Status of Birds Of Colorado

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Name Four Letter Status
Fulvous Whistling-Duck** FUWD Very Rare Vagrant
Greater White-fronted Goose** GWFG Late Fall & Early Winter Migrant
Snow Goose SNGO Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Ross's Goose ROGO Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Brant** BRAN Rare Vagrant
Cackling Goose CACG Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Canada Goose CAGO Common Year Round
Trumpeter Swan** TRUS Rare Nester & Migrant
Tundra Swan** TUSW Rare Migrant
Wood Duck WODU Year Round Local Populations
Gadwall GADW Common
Eurasian Wigeon** EUWI Rare Vagrant
American Wigeon AMWI Common
American Black Duck** ABDU Rare Vagrant
Mallard MALL Common Year Round
Blue-winged Teal BWTE Common Spring, Summer, Fall
Cinnamon Teal CITE Common Spring, Summer, Fall
Northern Shoveler NSHO Common Year Round
Northern Pintail NOPI Common Year Round
Garganey** GARG Very Rare Vagrant
Green-winged Teal GWTE Common Year Round
Canvasback CANV Uncommon Year Round
Redhead REDH Uncommon Year Round
Ring-necked Duck RNDU Common In Local Year Round
Tufted Duck** TUDU Very Rare Vagrant
Greater Scaup** GRSC Rare Vagrant
Lesser Scaup LESC Common Year Round
Harlequin Duck** HARD Very Rare Vagrant
Surf Scoter** SUSC Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
White-winged Scoter** WWSC Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Black Scoter** BLSC Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Long-tailed Duck** LTDU Uncommon Spring, Fall, & Winter Migrant
Bufflehead BUFF Common Year Round
Common Goldeneye COGO Common Year Round
Barrow's Goldeneye** BAGO Uncommon Year Round
Hooded Merganser HOME Year Round, more Common in Winter
Common Merganser COME Common Year Round
Red-breasted Merganser RBME Year Round, more Common non-Summer
Ruddy Duck RUDU Year Round, more Common non-Summer
Chukar** CHUK Common on the Western Slope
Ring-necked Pheasant RNPH Common Year Round
Ruffed Grouse** RUGR Very Rare Local Northwest Corner
Greater Sage-Grouse** GRSG Common In Local Locations
Gunnison Sage-Grouse** GUSG Common In Local Locations
White-tailed Ptarmigan** WTPT Common In Local Locations
Dusky Grouse** BLUG Common In Local Locations
Sharp-tailed Grouse** STGR Common In Local Locations
Greater Prairie-Chicken** GRPC Common In Local Locations
Lesser Prairie-Chicken** LEPC Common In Local Locations
Wild Turkey WITU UnCommon In Local Populations
Scaled Quail SCQU Common Southern Colorado
Gambel's Quail GAQU Uncommon Western Slope
Northern Bobwhite NOBO Uncommon Eastern Colorado
Red-throated Loon** RTLO Rare Vagrant
Pacific Loon** PALO Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Arctic Loon** ARLO One time; Vagrant
Common Loon** COLO Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Yellow-billed Loon** YBLO Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Pied-billed Grebe PBGR Common Year Round
Horned Grebe HOGR Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Red-necked Grebe** RNGR Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Eared Grebe EAGR Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Western Grebe WEGR Common Year Round, Less so in Winter
Clark's Grebe CLGR Uncommon Spring, Summer, Fall; Southern Colorado
American White Pelican AWPE Common Except Winter
Brown Pelican** BRPE Rare Spring, Summer, Fall Vagrant
Neotropic Cormorant** NECO Rare Spring, Summer, Fall Vagrant
Double-crested Cormorant DCCO Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Anhinga** ANHI Very Rare Vagrant
Magnificent Frigatebird** MAFR Very Rare Vagrant
American Bittern AMBI Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Least Bittern** LEBI Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall
Great Blue Heron GTBH Common; less so in Winter
Great Egret GREG Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Snowy Egret SNEG Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Little Blue Heron** LBHE Rare Spring, Summer, Fall
Tricolored Heron** TRHE Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall
Reddish Egret** REEG Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall
Cattle Egret CAEG Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Green Heron** GRHE Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Black-crowned Night-Heron BCNH Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron** YCNH Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall
White Ibis** WHIB Very Rare Vagrant
Glossy Ibis** GLIB Rare Migrant
White-faced Ibis WFIB Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Roseate Spoonbill** ROSP Very Rare Vagrant
Wood Stork** WOST Very Rare Vagrant
Black Vulture** BLVU Very Rare Vagrant
Turkey Vulture TUVU Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Osprey OSPR Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Swallow-tailed Kite** STKI Very Rare Vagrant
Mississippi Kite** MIKI Common In Local Summer Resident
Bald Eagle BAEA Common, less so in Summer
Northern Harrier NOHA Common Year Round
Sharp-shinned Hawk SSHA Common Year Round
Cooper's Hawk COHA Common Year Round
Northern Goshawk** NOGO Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Common Black-Hawk** CBHA Very Rare Vagrant
Zone-tailed Hawk** ZTHA Very Rare Vagrant
Harris's Hawk** HRHA Rare Vagrant
Red-shouldered Hawk** RSHA Rare Vagrant
Broad-winged Hawk** BWHA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Swainson's Hawk SWHA Common Summer Resident
Red-tailed Hawk RTHA Common Year Round
Ferruginous Hawk FEHA Common Year Round, Local Populations
Rough-legged Hawk RLHA Uncommon Winter Resident
Golden Eagle GOEA Uncommon Year Round Resident
Northern Caracara**   Very Rare Vagrant
American Kestrel AMKE Common Year Round
Merlin MERL Uncommon Year Round Local Populations
Gyrfalcon** GYRF Rare Winter Vagrant
Peregrine Falcon PEFA Uncommon Year Round Local
Prairie Falcon PRFA Uncommon Year Round Local
Yellow Rail** YERA Very Rare Sighting
Black Rail** BLRA Local Summer Populations
King Rail KIRA Very Rare Vagrant
Virginia Rail VIRA Common Year Round Resident
Sora** SORA Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Purple Gallinule** PUGA Very Rare Vagrant
Common Moorhen** COMO Very Rare Vagrant
American Coot AMCO Common Year Round
Sandhill Crane SACR Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Whooping Crane** WHCR Very Rare Migrant
Black-bellied Plover** BBPL Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
American Golden-Plover** AGPL Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Snowy Plover** SNPL UnCommon In Local Summer Populations
Semipalmated Plover** SEPL Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Piping Plover** PIPL Uncommon Summer Local Populations
Killdeer KILL Common
Mountain Plover** MOUP UnCommon In Local Summer Populations
Black-necked Stilt BNST Uncommon Summer Residents
American Avocet AMAV Common Summer Residents
Greater Yellowlegs GRYE Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Lesser Yellowlegs LEYE Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Solitary Sandpiper SOSA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Willet** WILL Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Spotted Sandpiper SPSA Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Upland Sandpiper** UPSA Uncommon Summer Local Populations
Eskimo Curlew** ESCU None
Whimbrel** WHIM Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Long-billed Curlew** LBCU UnCommon In Local Populations
Hudsonian Godwit** HUGO Rare Spring & Fall Migrants
Marbled Godwit** MAGO Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrants
Ruddy Turnstone** RUTU Rare Spring & Fall Migrants
Red Knot** REKN Rare Spring & Fall Migrants
Sanderling SAND Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrants
Semipalmated Sandpiper SESA Common Spring & Fall Migrants
Western Sandpiper WESA Common Spring & Fall Migrants
Least Sandpiper LESA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrants
White-rumped Sandpiper** WRSA Uncommon Spring Migrants
Baird's Sandpiper BASA Common Spring & Fall Migrants
Pectoral Sandpiper** PESA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrants
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper** SHAS Very Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Dunlin** DUNL Rare Year Round Vagrant
Curlew Sandpiper** CUSA Very Rare Summer Vagrant
Stilt Sandpiper STSA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Buff-breasted Sandpiper** BBSA Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Ruff** RUFF Very Rare Spring, Summer, Fall Migrant
Short-billed Dowitcher** SBDO Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Long-billed Dowitcher LBDO Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Wilson's Snipe WISN Common
American Woodcock AMWO Rare Year Round Vagrant
Wilson's Phalarope WIPH Common Spring, Summer, & Fall
Red-necked Phalarope** RNPH Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Red Phalarope** REPH Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Pomarine Jaeger** POJA Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Parasitic Jaeger** PAJA Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Long-tailed Jaeger** LTJA Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Black-legged Kittiwake** BLKI Rare Spring, Fall, & Winter Vagrant
Ivory Gull** IVGU Very Rare Vagrant
Sabine's Gull** SAGU Uncommon Spring & Fall Vagrant
Bonaparte's Gull** BOGU Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall
Black-headed Gull** BHGU Very Rare Migrant
Little Gull** LIGU Rare Migrant
Ross's Gull** ROGU Very Rare Vagrant
Laughing Gull** LAGU Rare Year Round Migrant
Franklin's Gull FRGU Common In Local Spring, Summer, & Fall Resident
Mew Gull** MEGU Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall
Ring-billed Gull RBGU Common Year Round
California Gull CAGU Common Year Round, less so in Winter
Herring Gull HERG Common Spring, Fall, & Winter
Thayer's Gull** THGU Uncommon Spring, Fall, & Winter
Iceland Gull** ICGU Very Rare Vagrant
Lesser Black-backed Gull** LBBG Uncommon Spring, Fall, & Winter
Slaty-backed Gull** SBGU Very Rare Vagrant
Glaucous-winged Gull** GWGU Rare Spring, Fall, & Winter Vagrant
Glaucous Gull** GLGU Rare Spring, Fall, & Winter Vagrant
Great Black-backed Gull** GBBG Uncommon Spring, Fall, & Winter Vagrant
Kelp Gull** KEGU Very Rare Vagrant
Caspian Tern** CATE Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall Vagrant
Royal Tern** ROYT Very Rare Vagrant
Common Tern** COTE Uncommon Spring, Summer, & Fall Migrant
Arctic Tern** ARTE Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall Migrant
Forster's Tern FOTE Common Spring, Summer, & Fall Local Populations
Least Tern** LETE Uncommon Summer Local Populations
Black Tern BLTE Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrants
Black Skimmer** BLSK Very Rare Summer Vagrant
Long-billed Murrelet** LBMU Very Rare Spring & Fall Vagrant
Ancient Murrelet** ANMU Very Rare Spring & Fall Vagrant
Rock Pigeon ROPI Common
Band-tailed Pigeon** BTPI Common Year Round Local Populations
Eurasian Collared-Dove ECDO Unfortunate Common Populations
White-winged Dove** WWDO Rare Year Round Local Sightings
Mourning Dove MODO Common Year Round less so in Winter
Inca Dove** INDO Rare Year Round Vagrant
Common Ground-Dove** CGDO Rare Year Round Vagrant
Black-billed Cuckoo** BBCU Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall Vagrants
Yellow-billed Cuckoo** YBCU UnCommon In Local Spring, Summer, & Fall Populations
Greater Roadrunner GRRO Uncommon Year Round Local Populations in Southeast Colorado
Groove-billed Ani** GBAN Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Barn Owl** BNOW Uncommon Year Round Local Populations
Flammulated Owl** FLOW Uncommon Non-Winter Populations
Western Screech-Owl** WESO Common Year Round Local Populations
Eastern Screech-Owl** EASO Common Year Round Local Populations
Great Horned Owl GHOW Common Year Round
Snowy Owl** SNOW Rare Winter Vagrant
Northern Pygmy-Owl** NPOW Uncommon Year Round Populations
Burrowing Owl** BUOW Uncommon non-Winter Populations
Spotted Owl**** SPOW Rare Year Round Local Populations
Barred Owl**** BDOW Very Rare Local Locations
Long-eared Owl** LEOW Uncommon non-Summer Populations
Short-eared Owl** SEOW Uncommon Year Round Populations
Boreal Owl** BOOW Uncommon Year Round Local Locations
Northern Saw-whet Owl** NSWO Uncommon Year Round Local Locations
Lesser Nighthawk** LENI Rare Spring, Summer, & Fall Vagrant
Common Nighthawk CONI Common Spring, Summer, & Fall Resident
Common Poorwill COPO Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Whip-poor-will** WPWI Rare Summer Vagrant
Black Swift** BLSW Uncommon Summer Local Populations
Chimney Swift** CHSW Uncommon Summer Local Populations
White-throated Swift WTSW Common Summer Local Populations
Green Violetear Hummingbird** GVHU Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Broad-billed Hummingbird** BBHU Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Blue-throated Hummingbird** BLUH Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Magnificent Hummingbird** MAHU Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Ruby-throated Hummingbird** RTHU Rare non-Winter Eastern Plains Visitor
Black-chinned Hummingbird BCHU Common Summer Local Resident
Anna's Hummingbird** ANHU Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Costa's Hummingbird** COHU Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Calliope Hummingbird** CAHU Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Broad-tailed Hummingbird BTLH Common Spring, Summer, & Fall Resident
Rufous Hummingbird** RUHU Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Belted Kingfisher BEKI Common Year Round
Lewis's Woodpecker** LEWO Uncommon Year Round Resident
Red-headed Woodpecker RHWO Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Acorn Woodpecker** ACWO Uncommon Year Round Local Populations
Red-bellied Woodpecker** RBWO Common Year Round Local Populations
Williamson's Sapsucker** WISA Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker** YBSA Uncommon Winter Vagrant
Red-naped Sapsucker RNSA Common non-Winter Resident
Ladder-backed Woodpecker LBWO Uncommon Year Round Southern Colorado Resident
Downy Woodpecker DOWO Common Year Round
Hairy Woodpecker HAWO Common Year Round
American Three-toed Woodpecker** ATTW Uncommon Year Round Local Populations
Northern Flicker NOFL Common
Olive-sided Flycatcher OSFL Uncommon Summer Local Resident
Western Wood-Pewee WEWP Common non-Winter Resident
Eastern Wood-Pewee** EAWP Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher** YBFL Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Alder Flycatcher** ALFL Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Willow Flycatcher WIFL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Least Flycatcher** LEFL Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Hammond's Flycatcher HAFL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Gray Flycatcher** GRFL Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Dusky Flycatcher** DUFL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Cordilleran Flycatcher** COFL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Buff-breasted Flycatcher** BBFL Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Black Phoebe** BLPH Rare non-Winter Local Resident
Eastern Phoebe** EAPH Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Say's Phoebe SAPH Common non-Winter Resident
Vermilion Flycatcher** VEFL Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Dusky-capped Flycatcher** DCFL Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Ash-throated Flycatcher ATFL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Great Crested Flycatcher** GCFL Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher** SBFL Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Cassin's Kingbird CAKI Common non-Winter Local Resident
Thick-billed Kingbird** TBKI Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Western Kingbird WEKI Common non-Winter Resident
Eastern Kingbird EAKI Common non-Winter Resident
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher** STFL Rare non-Winter Visitor
Loggerhead Shrike LOSH UnCommon In Local Summer Resident
Northern Shrike NSHR UnCommon In Local Winter Resident
White-eyed Vireo** WEVI Rare Summer & Fall Vagrant
Bell's Vireo** BEVI UnCommon In Local Summer Resident
Gray Vireo** GRVI UnCommon In Local Summer Resident
Yellow-throated Vireo** YTVI Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Plumbeous Vireo** PLVI Common non-Winter Local Resident
Cassin's Vireo** CAVI Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Blue-headed Vireo** BHVI Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Warbling Vireo WAVI Common Mountain non-Winter Resident
Philadelphia Vireo** PHVI Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Red-eyed Vireo** REVI Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Gray Jay GRAJ Common Year Round Resident
Steller's Jay STJA Common Year Round Resident
Blue Jay BLJA Common Year Round
Western Scrub-Jay WESJ Common Year Round Resident
Pinyon Jay** PIJA Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Clark's Nutcracker CLNU Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Black-billed Magpie BBMA Common
American Crow AMCR Common
Chihuahuan Raven CHRA Uncommon Year Round Southern Colorado Resident
Common Raven CORA Common Year Round Mountain Resident
Horned Lark HOLA Common Plains Resident
Purple Martin** PUMA Rare Local non-Winter Resident
Tree Swallow TRES Common non-Winter Resident
Violet-green Swallow VGSW Common non-Winter Resident
Northern Rough-winged Swallow NRWS Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Bank Swallow BANS Common non-Winter Resident
Cliff Swallow CLSW Common non-Winter Resident
Barn Swallow BARS Common non-Winter Resident
Black-capped Chickadee BCCH Common Year Round
Mountain Chickadee MOCH Common Year Round Mountain Resident
Juniper Titmouse JUTI Uncommon Year Round Southern Resident
Tufted Titmouse** TUTI Very Rare Vagrant
Bushtit BUST Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Red-breasted Nuthatch RBNU Common Year Round Local Resident
White-breasted Nuthatch WBNU Common Year Round Local Resident
Pygmy Nuthatch PYNU Common Year Round Local Resident
Brown Creeper BRCR Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Rock Wren ROWR Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Canyon Wren CANW Uncommon Year Round Resident
Carolina Wren** CARW Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Bewick's Wren BEWR Common Year Round Southern Resident
House Wren HOWR Common non-Winter Resident
Winter Wren** WIWR Rare Winter Vagrant
Sedge Wren** SEWR Very Rare Vagrant
Marsh Wren MAWR Common Year Round Resident, less so in Winter
American Dipper AMDI Common Year Round Local Resident
Golden-crowned Kinglet GCKI Uncommon Year Round Resident
Ruby-crowned Kinglet RCKI Common Year Round Resident
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher BGGN Common non-Winter Resident
Eastern Bluebird** EABL Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Western Bluebird WEBL Common non-Winter Resident
Mountain Bluebird MOBL Common Year Round Resident, less so in Winter
Townsend's Solitaire TOSO Uncommon Year Round Resident
Veery** VEER Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Gray-cheeked Thrush** GCTH Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Swainson's Thrush SWTH Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Hermit Thrush HETH Common non-Winter Resident
Wood Thrush** WOTH Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
American Robin AMRO Common
Varied Thrush** VATH Rare non-Winter Visitor
Gray Catbird GRCA Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Northern Mockingbird NOMO Common non-Winter Resident
Sage Thrasher** SATH Uncommon non-Winter Resident, less so in Winter
Brown Thrasher BRTH Common Year Round Local Resident, less so in Winter
Long-billed Thrasher** LBTH Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Bendire's Thrasher** BETH Rare non-Winter Resident
Curve-billed Thrasher** CBTH Uncommon Year Round Resident
European Starling EUST Too Common
American Pipit AMPI Common Year Round Local Resident
Sprague's Pipit** SPPI Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Bohemian Waxwing** BOWA Rare non-Summer Vagrant
Cedar Waxwing CEDW Common Year Round Vagrant, less so some Winters
SILKY-FLYCATCHERS**   Very Rare Vagrant
Phainopepla** PHAI Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Blue-winged Warbler** BWWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Golden-winged Warbler** GWWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Tennessee Warbler** TEWA Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Orange-crowned Warbler OCWA Common non-Winter Visitor
Nashville Warbler** NAWA Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Virginia's Warbler VIWA Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Lucy's Warbler** LUWA Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Northern Parula** NOPA Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Yellow Warbler YWAR Common non-Winter Visitor
Chestnut-sided Warbler** CSWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Magnolia Warbler** MAWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Cape May Warbler** CMWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Black-throated Blue Warbler** BTBW Rare non-Winter Visitor
Yellow-rumped Warbler YRWA Common non-Winter Resident
Black-throated Gray Warbler** BTYW Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Black-throated Green Warbler** BTNW Rare non-Winter Visitor
Townsend's Warbler** TOWA Common Spring & Fall Migrant
Hermit Warbler** HEWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Blackburnian Warbler** BLBW Rare non-Winter Visitor
Yellow-throated Warbler** YTWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Grace's Warbler** GRWA Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Pine Warbler** PIWA Rare Winter Visitor
Prairie Warbler** PRAW Rare non-Winter Visitor
Palm Warbler** PAWA Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Bay-breasted Warbler** BBWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Blackpoll Warbler** BLPW Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Cerulean Warbler** CERW Very Rare non-Winter Visitor
Black-And-White Warbler** BAWW Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
American Redstart** AMRE Common non-Winter Local Resident
Prothonotary Warbler** PROW Rare non-Winter Visitor
Worm-eating Warbler** WEWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Swainson's Warbler** SWWA Very Rare non-Winter Visitor
Ovenbird** OVEN Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Northern Waterthrush** NOWA Uncommon Spring & Fall Migrant
Louisiana Waterthrush** LOWA Rare Spring & Fall Visitor
Kentucky Warbler** KEWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Connecticut Warbler** CONW Very Rare non-Winter Visitor
Mourning Warbler** MOWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
MacGillivray's Warbler MCWA Common non-Winter Local Resident
Common Yellowthroat COYE Common non-Winter Local Resident
Hooded Warbler** HOWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Wilson's Warbler WIWA Common non-Winter Local Resident
Canada Warbler** CAWA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Red-faced Warbler** RFWA Very Rare non-Winter Visitor
Painted Redstart** PARE Very Rare non-Winter Visitor
Yellow-breasted Chat YBCH Common non-Winter Resident
Hepatic Tanager** HETA Rare non-Winter Local Resident
Summer Tanager** SUTA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Scarlet Tanager** SCTA Rare non-Winter Visitor
Western Tanager WETA Common non-Winter Local Resident
Green-tailed Towhee GTTO Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Spotted Towhee SPTO Common Year Round Resident, less so in Winter
Eastern Towhee** EATO Rare Year Round Local Resident
Canyon Towhee CATO Common Year Round Local Resident
Cassin's Sparrow** CASP Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Rufous-crowned Sparrow** RCSP Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
American Tree Sparrow ATSP Common Winter Visitor
Chipping Sparrow CHSP Common non-Winter Visitor
Clay-colored Sparrow CCSP Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Brewer's Sparrow BRSP Common non-Winter Visitor
Field Sparrow** FISP Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Vesper Sparrow VESP Common non-Winter Plains Resident
Lark Sparrow LASP Uncommon non-Winter Visitor
Black-throated Sparrow** BTSP Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Sagebrush Sparrow** SBSP Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Lark Bunting LARB Common non-Winter Resident
Savannah Sparrow SAVS Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Grasshopper Sparrow** GRSP Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Baird's Sparrow** BAIS Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Henslow's Sparrow** HESP Very Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
LeConte's Sparrow** LCSP Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow** NSTS Very Rare Spring & Fall Migrant
Fox Sparrow** FOSP Common non-Winter Local Resident
Song Sparrow SOSP Common Year Round
Lincoln's Sparrow LISP Common non-Winter Local Resident
Swamp Sparrow** SWSP UnCommon In Local Resident
White-throated Sparrow** WTSP Uncommon Year Round Vagrant & Resident
Harris's Sparrow** HASP Uncommon Year Round Vagrant
White-crowned Sparrow WCSP Common Year Round
Golden-crowned Sparrow** GCSP Rare Year Round Visitor
Dark-eyed Junco DEJU Common Year Round
McCown's Longspur MCLO Common non-Winter Local Resident
Lapland Longspur LALO Common Winter Local Resident
Chestnut-collared Longspur CCLO Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Snow Bunting** SNBU Rare Winter Vagrant
Northern Cardinal** NOCA Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Pyrrhuloxia** PYRR Very Rare Vagrant
Rose-breasted Grosbeak** RBGR Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Black-headed Grosbeak BHGR Common non-Winter Local Resident
Blue Grosbeak BLGR Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Lazuli Bunting LAZB Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Indigo Bunting** INBU Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Painted Bunting** PABU Very Uncommon non-Winter Vagrant
Dickcissel** DICK Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Bobolink** BOLO Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Red-winged Blackbird RWBL Common
Eastern Meadowlark** EAME Rare Local Vagrant on Eastern Plains
Western Meadowlark WEME Common
Yellow-headed Blackbird YHBL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Rusty Blackbird** RUBL Rare non-Summer Vagrant
Brewer's Blackbird BRBL Common non-Winter Local Resident
Common Grackle COGR Common non-Winter Visitor
Great-tailed Grackle GTGR Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Bronzed Cowbird** BRCO Very Rare non-Winter Vagrant
Brown-headed Cowbird BHCO Common non-Winter Resident
Orchard Oriole OROR Uncommon non-Winter Resident
Bullock's Oriole BUOR Common non-Winter Resident
Baltimore Oriole** BAOR Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Scott's Oriole** SCOR Uncommon non-Winter Local Resident
Brambling** BRAM Very Rare Winter Vagrant
Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch** GCRF Early Fall, Winter, Late Spring Resident
Black Rosy-Finch** BLRF Early Fall, Winter, Late Spring Resident
Brown-capped Rosy-Finch** BCRF Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Pine Grosbeak PIGR Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
Purple Finch** PUFI Rare Year Round Vagrant
Cassin's Finch CAFI Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
House Finch HOFI Common
Red Crossbill RECR Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
White-winged Crossbill** WWCR Rare Year Round Local Vagrant
Common Redpoll** CORE Rare non-Summer Vagrant
Pine Siskin PISI Common Year Round Local Resident
Lesser Goldfinch LEGO Common Year Round Local Resident
American Goldfinch AMGO Common Year Round Local Resident
Evening Grosbeak EVGR Uncommon Year Round Local Resident
House Sparrow HOSP Too Common
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