Colorado Birding Society

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(Denver has 10 digit telephone numbers!

CoBus is a non-for-profit organization born on March 15, 1995. Its initial goals
were to promote conservation of wildlife and habitat. We are not a club, but a
group of scientists and naturalists dedicated to the preservation of Colorado's resources.

CoBus nourishes interest in birds, other wildlife, and valuable habitat by providing
lectures, bird trips, and birding classes. We try to provide a pleasant environment
for the enjoyment and learning about Colorado's birds and their habitat.

We just procured 440 acres of Colorado habitat and hope to open a wildlife reservation
by the end of 2002. With a option to obtain 800 additional acres, the final Sanctuary
should be quite a refuge for our friends. Several recently acquired grants are allowing
us to diversity our research in 2001.

In March, 1996, we undertook the assembly of bird records from many diverse Colorado
clubs and resources to start the Colorado Birds Records Board. In cooperation
with the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and several colleges, we are
assembling the most comprehensive, accurate, and fair Colorado Records Database.

New projects for 2001 are the publication of the "Rocky Mountain Field Notes",
birth of the RMORC (Rocky Mountain Ornithological Research Center), and
further studies for the preservation of Colorado's Wildlife habitat.


This information has been temporarily removed from the web. For those following
developments, CoBus members have received over 37 viruses in the past four days.
Since some of our officers have unlisted phone numbers and public email addresses
we are temporarily not providing this information.

We regret that the juvenile focusing on CoBus has affected our behaviour.

(After five years, we are expanding our records committee to seven individuals.
Biographies will follow when time permits. Members serve for three years,


Please feel free to contact CoBus
at the following address: