Birding Spots of Colorado


Abbey Road

From Interstate 25, take Exit 74.
The "service road" along the east side of I25 is Abbey Road.
Follow it south and then east (also called County Road 345).
Abbey Road loops back east and north to I25 (Exit 77).
DeLorme 83:A4
Roads of Colorado 129:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:C12
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Adams and Bunker Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take Exit 293 (County Road 126),
Travel approximately 8.0 miles East on CR 126 to Highway 85,
Drive approx. 2.1 miles South on Hwy 85 to CR 122,
Travel approx. 13.2 miles East on CR 122 to CR 55.
Drive approx. 0.9 miles North on CR 55 to CR 124.
Travel approx. 8.4 miles East on CR 124 to A&B Reservoir #1.

A&B Reservoirs #2 &#3 are to the south of #1.
DeLorme 21:A7
Roads of Colorado 34:B4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 50:C4
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Adams County Grackles

Coming from Interstate 76 (East)
Exit Bromley Lane (Exit 22) and travel East, 152nd Avenue
Turn South in 0.8 miles at Picadilly Road
Barr Lake Entrance 2.0 miles

Great-tailed Grackles wander around Picadilly Road & Bromley Lane.
1. Natural looking Home; 0.4 miles South of Intersection
2. Just East & South of Landscape Company at Intersection
3. Corral, 1.1 miles East of Intersection
4. Corral and old shed 1.3 miles East of Intersection
39°58.150'N 104°44.000'W Elev: 5043'
DeLorme 41:A1
Roads of Colorado 65:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G12
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Adams county neighborhood

From I76 and 152nd Avenue (Bromley Lane; Exit 23;
Drive 2.0 miles East on Bromley Lane to Gun Club Road.
Travel 0.5 miles North on Gun Club Road to 156th Avenue.
Drive East on 156th Ave. to Duquesne.
Travel North on Duquesne.

To Search for Bohemian Waxwings 11/17:
Waxwings observed halfway between 160th & 156th avenues.
Also within 200 meters of 156th avenue.
39°58.784'N 104°42.597 Elev: 5052'
DeLorme 41:A5
Roads of Colorado 65:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G12
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Adams Open Space

From Interstate 25 at Fountain, CO, take Highway 85, Exit 128.
Drive North approximately 0.6 miles on Hwy 85 to West Illinois Avenue.
Travel East approx. 0.2 miles on W. Illinois Avenue to South Main Street.
Drive North less than 0.1 miles on S. Main Street to Fountain Library (230 S. Main).
Open Space is behind Library (along Jimmy Creek).
DeLorme 63:C5
Roads of Colorado 113:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 102:A1
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Adams County Regional Park and Fairgrounds

From Interstate 76, take Brighton Blvd Exit 12.
Drive 3.5 miles North on Brighton Blvd (Hwy 85) to 124th Avenue.
Travel 1.3 miles West on 124th Avenue (also Henderson Road) to Fairgrounds.
39°55.511'N 104°55.517'W Elev: 5016'
DeLorme 41:A1
Roads of Colorado 51:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:G10
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Adams Falls

From Highway 34 in Grand Lake,
Drive north to Forest Road 278.
Take FR 278 east to end of road & parking area for Adams Falls.
Adams Falls is 0.5 miles up from trailhead.

To Search for American Three-toed Woodpeckers 7/19:
Continue past falls for 0.5 miles to area with logs along trail
filled with sand. Check diseased trees in the area.
American Dippers are also possible.
40°14.200'N 105°47.820'W Elev: 8466'
DeLorme 28:C4
Roads of Colorado 63:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 61:C12
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Addenbrooke Park

From Interstate 70, take Kipling Exit 267
Drive 5.4 miles South on Kipling (0.3 miles past West Alameda Avenue) to Park.
(Park is 3.8 miles North of Hampden Blvd--Highway 285).
39°42.857'N 105°06.588'W Elev: 5584'
DeLorme 40:C2
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C8
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Adobe Creek Reservoir (More often called Blue Lake Reservoir)

On Highway 50, East of Las Animas, West of Fort Lyons
Turn North on Bent County road 14 (nice paved road)
After approximately 10 miles, CR 14 ends; turn West on CR WW
Follow this into entrance of Blue Lake (Adobe Creek Reservoir)
To get to Dam, follow dirt roads West for many miles; then turn North over Dam

Alternative Route to Blue Lake from Highway 50 & Highway 194,
take Highway 194 West to Bent County Road 10.
Drive North on CR 10 to property.
38°15.922'N 103°12.982'W Elev: 4147'
DeLorme 99:C4
Roads of Colorado 132:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 104:G5
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Agilent-HP Facility in Loveland

From Interstate 25, take Exit 255 (Highway 402)
Drive West on Hwy 402 to Property on North side.
(Scope from outside of fence).

To Search for Bohemian Waxwing 11/15:
There is a concrete sidewalk running along the outside of the fence,
parallel with highway 402, where the trees and waxwings are.
40°22.7160'N 105°06.534'W Elev: 5033'
DeLorme 41:A4
Roads of Colorado 48:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:B8
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Aiken Canyon Preserve

Take Interstate 25 South toward Colorado Springs
Take exit 135 (Academy Blvd.) west to State Highway 115
Take 115 south 11.5 miles to Turkey Canyon Ranch Road
(It's located 0.1 mile south of milepost 32.)
Turn right (west) and drive to preserve parking area.
38°42.684'N 104°49.187'W Elev: 6223'
DeLorme 62:D3
Roads of Colorado 113:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 89:H11
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Airport Blvd and 40th Avenue Park n Ride Pond

From Interstate 70, take Airport Blvd (Pena Blvd) Exit 283.
Drive North on Pena Blvd to 40th Avenue Exit.
Pond is located at southeast corner.
Parking is a problem as 40th avenue is a busy road.
Either park at Park n Ride or west of Pena Blvd and walk back to ponds.
39°46.373'N 104°47.236'W Elev: 5396'
DeLorme 41:B4
Roads of Colorado 81:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B11
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Highway 160 & Highway 285; 76.0 miles west of I25 Walsenburg Exit 52.
Riverwalk goes along the Rio Grande River and through the town.
Especially productive areas maybe south of the Highway 160 bridge.
Also the riparian area west of State Avenue and the Riverwalk.
37°28.200'N 105°51.678'W Elev: 7539'
DeLorme 90:A3
Roads of Colorado 143:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:B11
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Alamosa Canyon

From Highway 285 & Hwy 15 in Monte Vista,
Travel 25.0 miles south on Hwy 15.
Drive west on CR BB to canyon.
37°20.584'N 106°08.943'W Elev: 7974'
DeLorme 90:B1
Roads of Colorado 158:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:D8
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Alamosa Cemetery

From Highway 160 and State Avenue in Alamosa,
Travel South approximately 1.2 miles on State Avenue to 20th Street.
Drive East approx. 0.5 miles on 20th Street to Old Airport Road.

Better to park by maintenance building and walk through gate,
some birders have been locked in when parking inside cemetery.
DeLorme 90:A3
Roads of Colorado 143:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:B11
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Alamosa Golf Course

In Alamosa, take highway 160 to State Avenue.
Turn north and drive State Avenue over Rio Grande to Golf Course.

To find recent warblers; go to the practice driving range.
Once there, go 150 feet south into some Russian Olive trees.
The birds are hanging in troops around the edge of a wet pond.
37°28.708'N 105°52.003'W Elev: 7543'
DeLorme 91:A5
Roads of Colorado 143:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:B11
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Alamosa National Wildlife Refuge

From Alamosa, travel east on highway 160 six miles to CR S-116
Drive south on S-116 two miles to visitors center (for map of area).

To search for Tricolored Heron 5/13:
Look for the large wetland about a mile in length right after
turning South on the Bluff Overlook Road. Heron was west of wetland.
37°28.276'N 105°44.911'W Elev:7521'
DeLorme 91:A5
Roads of Colorado 143:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 126:B1
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Alberta Park Reservoir

From Hwy 285 & Hwy 160 in Del Norte,
Travel approximately 34.0 miles West on Hwy 160 to Hwy 391.
Drive approx. 1.7 miles South and East on Hwy 391 to Reservoir.
DeLorme 88:A3
Roads of Colorado 141:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 124:B2
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Alder Creek

From South Fork at Hwy 160 & Hwy 149
drive north on Hwy 149 to Rio Grande CR 15.
Travel east on CR 15 to FR 610.
Drive North on FR 610.
Search willows along Alder Creek for flycatchers, warblers, & grosbeaks.
4-wheel drive required beyond Alder Creek Ranger's Station.
37°40.705'N 106°38.025'W Elev: 8198'
DeLorme 79:C4
Roads of Colorado 141:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 112:F3
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Alderfer Park/Three Sisters Park

From Interstate 70, take Exit 252.
Travel South approximately 8.0 miles on Highway 74 to Hwy 73.
Drive South on Hwy 73 for 0.7 miles to Buffalo Park Road.
Travel on Buffalo Park Road to Park.

To search for American Three-toed Woodpecker 8/10/2010:
A male 3-toed woodpecker was seen near the Brothers lookout
in 3 Sisters Park this morning at about 11:30AM. About 50 yards
past the narrow passageway in the rock, as you're nearing the top
but not at the top. About 30 yards off the trail to the left.
39°37.570' N105°19.705'W Elev:7143'
DeLorme 39:C7
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 74:D6
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Aldrich Lakes

From Meeker, take Highway 13 north to County Road 15 (approx. 2.0 miles).
Drive East & North on CR 15, 15.7 miles to CR 51.
Turn South on CR 51 and drive approx. 5.5 miles to Lakes.
40°10.514'N 107°41.199'W Elev: 7457'
DeLorme 24:D4
Roads of Colorado 59:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 58:D4
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Alkali Draw

From Dove Creek, drive south on Highway 491 (also Hwy 666) toward Calhone.
One of the few water spots in Dolores County is at Alkali Draw & Hwy 491.
37°40.552'N 108°48.989'W Elev: 6589'
DeLorme 74:C2
Roads of Colorado 136:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 108:F3
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Alkali Lake

From Walden, travel 0.5 miles west on highway 14 to County Road 12
Go 8.0 miles west on CR 12 to CR 7
Drive 7.0 miles north on CR 7 to Lake John WLA.
Alkali Lake is across the road from Lake John.
40°46.836'N 106°26.318'W Elev: 8117'
DeLorme 17:B6
Roads of Colorado 46:A1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 46:D1
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A.M. Bailey Bird Sanctuary

From Denver, travel to Dillon Exit (exit 205) and drive north on highway 9.
In 7.4 miles (just before Blue River Campground) turn west (left) on Rock Creek Road.
Go 1.2 miles west and north to Rock Creek Trailhead Sign
Turn left and travel 1.5 miles to parking area (end of road).

To Search for Williamson's Sapsuckers 7/3/2004:
Tom Kresse "We found a pair of Williamson’s Sapsuckers with a nest
in a dead Aspen tree on the way to the A.M. Bailey Bird Sanctuary
(Rock Creek trail) in Summit County -- North from Silverthorne on Hwy 9
for 7.4 miles, then 1.2 miles west on Rock Creek Road to the Rock Creek
Trailhead sign. The nest was near the small parking lot at this turnoff
(not 1.5 miles further up at the trailhead parking lot). The nest was
about 30’ in back of the parking lot – the babies were easy to hear,
and both the male and female (mostly the female) were feeding the babies.
Walking up this road toward the trailhead parking lot, we also saw
Red-naped Sapsuckers, about ¾ miles from the turnoff."

To Search for American Three-toed Woodpecker 6/23/2005 & 7/6/2005:
Drive pass turn for Rock Creek Trail and travel several hundred
yards pass the Pebble Creek Ranch turn and No Trespassing Signs.
There is a turn around to the west before the gate; park here.
When you face the turn around from the road, ATTW was 50 feet
to the left of the turn around.

Another ATTW was found on 7/3/2005 at camping area 1/4 mile south of the trailhead.
39°43.502'N 106°07.818'W Elev: 8481'
DeLorme 38:C1
Roads of Colorado 78:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:C9
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Fawnbrook Inn, Allenspark

From Interstate 25, take Longmont Exit 243.
Drive West to Lyons (approximately 16.0 miles)
(From Boulder take highway 36 to Lyons; 14.0 miles)
Take highway 7 west to Allenspark (approx. 17.0 miles)
Turn at Ferncliff Sign and follow road west to Fawnbrook Inn.
40°11.609'N 105°31.471'W Elev: 8446'
DeLorme 29:C6
Roads of Colorado 63:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:D4
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Alpine Loop

From Lake City, take County Road 2 west.
Pass Nellie Creek Road in 5 miles. (4 wheel drive required on Nellie Road).
Continue to Engineer Pass (4 wheel drive required to drive over pass).
38°01.235'N 107°24.038'W Elev: 9332'
DeLorme 67:D5
Roads of Colorado 124:A3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 111:B7
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Alta Lakes Trail

0.0 miles: From Telluride Visitor's Center (W. Colorado, main street)
3.1 miles: Follow Colorado 145 south toward Ophir.
7.8 miles: Sunshine Campgrounds on right
8.2 miles: Forest Road Sign on right (FRRR 632)
(reset trip meter)
0.0 miles: proceed toward Alta
2.9 miles: track on right
3.0 miles: gate to private property on left
3.0 miles: track on right
3.4 miles: private track on left, private track on right
3.7 miles: Ghost Town of Alta
(zero trip meter at small sign for Alta Lakes
0.0 miles: follow track on right toward Alta Lakes
0.3 miles: road forks
0.5 miles: road forks, end at Alta Lakes
DeLorme 76:A3
Roads of Colorado 122:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:D2
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American Basin

From Hwy 149 & 1st Street in Lake City,
Drive 2.3 miles south on Hwy 149 to CR 3.
Travel west on CR 3 for 12.4 miles to CR 4.
Drive west on CR 4 for 7.3 miles to fork of CR 4 & CR 12.
American Basin is the left fork.
Cinnamon Pass is right fork.
Non 4-wheel drive vehicles will not make it all the way up CR 4.
Ptarmigan & Rosy Finches found up Cinnamon Pass trail.
37°55.850'N 107°30.852'W Elev: 11289'
DeLorme 77:A5
Roads of Colorado 123:F4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 111:D7
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American Birding Association

From Interstate 25, take West Unitah Exit (Exit 143) and drive West.
After 0.1 miles, turn South (Left) on North Walnut Street.
In approximately 0.5 miles, turn West (Right) on West Monument Street.
Office is at 720 W. Monument Street (approx. 0.1 mile west of Walnut).
38°50.611'N 104°50.066'W Elev: 6035'
DeLorme 62:B3
Roads of Colorado 113:E1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 137:E3
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American Lakes (Michigan Ditch Road)

From Fort Collins, take highway 14 west to Cameron Pass (60 miles)
Park at summit and hike south along Michigan Ditch.
Trail crosses Michigan Creek in 2.0 miles.
Follow trail for another 2.0 miles to lakes.
Ptarmigan and Rosy Finches near upper lakes.
Boreal Owls nest along the trail.
40°30.393'N 105°53.169'W Elev: 9970'
DeLorme 18:D3
Roads of Colorado 47:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:G11
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American Three-toed Woodpeckers Near Sedalia

From Interstate 25, Take Highway 85, Exit 184.
Drive approx. 5.3 miles West and North on Hwy 85 to Hwy 67.
Travel South on Hwy 67 approximately 10.0 miles to Rampart Range Road.
Park here and walk approx. 0.2 miles East along Hwy 67.
Most Three-toed Woodpeckers on north side of Hwy 67.
39°22.672'N 105°05.330'W
DeLorme 50:A2
Roads of Colorado 80:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:G8
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From Highway 385 & Hwy 6 in Holyoke,
Drive 0.5 miles north on Hwy 385 to CR 23.
Travel 9.5 miles northeast on CR 23 to Amherst.
Groves of trees around town produce warbler sightings.
40°40.942'N 102°09.869'W Elev: 3681'
DeLorme 102:B2
Roads of Colorado 55:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 54:E5
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Anderson Park

From Interstate 70, take Kipling Avenue south to Clear Creek.
Parking on the northeast side of Kipling Ave. & Clear Creek.
Northern Cardinals have been seen in this area.
39°46.291'N 105°06.566'W Elev: 5366'
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B8
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Andrews Lake

From Durango; travel 39 miles north on highway 550 to access road.
Turn east for 0.5 miles to property.
Ptarmigan found in willows around the lake.

From Silverton; travel 7.2 miles south on Hwy 550 to access road.
37°44.018'N 107°42.664'W Elev: 10679'
DeLorme 76:C4
Roads of Colorado 139:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:F3
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Andrick Wildlife Area

From Interstate 76, take Exit 60 (to Orchard).
Drive down ramp, then left (north) under bridge.
Travel East & North 7.0 miles to Orchard at Hwy 144.
Continue North on Washington Street (at Orchard).
At end, turn east and north, continue to property.
(Northwest parking area approximately 3.3 miles from Orchard.)

To Search for Least Bittern 9/18/2011:
Cattails at large southern most pond
where water goes under road from west
and enters pond on east side of road.

Note: 2009: Entry only by reservation.
(Only open Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday)
(Must reserve with Hunting license at least 2 days
in advance; not more than 14 days in advance.)

Pond #1 (0.5 miles south of CR 2 & CR AA)
Can be observed along CR 2 at 0.1 miles
north of northwest parking lot.

Pond #2 (1.2 miles south of CR 2 & CR AA.)
Pond #3 (Along CR 3, south of Jackson Lake State Park).
DeLorme 94:C1
Roads of Colorado 50:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 65:B7
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Animas Forks Ghost Town

Highway 550, Look for Sign to Idarado Mine and Mine tailings.
Mile 0.0: (Silverton 15 miles to South, 7.7 miles North to Ouray)
Mile 4.7: Track on Right to Copper Gulch.
Mile 6.6: Hurricane Pass Summit
Mile 7.1: Poughkeepsie Gulch Road on Left
Mile 7.5: California Pass Summit
Mile 11.3: Animas Forks Ghost Town
DeLorme 76:B4
Roads of Colorado 139:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:E4
DeLorme 76:B4
Roads of Colorado 139:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:E4
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Angel Lake

Take Interstate 25, to Exit 265
Turn East (Right) on Highway 68
Travel past Hwy 257 and Windsor Reservoir
To Intersection of Weld CR 74 and CR 27
Woods Lake is to the Southeast!
(Located 9.6 miles east of I25; 5.4 miles west of Hwy 85, Eaton)
Angel Lake is just west of CR 74 & CR 27.
Franklin Lake is 1.4 miles west of Woods Lake.
Law Reservoir is 0.5 miles South of CR 74 & CR 23.
Swanson Lake is 0.5 miles South of CR 74 & CR 25.
40°31.414'N 104°49.097'W Elev: 4879'
DeLorme 21:D4
Roads of Colorado 49:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:G11
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Angel of Shavano Trailhead

From Hwy 285 & Hwy 50 just north of Poncho Springs,
drive 6.3 miles west to Forest Road 240 (just west of Maysville).
Travel north on FR 240 to trailhead.
Breeding Fox Sparrows are reported in this area.
38°35.056'N 106°13.166'W Elev: 9174'
DeLorme 60:D1
Roads of Colorado 110:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:B8
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Angler Mountain Ranch Pond

From Interstate 70 at Dillon/Silverthorne, take Exit 205 (Hwy 9).
Drive North on Highway 9 for 2.1 miles to Bald Eagle Drive.
Travel East on Bald Eagle Drive to Ponds.
DeLorme 38:C2
Roads of Colorado 78:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:D9
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Animas Mountain Trailhead

From Hwy 160 & 550 in Durango;
Drive approximately 2.4 miles North on Hwy 550 to 32nd Street.
West 4th Street trailhead is west from Highway 550 at 32nd street,
then north on narrow 4th Street to a rough gravel parking area.
I didn’t see any street signs pointing out the trailhead.
From the trailhead, the trail is a rough rocky road that climbs steeply at first.

Take Camino Del Rio to 32nd Street and go west until you can’t go any further
and take a right and follow this road to the parking area at the trailhead.
DeLorme 86:B2
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Animas Overlook

From Highway 550 & Highway 160 in Durango,
Drive 1.7 miles North on Hwy 550 to 25th Street.
Travel West on 25th Street (Becomes 204 Road; also called Junction Creek Road)
which again becomes Forest Road 171. Overlook is in about 8 miles.
You pass Junction Creek Campgrounds a mile after entering San Juan National Forest.
Area is good for Grace's Warblers, Virginia's Warblers, Saw-whet, Pygmy, & Flammulated Owls.
37°19.514'N 107°53.811'W Elev: 6875'
DeLorme 76:C4
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Animas River at Durango

For the past few days, a female harlequin duck has been on the Animas River north
of downtown Durango, CO. It has ranged as far north as the 32nd Street Bridge.
And as far south as Mercy Hospital to south of 29th street.

(Go north on US 550; turn right at the North City Market at 32nd Street,
cross the bridge and go right on east third avenue.)
Drive south to parking area near 29th Street and check river here.

LATEST SIGHTING: West of Main; approximately 15th street.
Access river from highway 550; between Burger King & Terri D's Salon.
37°17.728'N 107°52.200'W Elev: 6555'
DeLorme 86:B3
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Animas River South of Durango

Susan Allerton: "If you are approaching Durango on US 160 from the east,
there is a traffic light at Farmington Hill (where US 550 takes off to
the south). From that intersection, continue NW on US 550/160 toward Durango.
At the first traffic light (both the turn for Home Depot and River Rd.), turn left.
Go past the entrance to Home Depot to the 4-way stop sign and turn right.
Make an immediate left turn on the next street. Go to the cul-de-sac at
the end of the street where there are several spaces for parking.
Take the path directly over to the river. When you reach the river,
follow the path headed upstream. Look on your left for a large tree
in full bloom with white flowers. The area was approximately a 3 minute
walk from the parking.
37°13.289'N 107°50.793'W Elev: 6502'
DeLorme 86:B3
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Animas River Trail & Four Corners River Sports

From the Intersection of Highway 550 & Highway 160 south of Durango (traffic light),
Continue approximately 2.8 miles Northwest on Hwy 550/160 to Four Corners River Sports Parking Area.
Hwy 550/160 also becomes South Camino Del Rio. (360 S Camino Del Rio, Durango, CO)

Northern Parula 6/2/2012:
In Forested area behind Four Corners Riversports and Big Five Sports.

A good place to find birds:
Follow Animas River Trail between Four Corners. Birds were in
Boxelders about 75 meters upstream from the parking area.
37°16.115'N 107°53.092'W Elev: 6475'
DeLorme 86:B3
Roads of Colorado 154:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 122:D2
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Animas River at Silverton

Northern section:
Travel northeast on Hwy 110 (CR 2) towards Howardsville.
37°48.886'N 107°39.691'W Elev: 9327'

Southern section:
Follow gravel road on the east side of Hwy 50, just south of Silverton.
37°48.238'N 107°40.478'W Elev: 9270'
DeLorme 76:B4
Roads of Colorado 139:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 110:E4
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Ann U. White Trail

Take highway 36 (Boulder Turnpike) through Boulder (all the way to North Boulder).
At junction with Broadway, turn south (Left) back toward town.
In 0.3 miles, turn West on Lee Hill Drive.
Go West 1.0 miles to Wagonwheel Gap Drive.
Take Wagonwheel Gap Drive approximately 1.1 miles to Pinto Drive.
Drive on Pinto Drive to dead end at Ann U. White Trailhead.
40°03.567'N 105°19.183'W Elev: 6023'
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 65:E5
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Antelope Creek Road

From Interstate 70, take Wolcott, Exit 157.
Travel North on Hwy 131 approximately 22.6 miles to Routt County Road 1 (Antelope Road).
Drive West on CR 1 approx. 1.7 miles to Antelope Creek Road.

Northern Saw-whet Owls 8/16/2013:
recorded at north end of road (approx. 2.0 miles).
Roads of Colorado
CO Road & Recreation Atlas
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Antelope Reservoir

From Interstate 25, take Highway 14, Exit 269.
Travel 3.0 miles East on Hwy 14 to County Road 13.
Drive 4.0 miles North on CR 13 to CR 90.
Travel 10.0 miles East on CR 90 to CR 37.
Drive approximately 1.0 miles North on CR 37 to scope lake.
40°39.256'N 104°42.942'W Elev: 5039'
DeLorme 21:C5
Roads of Colorado 49:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:E12
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Antero Reservoir

From Interstate 70, Exit 260, west side of Denver,
Travel South on 470 approximately 9.4 miles to Highway 285.
Drive Southwest approx. 67.3 miles on Hwy 285 to Fairplay.
From Fairplay, travel south on highway 285 to junction with highway 24 (approx. 20 miles)
Entrance to Antero is about 7 miles east, along highway 24.

From Colorado Springs, travel on highway 24 past Woodland Park (18 miles)
Continue to Harstel (45 miles); and west past Harstel, 4 miles to entrance of reservoir.
N 38 59.2500 W 105 52.0175 Elev: 8946'
(North end: N 38 59.8754 W 105 51.5288 Elev: 8961'
DeLorme 60:A4
Roads of Colorado 95:D4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 87:E11
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Near Anton

Tamie Bulow: "It is about 6 miles east of Anton in Washington County.
I had Dickcissels on several of the stops on Road HH (about Mile marker
161 on Hwy. 36, turn south) at Road 8 and south for about a mile.
39°41.030'N 103°07.361'W Elev: 4764'
DeLorme 97:A5
Roads of Colorado 84:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 78:B5
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Anton Ponds

Last Chance Rest Stop is located in the southwest corner of Highways 71 & 36.
From Denver (I70 & I225), take Interstate 70 approximately 34 miles to the Byers Exit 316.
Travel approximately 35 miles East on Highway 36 to Last Chance.

Anton is another 20 miles east of Last Chance (Hwy 71 & 36).
Ponds in wet years are on the north side of Hwy 36 at 0.5 and 1.5 Miles west of Anton.
39°44.438'N 103°14.931'W Elev: 4888'
DeLorme 97:B5
Roads of Colorado 84:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 78:B5
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Antonito Area

There are a few ponds in the area which sometimes attract shorebirds.
Check west side of Hwy 285 at 4.0 miles north of Antonito, just north of CR L.
Also check pond on the west side of Hwy 285, 4.1 miles further north at CR R.
37°08.705'N 105°59.729'W Elev: 7776'
DeLorme 90:D3
Roads of Colorado 158:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:G10
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Apex Trail

From Interstate 70, take Morrison Exit 259.
Turn Right, Go under I70, travel about 1 mile.
Entrance to Heritage Square on Left (West) side.
Apex Trail is reached from lower Heritage Square Parking Area.
39°43.018'N 105°12.475'W Elev: 6140'
DeLorme 40:C1
Roads of Colorado 80:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C7
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Apishapa Wildlife Area

From Walsenburg (Interstate 25, Exit 50), travel 18.5 miles northeast on highway 10
Turn southeast at Sign to WLA (Road 707) and travel 20 miles to property.
37°46.344'N 104°19.488'W Elev: 5698'
DeLorme 83:C7
Roads of Colorado 146:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 116:G5
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Apple Valley Park

From Highway 133 & P Road in Paonia,
Travel East on P Road to Rio Grande Avenue.
Drive North on Rio Grande Avenue (turns into Pan American Avenue)
Continue to Park at Minnesota Creek.
DeLorme 57:A5
Roads of Colorado 91:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 84:F5
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Apple Valley Road, Lyons

From Interstate 25, take Longmont Exit 243 (Highway 66)
Travel West on Hwy 66, through Longmont to Lyons.
At Highways 36 & 7 & 66 in Lyons, take Hwy 36 to North.
Apple Valley Road is approximately 0.4 miles North on Hwy 36.
N 40 13.752 W 105 16.560 Atl: 5437'
North end of Apple Valley Road is 2.4 miles North of Hwy 36 & Hwy 7
N 39 38.102 W 104 55.935 Elev: 5461'
This is a great road for Northern Pygmy Owls.
DeLorme 30:C1
Roads of Colorado 64:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:D6
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Applewood Trailer Park

From Interstate 25, take Exit 74.
Drive West on Highway 165 to Glen Eagle Drive.
Travel South on Glen Eagle Drive to Blue Spruce Drive.
Then West on Blue Spruce to Lunar Drive.
Follow around north and west to Armstrong Court.

Colorado City Sewage Treatment Plant:
Located at South end of Trailer Park.
37°57.448'N 104°48.120'W Elev: 5769'
DeLorme 83:A4
Roads of Colorado 124:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 115:C10
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Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge

From Walden (100 miles West of Fort Collins),
Travel west on highway 14 to highway 125 (approx. 1 mile)
Head south on highway 125 to property (Begins in approx. 2 miles).
40°40.448'N 106°17.636'W Elev: 8197'
DeLorme 17:C7
Roads of Colorado 46:B2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 47:E7
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Arbaney Kittle Trail & Sloane Peak Trail

From Interstate 70, take Glenwood Springs Exit 116.
Travel 29.0 miles on Hwy 82 toward Basalt and Aspen.
At approximately 1.3 miles east of Basalt, turn north on Bishop Road.
Drive 0.3 miles North on Bishop Road to Kelly Court and to trailhead.
39°21.177'N 107°00.925'W Elev: 6775'
DeLorme 46:B2
Roads of Colorado 76:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 71:G11
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Arena Dust Tours (Greater Prairie-Chicken Lek Tours)

Six miles north of Granada, Fred and Norma Dorenkamp run GRPC Tours.
See "Additional Links" for up-to-date prices on tours.
38°03.760'N 102°18.622'W Elev: 3499'
DeLorme 103:D5
Roads of Colorado 134:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 107:B9
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Argentine Pass Trail

From Interstate 70, take Loveland Pass Exit 216.
Drive south over Loveland Pass on Highway 6 to Road 5 (approx. 12.0 miles).
Travel East on Road 5 (Montezuma Road) to County Road 260 (approx. 5.0 miles).
Drive approx. 4.6 miles North on CR 260 to trailhead parking.
DeLorme 38:C4
Roads of Colorado 79:E3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 73:D12
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Arnold's Grand Junction Yard

From Interstate 25, take the Horizon exit 31 drive through downtown Grand
Junction. Follow signs for Colorado National Monument. Take Hwy 340 (also
named Broadway) Cross the railroad track and the river. Hwy 340 goes from
a divided road to a single roadway. Take the second left (Country Club Park
Road) after it becomes a single road. The road forks, take the right fork.
Larry Arnold's home is 308 Country Club Park Road is approx. 0.1 mile beyond
the ravine on the right. Further information: 970-263-0115
39°03.737'N 108°35.682'W Elev: 4713'
DeLorme 42:D3
Roads of Colorado 89:D3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 82:D5
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Arkansas River Headwaters Recreation Area

From Highway 285 and Highway 50 West of Salida,
Continue approximately 5.0 miles East on Highway 50 to Hwy 291.
Drive approx. 0.8 miles North on Hwy 291 to B Street.
Recreation Area is at Arkansas River, east end of B Street.
DeLorme 60:D3
Roads of Colorado 110:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:C10
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Arkansas Riverwalk & Canon City Valco Ponds

Heading toward Canon City from Pueblo along highway 50
take MacKenzie Avenue (eastern end of Canon City) south for about 1.6 miles to property.
Private property (just south of railroad tracks) can be viewed from public road.
38°25.388'N 105°10.727'W Elev: 5240'

Eastern end of Arkansas Riverwalk is approximate 2.3 miles south of hwy 50.
Turn west at sign and follow it to parking area.
38°25.133'N 106°10.686'W Elev: 5216'

Western end of Arkansas Riverwalk is reached by continuing on highway 50
toward Canon City turn south (left) at Raynolds and follow it around to parking area.
38°26.241'N 106°12.333'W Elev: 5268'

To Search for Worm-eating Warbler 11/5-18/2011:
Arkansas Riverwalk Closed for repairs.
Park at western parking lot and walk west.
Latest: In the thicket between 15-20 feet west of the
driveway to the house that is few hundred feet down
and south of the trail.
Also observed north side undergrowth, 50-100 feet east
of driveway to home on south side of trail.
DeLorme 72:A1
Roads of Colorado 112:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 101:D7
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Arkansas River Wildlife Area

From Poncha Springs, travel 4.0 miles north on highway 285
Turn east on CR 165 and drive 0.2 miles to parking area for WLA.
38°34.637'N 106°04.892'W Elev: 7225'
DeLorme 60:D2
Roads of Colorado 110:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 99:B9
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Aroya Area

From Hwy 40 & Hwy 94 near Aroya,
Drive South on Hwy 94 to CR 2.
Travel South on CR 2 and look for seasonal ponds.
Also check 2.5 miles north of CR 2 & Hwy 40.
(Water scarce in Cheyenne County).
38°51.998'N 103°07.623'W Elev: 4631'
DeLorme 60:D2
Roads of Colorado 117:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:F6
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Arriba Cemetery

From Interstate 70 approximately 99 miles east of I225;
Take exit 383 toward Arriba
In 0.3 mi Turn right onto Co Rd 43/County Rd 63
In 161 ft Turn right at the 1st cross street onto I-70 Frontage Rd W
In 1.0 mi Turn left onto Co Rd 42
Cemetery will be on the right.
DeLorme 97:C4
Roads of Colorado 100:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 92:A4
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Arrowhead Lake

From Interstate 25, Take Highway 34, Exit 257.
Travel East on Hwy 34, staying on Hwy 34 (not Business Hwy 34).
In approximately 12.6 miles you come to 47th Avenue.
Drive South approx. 1.0 miles on 47th Avenue to reservoir.
DeLorme 31:A5
Roads of Colorado 49:E4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 63:B12
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Arvada Cemetery and Crown Hill Park

From Interstate 70, take Kipling Exit (Exit 267)
Travel South to 26th Street (about 2 miles)
Then East to parking area.
39°45.285'N 105°06.091'W Elev: 5584'
DeLorme 40:B2
Roads of Colorado 80:C2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:B8
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Arvada Trail

From Interstate 70, take Ward Road Exit 266.
Travel 2.3 miles North on Ward Road to West 64th Avenue.
Drive 2.5 miles West on W. 64th Avenue to Quaker Street.
Travel South on Quaker Street to ditch.
Hike trail to west from just south of ditch.
CORE coming to feeder at 2nd house west/Quaker.
39°48.751'N 105°11.028'W Elev: 5633'
DeLorme 40:B1
Roads of Colorado 80:C1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A7
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Arvada Reservoir & Tucker Lake

From Interstate 70, take Exit 265 (Highway 58) West
In downtown Golden, take Highway 93 North
Arvada Reservoir is along Ralston Creek, North of 64th Avenue (Hwy 172).
39°49.089'N 105°13.300'W Elev: 5879'

Tucker Lake is East of Arvada Reservoir.
Take Highway 172 (64th Avenue) east for 2.5 miles to Quaker Street.
Turn North on Quaker Street and drive 1.0 miles to 72nd Street.
Drive West on 72nd Street about 0.7 miles to Tucker Lake.
39°49.596'N 105°556'W Elev: 5776'
DeLorme 40:A1
Roads of Colorado 80:B1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:A7
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Aspen Center for Environmental Studies (ACES)

From Hwy 82 (Main Street) & Mill Street in Aspen,
Drive north on Mill Street to Puppy Smith Street.
Travel Northwest on Puppy Smith Street to ACES (fee area).
(Open 9am to 5pm, small fee charged; also called Hallam Lake).
39°11.614'N 106°49.137'W Elev: 7868'
DeLorme 46:C3
Roads of Colorado 93:D2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:B2
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Aspen Glade Campgrounds

From Highway 160 and Highway 285 in Alamosa,
Drive South approximately 29.0 miles on Hwy 285 to Antonio & Highway 17.
Travel West on Hwy 17 for approx. 16.0 miles to Campgrounds.
DeLorme 90:D2
Roads of Colorado 158:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 125:G9
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Aspen Village Trailer Park

From Interstate 70, take Glenwood Springs Exit 116.
Travel South and East on Highway 82 toward Aspen.
(In approximately 12 Miles, past hwy 133, continue on Hwy 82)
Aspen Village Road is approx. 32 miles from I70.
DeLorme 46:C3
Roads of Colorado 93:D1
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 86:A1
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Atwood Wildlife Area

From Interstate 76, take Atwood Exit 115 & drive Northeast to Atwood.
From Atwood, travel 3.0 miles Southwest on Highway 6.
Turn South on CR 29.5 and drive 0.5 miles to property.
40°30.708'N 103°18.021'W Elev: 4004'
DeLorme 95:B4
Roads of Colorado 52:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 52:G4
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Aurora Burrowing Owls

From Interstate 225 and 6th Avenue (Exit 9).
Travel approximately 5.2 miles East on 6th Avenue to Picadilly Road.
Drive North approx. 1.0 miles on Picadilly Road to old East 6th Avenue.
Travel East approx. 0.8 miles on old East 6th Avenue (dirt road):
Drive South on Valdai for approx. 1.0 miles to Owls.

Jamie Mullin:
After it turns back into pavement and after the tower
on the east side of the road there is small gray electrical
box a few feet away from the tower. The owls were in that
area just over the fence on the same side of the road as the
electrical box and the tower.
Three Burrowing Owls 20 feet off old 6th Avenue on 4/13/2009
DeLorme 41:C5
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C12
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Aurora Hills Golf Course and Highline Park

From I225, take East Alameda Avenue Exit 8.
Drive 1.0 miles West on E. Alameda to South Peoria Street.
Travel 0.3 miles North on S. Peoria Street to Golf Course or Highline Park.

Highline Canal Runs outside of North side of Golf Course.
Red-eyed Vireo 5/25/2013: along canal, mid-point of 10th hole.
10 hole is first hole, east of S. Peoria Street.
39°42.951'N 104°50.546'W Elev: 5485'
DeLorme 41:C4
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Aurora Library Pond

From I225, take East Alameda Avenue Exit 8.
Drive East on E. Alameda Avenue to Library.
Pond to Northwest, behind Library.
39°42.646'N 104°48.977'W Elev: 5459'
DeLorme 41:C4
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Aurora Park

From Boulder Turnpike (Highway 36) take Foothills Parkway North
Travel on Foothills Parkway to Colorado Avenue (approx. 1.5 miles)
Turn West of Colorado Avenue,
Drive several blocks west to Monroe Drive, Turn South on Monroe Drive
Aurora Park is to the West; Park East Park to Southeast
Aurora Elementary School to Southwest.
40°00.508'N 105°14.399'W Elev: 5264'
DeLorme 30:D1
Roads of Colorado 64:B3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 62:F6
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Aurora Rampart Reservoir

Travel Interstate 470 to Wadsworth (Hwy 121)
Go South on Hwy 121 to Waterton Canyon Road (CR 7) Turn East (Left)
At Rampart Road (Titan Road) (CR 5) turn South (Right)
At Roxborough Park Road (CR 3) turn left; after 1 block; then right.
Aurora Rampart Reservoir (Private) is on east side of road; before state park.
39°27.065'N 105°04.217'W Elev: 5939'
DeLorme 50:A2
Roads of Colorado 80:C4
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:F8
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Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs

From Interstate 225 and Parker, Drive East and South on Parker to Quincy Avenue (1.7 miles)
Turn East (Left) on Quincy Avenue and drive to Aurora Reservoir (8.3 miles)
(Turn into Entrance 2.0 miles after Quincy Avenue and Gun Club Road)
After Right (South) turn at Aurora Reservoir Sign, Entrance is 0.8 miles.
39°37.312'N 104°40.727'W Elev: 5897'

Southern Entrance to Aurora Reservoir (walk in only):
From Smoky Hill Road drive East over E470 1.0 miles to S. Ider Street.
Travel North on S. Ider Street 0.1 miles to E. Calhoun Drive.
Drive East on E. Calhoun Drive 0.9 miles to S. Powhaton Road.
Take S. Powhaton Road North to E. Walker Drive
Drive East E. Walker Drive to E. Caley Place.
Travel East on E. Caley Place to E. Arbor Drive.
Park here and you will find gate into Reservoir.
(It is not as complicated as it sounds).

There are three southern gates to Aurora Reservoir.
Middle gate directions: to E Southshore Pkwy & S Quantock Way

From E Quincy Ave & S Gun Club Rd Aurora, CO 80016

1. Head south on S Gun Club Rd toward E Chenango Place 1.7 mi
2. Continue onto S Aurora Pkwy 0.7 mi
3. Turn left onto Orchard Rd 0.4 mi
4. Turn right onto S Powhaton Rd 1.3 mi
5. Turn left onto E Southshore Pkwy 0.3 mi

E Southshore Pkwy & S Quantock Way

Quincy Reservoir is along Quincy Avenue 2.8 miles east of Parker Road.
Both Reservoirs are separate Aurora City Fee Areas.
39°38.307'N 104°46.430'W Elev: 5746'
DeLorme 41:D5

Burrowing Owls of Aurora Reservoir are in a restricted area.
The best way to see them is to set up a scope on the eastern end
of the dam. Scope the gullies to the north and hope that eventually
one of them flies up from the ground.

Monthly Hours of Operation:
January: 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM
February: 6:30 AM – 6:30 PM
March: 6:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Quincy opens March 1)
April: 6:00 AM – 8:30 PM
May: 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM
June: 5:00 AM – 9:30 PM
July: 5:00 AM – 9:30 PM
August: 5:30 AM – 9:00 PM
September: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM
October: 6:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Quincy closes on October 31)
November: 6:30 AM – 6:00 PM
December: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Aurora Reservoir WALK-IN Hours – Walk in gates are located along
the southern property line of the reservoir. The gates will be
opened 1/2 hour after the above listed opening time and will be
closed/locked 1/2 hour before the above listed closing time.
(For example: In June – the walk in gates will open at 5:30 a.m.
and will close at 9:00 p.m.
DeLorme 41:D5
Roads of Colorado 81:F2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:D12
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Aurora Sports Park

From Interstate 70, take Tower Road Exit 286.
Travel 1.3 miles South on Tower Road to Colfax Blvd.
Drive East approximately 0.5 miles on Colfax Blvd to Entrance to Sports Complex.

I have asked the manager of the park twice over the last two years:
The park gate is closed most of the time?
Reply: The exit gate is always open 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
You can drive in exit gate and look around park.
Be sure to be out by 6:00 pm.
Take action at your own risk (if locked in,
there is a number to call police to come and get you out? Cost?

To search for Palm Warbler 9/24/2011:
Either drive in or park at entrance gate and walk in.
Continuing straight south, you will pass a pond on the left (east).
A small parking area is just past this pond.
Park here and walk at a 45 degree angle into the woods.
When you come to the creek, walk south.
There is an area of a grove of shorter trees.
Palm Warbler and 11 Yellow-rumped Warblers were in this area.
39°44.405'N 104°45.921'W Elev: 5449'
DeLorme 41:B4
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C12
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Aurora Wetlands (a.k.a. Jewell Wetlands)

From Interstate 25, take Mississippi Avenue Exit.
Drive less than 0.2 miles west on Mississippi Avenue to South Potomac Street.
Travel approx. 1.0 miles South on S. Potomac Street to East Jewell Avenue.
Drive less than 0.2 miles West on E. Jewell Avenue to parking lot.
DeLorme 40:C3
Roads of Colorado 81:E2
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 75:C11
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Avery Park & Lake

From Interstate 25, take Prospect Avenue (Exit 268)
Drive West on Prospect approximately 6.0 miles to Taft Hill Road.
Travel North on Taft Hill Road 0.3 miles past Lutheran Church and
turn East on Clearview Avenue. Drive past Castle Rock Drive to lake.
40°34.267'N 105°06.904'W Elev: 5072'
DeLorme 20:D2
Roads of Colorado 48:C3
CO Road & Recreation Atlas 49:F8
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