in about 4 miles you will see another seasonal road on your left, turn right
  and start going up hill.
6. in less than a mile the road splits again, go to the right
  (big green sign to North Delany Lake)
7. (bathroom here if needed, bring t paper)
8. continue right around lake, it was 100 frozen several days ago, to the edge of lake
9. the road splits again with no sign, take this small dirt road left
  between both South and North Delany Lakes. Be very careful here.
  You could slip off road, get stuck, etc. I usually go very slow through here.
  If it is muddy, get some speed for the up hill part.
10. As soon as you have made the 1/2 mile up to the top above the lakes,
  start looking left. You will see a small sign on the left
  for Wildlife Viewing with a small two track road (do not drive).
  Park on the right side of the road and look left.
  The GRSC will be about 200 yards away, left of the bathroom
  structure and in front of the Delany Buttes. They will show up
  before dawn and can be seen until 8:00ish. If a Golden Eagle or
  Coyote come around, they could have flown anywhere inthe 1 mile area.
  You should be able to find them any time of day with little heads sticking up.
  I have even seen them desplaying different times of day this season.
  They will fly off if you try to appraoch them. I have found that
  staying in my car is a good blind for them. When this group flew off
  and landed by the road, I passed them about 1/2 mile and turned around.
  I parked on the road and they remained deslapying about 30 minutes
  with me in the car about 30 yards away.

To search for Greater Sage-Grouse (4/21/2008):
From the intersection of CR 12W where there is a sign
for Delaney Buttes & Lake Johns Wildlife Areas
it is 10.0 miles to lekking birds.
Take 12W Road North to CR 7.
Continue North on CR 7 to where it goes sharply uphill.
Birds were displaying on east side of road (near sunset).
N 40 45.845 W 106 26.013 Elev: 8112 ft
DeLorme 17:C6
Roads of Colorado 46:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 46:E5
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Del Mar Park

From Interstate 225, take 6th Avenue Exit 9.
Travel 1.0 miles West on 6th Avenue to Del Mar Circle.
Park is in the southwest corner of Del Mar Circle & 6th Ave.
DeLorme 41:C4
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Del Norte Town Park

From Highway 160 & Hwy 112 in Del Norte,
Travel two blocks west to Spruce Street.
Drive North 0.3 miles on Spruce Street to the Park.

Harris's Sparrow (1/5/2014) was seen along 1st Street, north of park.
DeLorme 79:C7
Roads of Colorado 142:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 112:G6
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Delta County Road G 50 Road

From Highway 50 and 5th Street in Delta,
Travel 2.2 miles west on 5th Street to G 50 Road.
Drive northwest on G 50 Road to Ponds.
DeLorme 56:B1
Roads of Colorado 108:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:H11
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Dennis Weaver Trail

BIKE OR HIKE: (The recommended scenic route along the river, about 1 mile)
Park in Ridgway and head north from Hartwell Park along the concrete bike
path (cut the distance in half by parking at the north end of Railroad St.)

DRIVE: From Ridgway, head north on Highway 550 for 1.5 miles. Turn left (West)
into RiverSage Drive, wind down and across the river to the main entrance,
park in the lot on the right.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Open at dawn, closed at dusk. Due to snow and the needs
of wildlife, the memorial area is closed from December through February.
The bike path east of the river is always open.

To Search for Blue-headed Vireo 10/8/2011:
(Coen Dexter): "The trail leads south from the Bald Eagle monument
and runs on the west side of the Uncompahgre River. The vireo was
only 50 yards south of the monument in a juniper tree."
DeLorme 66:C3
Roads of Colorado 123:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 96:G3
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Denny Lake

From Highway 491 and Hwy 160 in Cortez,
Travel approximately 2.6 miles East on Hwy 160 to Lakeside Drive.
Drive South on Lakeside Drive to Denny Lake Park.
N 37 21.10 W 108 32.57 Elev:
DeLorme 85:B4
Roads of Colorado 153:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 120:C6
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Denver Aquarium; Ocean Journey

From Interstate 25, take West 23rd Avenue, Exit 211.
Travel East on W. 23rd Avenue toward Children's Museum and Ocean Journey (Aquarium).
W. 23rd Avenue turns into Water Street east of I25.
Fishback Park is just north of Ocean Journey.

To search for Long-tailed Duck 2/27/2014:
Park in Fishback Park (east side of Water Street).
Walk east to Platte River Trail, then south toward Aquarium.
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 81:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B9

Denver Arapahoe Disposal Site (DADS)

From Interstate 225, take Parker Road Exit 4.
Drive 0.8 miles East and South on South Parker Road to East Hampden Avenue.
Travel approximately 6.0 miles East on E. Hampden Avenue to South Gun Club Road.
(Entrance to Site is here, but private).
South end of property is reached by driving south on Gun Club Road.
Turn East on East Quincy Avenue (approx. 1.0 miles south of Hampden Avenue).
DeLorme 41:C5
Roads of Colorado 81:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 76:C1
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Denver Botanic Gardens

From Interstate 70, take Colorado Blvd Exit 276.
Drive South approximately 3.8 miles on Colorado Blvd to East 6th Avenue.
Travel approx. 1.0 miles West on E. 6th Avenue to Josephine Street (one way).
Drive approx. 0.6 miles North on Josephine Street to E. 11th Street.
Back West on E. 11th Street to York Street (one way).
Then back South on York Street to Gardens (fee area).
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C10
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Denver City Park, Museum of Nature and Science & Denver Zoo

From Interstate 70, take Colorado Blvd (Exit 276)
Drive South 2 miles on Colorado Blvd (CO 2) to City Park.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science located on Eastern side of Park
(Off Colorado Blvd at Montview; 20th Street).
DeLorme 40:C2
Roads of Colorado 81:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B10
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Denver West Office Complex

From Interstate 70, take Exit 263.
Travel South to Cole Blvd.
Drive East on Cole Blvd into complex.
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B8
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Denver Yard

From Interstate 25, take Evans Avenue, Exit 204.
Travel approximatly 0.6 miles East on E. Evans Avenue to South Holly Street.
Drive North approx. 0.8 miles on S. Holly Street to East Florida Avenue. Travel East approx. 0.2 miles on E. Florida Avenue to South Jasmine Street & Way.
Drive North on S. Jasmine Street to 1480 S. Jasmine Way.

To Search for White-throated Sparrow: 11/30/2011
Birders are welcome to try to see the bird.
Walk through the breezeway to the patio.
Please stay on the patio and look under trees in back.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C10
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DePoorter Lake

Take Interstate 76 East to exit 180
Go Northeast (left) on Highway 385 toward Julesburg
DePoorter Lake is several tenths of mile north of Platte River
Parking Area on East side of Highway 385
Hiking road on south side of lake eastward leads to Platte River.
N 40 58.879 W 102 15.375 Elev: 3528 ft
DeLorme 102:A2
Roads of Colorado 38:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 54:A3
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Derby Mesa

From I70 take Doterso Exit 133.
Travel North approx. 22.0 miles on Colorado River Road
to County Road 39 (Derby Mesa Loop Road).
(Beautiful 17 mile loop; Goshawks, Dusky Grouse).
DeLorme 36:A2
Roads of Colorado 61:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:A12
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Devil Creek Wildlife Area

From Pagosa Springs; travel 16.0 miles on highway 160 to Forest Road 627
Drive north 2.0 miles on FR 627 to property.
DeLorme 87:C7
Roads of Colorado 156:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 123:E8
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Devil's Causeway

From Interstate 70, take Wolcott, Exit 157.
(West side of Denver is I70, mile marker 260) Travel 42.0 miles North on Highway 131 to Moffat Avenue in Yampa.
Drive West on Moffat Avenue which turns into Forest Road 900 (also called Road 7).
You pass Yamicola Reservoir in 11.3 miles
You pass Upper Stillwater Reservoir (Yampa Reservoir) in 2.0 miles further
Then arrive at Stillwater Reservoir in 3.1 miles.

From Steamboat Springs, take Hwy 131 26.5 miles to Moffat Avenue, Yampa.

The Devil's Causeway is a hike up Trail 1119 (from Stillwater Reservoir).
DeLorme 26:D1
Roads of Colorado 61:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 59:D12
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Devil's Thumb Ranch

From Interstate 70, drive 29.0 miles West to Exit 232 (Highway 40).
(West side of Denver is Exit 260 of I70).
Continue North approximately 39.0 miles on Hwy 40 to Tabernash.
Then Drive East on Highway 83 to property.
DeLorme 38:A4
Roads of Colorado 63:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 61:G11
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7798 Devonshire Way, Boulder

In Boulder, take Foothills Parkway to Diagonal Highway (Hwy 119).
Continue Northeast on Hwy 119 to Jay Road.
Travel East approximately 3.0 miles on Jay Road to 75th Avenue.
Drive North 0.1 miles on 75th Ave. to Heatherwood Drive.
Travel East 0.6 miles on Heatherwood Drive to Devonshire Way.
Turn Left on Devonshire Way to sixth house on left.
White-winged Dove visiting feeders in front yard.
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:F7
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DeWeese Reservoir

From Westcliffe, travel northwest on highway 69 for 5.0 miles,
turn north on Copper Gulch Road to reservoir access.

NOTE: persons 18 through 64 must possess an annual deweese Wildlife Area
access permit, except those who possess a current and valid Colorado
annual hunting or fishing license
Permits at license vendors or at 1-800-244-5613
DeLorme 71:C6
Roads of Colorado 128:A2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 100:G4
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DIA Owl Loop North of Denver International Airport

DIA Owl Loop runs North of Denver International Airport.
Along this loop in the summer, I usually pass four or five Burrowing Owl Colonies.
In winter, I have found both Short-eared and Long-eared Owls.
In 1998, a Snowy Owl was found by others south of Trussville Road and 114th ave.

Owl Loop Revised 3/26/2004 (As Buckley Road is permanently closed to vehicular traffic).
I revised this loop again on 8/8/2004 as one colony is no longer around.

To take the loop, start at Pena Blvd and get off at Tower Road exit.
Drive North on Tower Road to 96th avenue. Then turn East on 96th ave.
Continue on 96th avenue as it turns North and then East (now it is 114th ave).
1st Burrowing Owl Colony 3.4 miles East of 96th Avenue
N 39 53.3875 W 104 43.9252 Elev: 5260'
When 114th runs into a dead end, turn North on Trussville Road (paved road).
(This is a good area for Lark Bunting especially around fenced in Gas Storage Tanks.
Continue North until it runs into a dead end and turn West (120th avenue).
Take 120th avenue to Powhaton Road; turn North and drive to 128th Avenue.
Second BUOW colony is on all corners of this intersection.
Continue West on 128th Avenue to Picadilly Road.
At Picadilly Road, turn South and drive to 112th Avenue.
Third BUOW colony is 0.5 miles South of 128th & Picadilly Road.
(This colony does not seem to be active in 2004).
Fourth BUOW colony is at southwest corner of 112th & Picadilly.
(This colony has only two birds in 2004).
Fifth colony which is doing well is 0.6 miles East of Picadilly & 120th avenue.
Returning to Picadilly Road, head North to Barr Lake State Park.
Or continue West on 112th to Tower Road. South leads to DIA.

A side trip is to get off Pena Blvd at 56th Avenue and drive 0.1 miles
west to Buckley Road (parking area here). This road goes along the East
side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal. Requires a hike of several miles to see the Owls.

There are several Burrowing Owl Colonies observed west of this road (in season).
This road is now closed to Vehicles. You have to hike in. It is a pleasant
walk with many sparrows, hawks, possible Lark Buntings and Burrowing Owls.
BUOW colonies are 1.5 & 2.0 miles North of 56th Avenue.
DeLorme 41:B4
Roads of Colorado 65:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:H12
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Difficult Campground

From Maroon Creek Road and Highway 82 in Aspen;
Drive 5.6 miles West on Hwy 82 to Campground on South side of Hwy 82.
Trailhead is on the East side of the Day Use Parking Area.
(Independence Pass Road to Difficult Creek is closed in Winter).
DeLorme 46:C3
Roads of Colorado 93:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:B1
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Dillon Reservoir

From Denver, take Interstate 70 west to Dillon Exit (exit 205)
Drive South of Highway 6 to Dillon Road (less than 2 miles)
Follow Dillon Road to Reservoir (less than 2 miles)
DeLorme 38:D2
Roads of Colorado 78:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:D9
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Dinkle Lake

From the intersection of Colorado State Highway 82 and Highway 133,
head south on Highway 133, through the town of Carbondale and at
about 2.5 miles from the intersection (mentioned above) you need
to turn left (east) on Prince Creek Road (111 road/CR 5). Follow this road
for about 5 miles or so (it turns to dirt at about mile 1.5) until you come to
a potentially confusing intersection. Keep right to follow the road to Dinkle Lake.
DeLorme 45-46:A1
Roads of Colorado 76:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:G9
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Dinosaur National Monument

From Grand Junction; travel Interstate 70 to Loma (exit 15)
Take highway 139 north to Rangely (73 miles)
From Rangely; travel highway 64, 18.0 miles to highway 40
Turn east (right) on highway 40 to get to headquarters and visitors center.
DeLorme 42:D3
Roads of Colorado 40:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 42:E3
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Dinosaur Ridge Hawk Watch

From Interstate 70, take Highway 26/40 Exit 259.
Drive South on Hwy 26 to Parking Area on East side; just south of I70.
Hike uphill toward Power Lines; site of Hawk Watch!

To Search for Greater Roadrunner 2011-2012:
Park either at park n ride above or closer at
parking lot for Dinosaur Tracks Scenic Route
(Alameda Blvd; across from north entrance to Red Rocks Park).

Hike uphill to sharp curve. Greater Roadrunner has
been seen along 50 yard ridge below sharp turn
(Scope: either east or west side of ridge)
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C7
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Ditch Road off CR 12.00

From Interstate 70, take Loma Exit (Exit 15)
Head towards Mack (west) to CR 12.00
Turn South on CR 12.00 to Ditch Road (south of feedlots)

Peregrine Falcon allows approach in car along ditch road.
DeLorme 42:C3
Roads of Colorado 88:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:B3
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Divide Rosy Finches

From Interstate 25, take Highway 24, Exit 41.
Drive approximately 25.8 miles West on Hwy 24 to Joshua Road
(You will pass through Woodland Park). Head to Meadow Park Subdivision.
Travel approx. 0.5 miles North on Joshua Road toward Stephanie Place.
Park Just South of Stephanie Place, please stay in your car.
Look toward feeders behind house along Stephanie Place.

Latest Rosy Finches sightings 1/12/2012:
Just before you get to Divide there is a stop light at the entrance
to the Meadow Park subdivision. Turn right into the subdivision,
go around the traffic circle. Take the second left on Allison Place
and go to the end. The Rosy-finches were in the trees all around
the cul-de-sac. One house has a feeder on its deck and the deck
and roof of that house were covered with them.
DeLorme 62:A1
Roads of Colorado 96:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:E7
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Dixon Reservoir at Pineridge Natural Area

Interstate 25 North to Harmony Drive (exit 265)
Go approx. 6.5 miles West on Harmony Drive to Taft Hill Road
North (Right) to CR 38E (road to Horsetooth Reservoir) (approx. 1 mile)
West (Left) on CR 38E to CR 23 (road along East side of Horsetooth)
Turn Right first chance (CR 42C) to Dixon Reservoir

Or to reach Dixon Reservoir, follow Overland Trail south from the western
terminus of Prospect St, and turn right just past the Football Stadium.
Park at the bend in the road, and follow foot trails into the thickets on
the south side of the road.

N 40 33.024 W 105 8.693
DeLorme 20:D1
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G8
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Dodd Bridge Wildlife Area (Now called Jean K. Tool WLA)

From Interstate 76 and I25, drive Northeast on I76 to Exit 86
(Exit is 4.0 miles northeast of Fort Morgan)
Travel 1.75 miles on County Road 24 to property.
Hike in Wildlife Area, east on North side of River, west on South side.
Also Check pond back south of I76.
DeLorme 94:C3
Roads of Colorado 67:F1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 65:C11
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Dodd Reservoir

From Niwot along Highway 119 (6.0 miles northeast of Boulder)
Turn West on Boulder County Road 34 (Niwot road)
Go approx. 1 mile to intersection of CR 34 and CR 73

Park on northwest corner of Reservoir; public access to reservoir.
Southeast side is private property; please respect landowners.
N 40 06.094 W 105 11.501 Elev: 5145'
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:E7
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Dog Park Open Space

From Interstate 70 at Glenwood Springs, Take Exit 116.
Drive approximately 1.0 miles South on Highway 82 to Park Drive.
Then travel West and North to Dog Park.
Roads of Colorado
CO Road & Recreation Atlas
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Dolores County Road 8

From Dove Creek, travel North on County Road 8.00 to CR C.00
DeLorme 74:B1
Roads of Colorado 136:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 108:E3
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Dolores Ponds

From the South Side of Dolores, turn west at the church,
Drive on Montezuma County Road 28 to Sewage Ponds.
DeLorme 85:A4
Roads of Colorado 137:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 121:B7
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Dome Rock State Park

From Interstate 25 at Colorado Springs, take highway 24 (exit 141) West
Drive past Woodland Park (18 miles) to Divide (about 7 more miles)
Turn South on 67 and travel past Mueller State Park to Dome Rock State Park.

Veeries found at Dome Rock Trail
(Trail located along hwy 67, southern part of park)
There were at least three singing males. The thrushes were around the
willow-choked beaver ponds just past the sign when Four-mile Canyon opens
up into the big meadow area below Dome Rock, just SW of the sign there.
DeLorme 62:A1
Roads of Colorado 96:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:F7
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Dominguez Canyon Road

From Delta, travel 14.5 miles north on highway 50 to turnoff.
Drive west Dominguez Canyon.
DeLorme 55:C6
Roads of Colorado 106:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 83:G9
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Douglas Pass

From Interstate 70, Loma Exit, take Hwy 139 North.
(Great for Sage Sparrows and owls, Saw-whet, Pygmy,
Long-eared, Flammulated; though difficult to find)
N 39 35.8550 W 108 48.3154 Elev: 8273'

On 3/21/2015, Jackson Trappett found 55 Gray-crowned Rosy Finches
see map on website!

On 11/17/2014, Jackson Trappett found 180 Black Rosy Finches
at approximately 0.9 miles south of CR 256 (Four a Ridge Road).
(about a mile south of Douglas Pass's Summit)
DeLorme 32:C2
Roads of Colorado 72:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 68:D4
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Dome Lakes Wildlife Area

From Gunnison, drive 8.0 miles East to Hwy 114.
Travel approx. 18.0 miles south on Hwy 114 to NN-14 Road.
Drive 5.5 miles West on NN-14 Road to Property.
DeLorme 68:C3
Roads of Colorado 125:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 98:G2
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Douglas Reservoir

Take North College Avenue out of Fort Collins
Turn onto Highway 1 Right (Goes East and then North)
When Hw 1 splits, continue straight and take Larimer County Road 15 North
After approx. 5 miles turn West on CR 60 (Left)
Turn North (Right) in approx. 1 mile on CR 15a and follow signs to Douglas Reservoir
DeLorme 20:C2
Roads of Colorado 48:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:E8
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Donath Lake

From Interstate 25, take Highway 392, Exit 262
Drive West on CR 32 (hwy 392) approximately 4.0 miles to CR 13
Turn South on CR 13 and drive 1.0 miles to Donath Lake.
DeLorme 30:A2
Roads of Colorado 49:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:H9
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Dotsero Ponds

From Interstate 70, take Dotsero, exit 133.
Travel west to County Road 301.
Drive south on CR 301 to Ponds.
DeLorme 36:D1
Roads of Colorado 76:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:C10
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Doubletree Hotel Pond

From the Southern end of Colorado Springs, take South Circle Drive, exit 138.
Drive west on S. Circle Drive to East Cheyenne Mountain Blvd.
Pond is behind Doubletree Hotel.
Roads of Colorado
CO Road & Recreation Atlas
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Doudy Draw & Mesa Trail South Trailheads

From Denver, take Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) toward Boulder
Take Superior Exit and go West (Left)
Follow Highway 170 (Marshall Road) North to Highway 93
Continue Past Highway 93 along highway 170 to Eldorado Springs
Doudy Draw Trailhead is approximately 1.8 miles from hwy 170/hwy 93

From Boulder, Broadway (hwy 93) to Highway 170 (El Dorado Springs Drive)
Turn West on Highway 93, 1.8 miles to parking areas for trailheads.

Mesa Trail South Trailhead Parking is just north & east of Doudy Draw Parking.
Doudy Draw: N 39 56.310 W 105 15.397 Elev: 5658'
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 64:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:G6
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Dove Creek Sewage Pond

From Highway 666 and West 4th Street in Dove Creek,
drive East 0.4 miles on W. 4th Street to College Avenue.
Travel North 0.5 miles on College Avenue to end (big tanks).
Stand higher ground or car for view of pond to East.
DeLorme 74:B2
Roads of Colorado 136:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 108:E3
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Drake Lake

From Interstate 25, take exit 240 (Highway 119)
Drive East on Highway 119 (Weld County Road 24) 7.5 miles to CR 23
Turn South (Right) on CR 23, Drive South to Lake (less than 2 miles).
Drake Lake is just North of CR 20.
DeLorme 30:C3
Roads of Colorado 65:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:E11
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Drake Lake, Peyton

From Interstate 25 in Colorado Springs, take Woodmen Road (Exit 149).
Travel approximately 5.0 miles East on Woodmen Road to North Powers Blvd.
Drive approx. 6.2 miles South on N. Powers Blvd to Highway 24.
Travel East on Hwy 24 approx. 10.4 miles to Blue Gill Drive.
Drive East and North approx. 1.2 miles on Blue Gill Drive to Mallard Drive.
Travel South approx. 0.7 miles on Mallard Drive to Mallard Pond.
DeLorme 63:A6
Roads of Colorado 97:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 90:E2

Dry Creek Basin Wildlife Area

From Highway 141 & Hwy 145 east of Naturita,
Travel 12.0 miles South on Hwy 141 toward Basin.
Drive U29 Road to Wildlife Area.
DeLorme 65:D4
Roads of Colorado 121:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 108:B6
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Dry Creek Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take Exit 250 (Hwy 56, County Road 44)
Travel West on Hwy 56 through Berthoud (Hwy 287 at approx. 4.0 miles)
and continue to Schofield Road (approx. 10.7 miles from I25).
Drive South 0.1 miles on Schofield Road to Sherman Drive.
Travel East and South on Sherman Drive to Reservoir.
N 40 18.166 W 105 10.169 Elev: 5224'
DeLorme 30:B1
Roads of Colorado 64:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:C8
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Duck Creek Wildlife Area

From Interstate 76, take the Crook Exit 149
Drive North on Hwy 55 to Crook.
Travel North on Highway 59 for 1.5 miles to property.
DeLorme 95:A6
Roads of Colorado 37:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 53:C9
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Duck Lake

From Denver, take Interstate 25 North to Highway 392, Exit 262
Travel West on Highway 392 (county road 32)
Duck Lake is on south side of road as it bends north (approx. 1.5 miles).
DeLorme 30:A2
Roads of Colorado 49:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:H9
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Dupont Open Space

From Interstate 25, take Highway 85 Exit.
Drive 0.3 miles west and take Hwy 85 North.
Travel 5.0 miles northwest on Hwy 85 to signed left turn (Airport Road) to Louviers.
Continue West on Airport Road to Open Space & Dupont Park.
Possibly closed to public; scope from outside.
DeLorme 50:A2
Roads of Colorado 81:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:F9
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Dupont Pond

This is a private pond that can be observed from public roads.
If CR 19.5 was extended south to river (which it is not), Dupont Pond would be in line.

To Scope Pond, from Interstate 70, take exit 19 (Fruita exit)
Drive south on highway 340 and continue east.
You want to stop just past spot where CR 19.25 heads south.
DeLorme 42:C3
Roads of Colorado 89:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:C5
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Durango Fish Hatchery

From Highway 160 & Hwy 550 in Durango,
Drive approximately 1.0 miles north on Hwy 160 to 16th Street.
Travel East to Hatchery.
Durango Fish Hatchery and Wildlife Museum Frommer's Recommended
Free admission
Open mid-May to mid-Sept Mon-Sat 10am-4:30pm; Sun 11am-3pm
151 E. 16th Street, Durango, CO

To Search for Varied Thrush 2/5/2012:
Riley Morris: "best spot for viewing is standing under the front porch
of our house (141 E. 16th St.) looking west into the yard at the area
in front of the doghouse under the big spruce. Walking around on the hill
between our house and Main Street will most likely spook the bird away
so it is best to drive in, park in the hatchery lot, and slowly approach
the front of our house from the hatchery side, peering around the snowball
bush as you enter the little driveway. Best viewing has been 7:30AM to
about 9:00 AM. Feel free to e-mail me if you're not familiar with the hatchery area. "

To Search for Varied Thrush 1/31/2012:
The two best areas to try for it are: 1) the grassy area behind
the DOW office where a Varied Thrush showed up five years ago
2) Walk through the entrance gate and along the fish raceways
until you reach the end of the wooden fence on your left.
Look in the open area under the spruce trees, especially
by the stumps and logs. This bird is very skittish and
often appears seemingly from nowhere, runs around on
the ground for 10 or 15 seconds, and disappears back
into the spruce trees. Patience is required.
DeLorme 86:B3
Roads of Colorado 122:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 154:C1
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Durango Hawk

From the intersection of Hwy 550 & Hwy 160 in Durango,
drive 3.4 miles west on Highway 160 to Lightner Creek Road (CR 207).
Turn Right (North) on Lightner Creek Road to first house on right (0.5 miles).
Common Black-Hawk has been observed at first house and road up to house.
DeLorme 86:B2
Roads of Colorado 154:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Durango Owl

From Durango, drive East on Highway 160.
Turn North on 223 Road.
Continue North & East 0.8 miles on 223 to 225 Road.
Take 225 Road North 2.1 miles to 228 Road.
Drive East on 228 Road to Rincon Road.
This road is not well marked, but located
as next Left in 2.2 miles after 224 Road goes Right (at 1.8 miles).
Travel 1.0 miles up Rincon Road to Owl Spot.
DeLorme 86:B4
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Durango Public Library

From Highways 160 & 550 in Durango,
Drive North approximately 1.2 miles on Hwy 550 to East 19th Street.
Travel East on E. 19th Street to East 3rd Avenue.
Library is at 1900 East 3rd Avenue.
DeLorme 86:B3
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Dutch Clark Stadium

Located east of Pueblo City Park.
Interstate 25 to Pueblo and exit 101
West on highway 50 to highway 45 (2.6 miles)
South (Left) on highway 45 to Thatcher Avenue (highway 96) (4.1 miles)
Turn east (left) on Thatcher Avenue; continue at slight turn to left (Lincoln avenue).
At Abriendo, turn north (left) and follow it to Stadium.
DeLorme 73:B6
Roads of Colorado 129:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 102:F1
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